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The Thought of Youth, I Want to Join the Communist Youth League

On 29th, October, Nanjing Foreign Language School officially opened the Teenage Youth Leaguen School of the first semester of the academic year 2018-2019. In the second grade of junior high school, 180 selected students had their first lesson on Youth League in the lecture classroom. The Youth League School is divided into five group training classes and three self-study classes. The students are required to fill in the training records carefully and complete the examination. They are also required to carry out social practice in groups.

Teacher Wang Shaolin, the secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee, introduced the basic knowledge of the Communist Youth League, the basic process of joining the League and the schedule of the Youth League School in the first class. Later, Zheng Linghui was represented  as an outstanding League member in the senior high school, Mr. Zhang Xiaosong, deputy director of the Students’ Management Office, Huang Xintian and Ma Xinyi, the special counselors, gave five colorful group classes with good contents to the students in the form of "Youth League Committee is with us”, “the Teenagers and the Country", "ideological and moral Construction activities," “Cultural self-confidence” and other topics.

During the five-day group learning, the students learned the basic knowledge of the Communist Youth League, realized the positive influence of the League organization on individual growth, and understood the relationship between the individual and the country. It is beneficial to clarify the requirements of the ideological and moral construction of the Communist Youth League under the new situation and how to practice the excellent Chinese traditional culture.

In front of the bright League flag, the students listened attentively, took notes carefully and tried to get closer to the regiment. There is a return to pay, I believe that the students would submit a satisfactory answer paper. To join the Communist Youth League as early as possible is their common thought of youth.

Correspondent: Han Bingyi, from the Publicity of school Youth League Committee

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