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The Construction of a Civilized Campus Needs You, Me and Him


Girl: respectable teachers and dear friends:

Good morning!

Boy: I am Wang Shuyi from Class 1, senior Grade 1, the discipline and inspection minister.

Girl: I am Wu Yimeng from Class 8, senior Grade 1, the discipline and inspection minister.

Boy: China has been a state of etiquette since ancient times, and civilized etiquette is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. As a new generation of teenagers, we should not forget the tradition, we should deeply understand the eight manners and four rites, and strive to be a good student who stresses civilization and understands etiquette.

Girl:  good manners can’t be formed without rules. Kites are pulled over and over again, horses are tied by reins again and again; but without the thread, it is extravagant to fly where you want to fly, without the restraint of the reins, no one can guide the way. As Ginsberg once said, "Freedom exists only in bondage, without banks, where does a river come from?" Rules are a constraint, a standard, but also a freedom, a realm.

Boy: the competitive sports meeting was just over, today we will talk about the etiquette of watching sports games.

Girl: at the sports meeting, the students should obey the rules. When we listen to the request of "punctual record checking", we ignore the anxiety of the teachers waiting and the sportsmanship that should be possessed by the athletes. When we turned a blind eye to the  Little Red Riding Hood at the entrance or exit, only to sneak into the venue to watch the games, we forgot the safety and civilized requirements of the athletes; When we cut across the football field, we ignored the rights and interests of the players who played here a few days later and the qualities we should have as a NFLS student.

Boy: Good sports venues bring countless athletes the courage to pursue their dreams and the spirit of persistent pursuit. When you drop the garbage and leave, have you ever thought, "how can the beautiful time exist without someone carrying the load forward for you?"; have you ever thought, in class committee, grade committee, student union, how many people stayed quietly after the sports meeting, until after cleaning up was done.

Girl: Therefore, each of us should have a sense of protecting the environment, always supervise ourselves and others, "Don't do bad things even if it's not conspicuous, don't give up doing good things even if it is too tiny", take the initiative to clean up your own garbage, every time when you bend over, it's worth a compliment. With each person's devotion, the common guard, a good competition environment then can be created.

Boy: The spirit of sports is "healthy, positive", it not only belongs to the athletes who fight bravely, but also belongs to us who cheer for them at the watch stands. We should take seats, not walk around or play mobile games, not play chess and cards. When the students on the field struggle for the honor of the class, what reason do we have not to cheer them up and appreciate their efforts?

Girl: As the saying goes, "one minute on the stage, 10 years off the stage", the prizes that each of the athletes won today, there must have been sweat silently flowing behind, we should be proud of them. To affirm others is to affirm oneself, affirm other people's devotion can help us stand higher and go farther. They fought not for themselves, but for a group, a class, and our encouragement gave them the courage to stand on the track. Winning or losing is not important, our applause and cry from the heart is the best encouragement and praise.

Boy: In addition to the manner of viewing, the manners of walking, talking, having a ceremony and so on are also very important. In the solemn flag-raising ceremony, we should stand up, stand at attention, stand in respect of the national flag, and pay attention to it. In a tense sports competition, as athletes, we should go all out and strive for the first place with the most basic respect for our competitors.

Girl: We should pay attention to the identity of us as students, ask ourselves to be courteous and polite, whether when we walk or talk with our teachers.

Boy: I hope you can share the manners of the sports games today to get some insight, watching game with good manners begins with us.

Girl: Through this morning meeting, I hope you can understand gratitude, learn to praise, affirm others, I believe that our world will be like a warm breeze, a spring breeze sweeping to ten li away..

Together: thank you all!


X: hi,dear friends and teachers, I am the life minister, Xia Yuyang.

S: I am the life minister, Su Junda. Our speech mainly focus on the table manners, which is one of the eight manners, the building of good surroundings and good culture on campus, which are two aspects of the construction of a civilized campus.

X: In order that the students could have a better dining environment and experience, some time ago, the Ministry of Life in NFLS stu, official we-chat and students Union mailbox and other platforms collect the advice from the students about the canteen, many students put forward very valuable points of view. The main points are:

One: change the type of covered rice and noodles, improve the types of food in the snack bar.

Tw solve the problem of high school students waiting time to buy meals at noon.

third: Increase medium-sized food to reduce wasting food.

Four: support recharge the card and order food online operations, the students can order food in advance and do online recharge.

S: These problems were discussed at a food management meeting last week. Among them, the proposal to improve the variety of dishes and increase the number of medium-sized meals were unanimously recognized. Along with parental representatives, who agreed to reduce carbonated drinks and increase sports drinks and yogurt at the school's snack bar. For online recharge and reservation, General Service teachers have been working with others. I believe that soon, these convenient functions will meet with your needs. However, about the problem that it is more difficult for high school students to buy meals, because there are fewer windows in the school canteen, it is difficult to avoid the high school students having to queue up long when they are only 10-minute gap. The problem needs a better solution. But dear everyone, when we complain that the queue is too long and the class is too late, should we reflect on the problems to be improved when we usually line up to buy meals, which leads to the problem of a slow queue? At noon, we can still see some inappropriate figures: some students ask others who are in the queue to buy food for them, a person bought a few people's meals, some jostle with each other while waiting in the queue, fighting; What is worse, three or five people jump the queue, which directly results in a longer queue.

X: While we collected the opinions from the food management committee, we also received feedback from many students when we asked for advice on queue jumping. However, these problems are expected to be introspected by ourselves rather than be solved by others, never push what we don’t want to do to others, and whether canteen dining is civilized or not depends on our conscious awareness of maintaining order and our respect for the rules of public life.I hope that the students will not ask others to buy meals and not jump the queue at the same time, can firmly say “no” to others buying meals for us and jumping the line, refuse to be an accomplice to these problems. The ministry of life will work with the discipline inspection ministry to severely investigate such acts during our term of office.

S: If we can consciously practice the "dining rituals" and "walking rituals" of the "eight Rites" in the normal queue for meals, without jumping the line, without pushing and hustling, we can queue up in a orderly and quiet way, and we can greatly improve the speed of food shopping and solve the problems of many students, we will be able to give other students a more comfortable, regular dining environment and make contribute to improving the campus environment.

X: Of course, in addition to queuing problems, other common problems in the cafeteria also need students' attention. For example, some students often do not consciously put away the food tray after dinner, not throw away the torn down wrapping paper, that brings trouble to others and increase the burden of the dining hall management staff. As a matter of fact, our campus will become more civilized if everyone simply takes the garbage to the place where it should go, and puts the wrapping paper carefully into the trash can instead of letting it fly around the campus. And these tiny actions, also reflect a person's inner cultivation and moral mind. I hope each of us can strengthen our own self-cultivation, be self-disciplined, and I hope that the students can supervise each other, remind each other, stop the occurrence of uncivilized behaviors, contribute their own strength to improve the cultural quality of our campus.

S: Finally, we also want to talk about the use of three windows for the senior 3rd graders. During the period from 11:50 to 11:55, in order to ease the pressure on the windows of junior high school dining, the canteen allows other grade students to use the senior third graders’ windows. However, after 11:55, the students are required to consciously stop queuing at the senior third graders’ windows, so to avoid affecting the dining order of senior third graders.

X: The maintenance of civilized order in the dining hall depends on the self-discipline of each of us. We believe that students from NFLS should have the virtue of being considerate and kind to others. Recently, the umbrella racks and 36 umbrellas have been set up by NFLS life ministry who are in charge of it, hoping to offer a love for students who do not have an umbrella on rainy days. The students are also requested to register when borrowing, and take good care of it while using, return it timely, so that more teachers and students can enjoy love.

If the students feel that the number of love umbrellas provided by the school is limited, we suggest that the committee of life of each class can also organize students to set up love umbrellas in the corner of the classroom so as to convey our love in the details of our daily life. Building our class into the most beautiful class full of warmth, and building our campus into a civilized campus.

Thank you all!


Sun: good morning, teachers and friends, I am Sun Yuhe, the assistant to the chairman

Li: I am the assistant to the chairman, Li Chengyang.

Sun: In the blink of an eye, it has been nearly two months since school started . I believe you have fun in enriching your colorful campus life and have gradually adapted to a new group or new grade. dear everyone, civilized campus provides you with a good environment for learning and living, but at the same time, it is the details of what you behave and say that converge into our campus civilization.

Li: The new student union has been in office for more than a month. We always put etiquette cultivation and moral civilization in an extremely important position, and strongly advocate the students to carry out the standard requirements of "eight manners and four rites". While serving the students, we observed some things that can be improved in the dining hall and sports meeting.

Sun: Next, let’s invite the life minister to talk about their views on the construction of a civilized campus,, eight manners and and four rites in connecting with our school life, welcome!

Li: thank the life minister for his speech.

Sun: As advocated by the two ministers, as a member of a large group, each student should have a sense of responsibility, which includes the responsibility for himself, for others and for the group.

Li: The students should start from their own, consciously abide by the rules, never trouble other students to buy things. At the same time, think of others in their shoes, be considerate and kind to others.

Sun: Yes, it takes every member's effort to create a civilized campus atmosphere. In terms of the campus regulations and other details, a person's manners can be reflected. Next, let's listen to the minister of discipline inspection.

Li: thank the minister’s speech. The civilization of the campus is reflected in polite words and behaviors, in the appropriate appearance and manners of a middle school student.

Sun: The civilization of the campus is manifested in the courtesy of walking on the right, in our respect for the national flag.

Li: Campus civilization is also reflected in taking turns to speak and quietly listening in the classroom, in the orderly queue and no wasting of food in the dining hall, and the ability to think of others and understand and treat them well when interacting with teachers and students.

Sun: Yes, etiquette and rules are closely related to our lives. As the new generation of Chinese teenagers, we should start from ourselves, carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, integrate the ideological, moral and ceremonial norms into our life, examine ourselves often, cultivate the sense of responsibility and civilized manners.

Li: It is hoped that the students can further practice the rules of etiquette in eight manners and four rites in the future, so that some uncivilized phenomena can be improved. Let's work together to build a more civilized and beautiful campus!

Sun: this is the end of today’s morning meeting, thank you all!