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To Love Our Country from Me: the Senior Grade 1 and Grade 2 Youth League Activity

In order to celebrate the 69th birthday of our country, NFLS Youth League started the activity “to love our country from me”. The Youth League branch of each senior high grade carried out the activity from October 1st to 7th. The students actively took part in it and learned a lot. The event included the following 3 aspects:

First, taking a picture with the national flag


The Five-starred Red flag as the symbol of our country is what we are proud of. The students expressed their love for the flag by joining in the flag-raising ceremony and taking pictures with the flag.

On September 30, the Youth League members of Class 1 Senior Grade 2 came to the where the flag was and held the solemn flag-raising ceremony. As the flag rose slowly, the students sang the national anthem together with passion and love. After that, led by Lu Xinran, leader of the Youth League branch, the students raised their right hands, made fists, and reviewed the oath they had taken when they joined the league.

After the activity, Guo Yumingxuan from Class 2 Senior Grade 2 wrote, “in front of the national flag, I felt a kind of oneness that I had never experienced before. It was like that the red color in the flag woke up my blood, and the five stars shone upon my eyes. I felt a desire for the sun and for freedom. The flag waving in the wind started great waves in my heart.”

The students of Class 4 Senior Grade 2 felt the pride and responsibility as a Chinese when they were taking pictures with the national flag.

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Second, to create a green China from me

Environment protection is closely related to everyone. In the holiday, the students actively discovered the environmental problems and tried to solve them.

The Youth League branch of Class 7 Senior Grade 2 guided the students to take actions as to understand the theories of environment protection in practice. The members benefited much. At last the publicity department summarized what they thought and learned and created a small piece of newspaper.

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Third, taking photos of beautiful China

The students were encouraged to take photos of the ceneries in different parts of China, which helped them to experience the glorious sight, profound history and culture and the advanced modern technologies of our motherland.

All the 60 students of Class 5 Senior Grade 2 joined in the event. Every one of them set foot on the beautiful land of our country during the National Holiday and took photos with a sense of time and modernity. In this process, the students fully understood the beauty of our country and expanded their horizon.

After the event Song Boyuan from Class 3 Senior Grade 2 said, “in my opinion, 'taking photos of beautiful China' is very different from the former activities that were all about writing. It serves well to let us feel the development and glory of our motherland by the photos. Seeing these photos, I honor what happened in history and have faith in the bright future our country because of the creativity of our time.”

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By the event this time, the students of Senior Grade 1 and 2 felt deeply that the national flag is the pride of our country; we should be proud of our country and environment protection is closely related to everyone so we must try our best to find and solve the environmental problems around us; over the past 40 years since the reform and opening-up, we have made huge achievement; the magnificent landscape deepened our love for our country.

By Han Bingyi from the Publicity Department of NFLS Youth League Committee