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To Show the Charm of Model UN and Take the Responsibility of the World
Welcome to the UN Refugee Agency. Now the dais would entertain the meeting: are there any points or motions on the floor?
H: The delegate of USA moves for a moderated caucus. The topic will be “the resettlement of Syrian refugees”. Total time would be 5 minutes, one for each delegate.
L:Delegates who are in favour of this motion please raise and wave your country’s flag. Thank you, delegates. This motion passes. Syria, you may have the floor.
Syria: Thank you, chair. Thank you, all. This is the delegate of Syria.
Our country is at war, women and children massacred, families torn apart in the turmoil, blood and tears shed on the land. We’re trying to bring peace to our nation. Syria asks every other country to respect our sovereignty and act in a humane way when encountering our people. The refugees by no means wants to be involved in war, but as the dawn of victory draws close, we call upon refugees to their homes and contribute to the development of this refreshing nation. I believe in the foreseeable future, we will regain power and remove all barriers on the way to success, especially terrorism and negative interference of countries.
Thank you.
L: Thank you Syria. USA, you may have the floor.
Honourable chair and distinguished delegates:
This is the delegate of the United States of America. Since 1975, the United States has accepted more than 3.3 million refugees for permanent resettlement-more than any other country in the world, reflecting the United State’s highest aspirations to leadership. However, the focus will be very much on the United States, what our role is in the world, the relationships that we want to continue to build and what we can do about that. The main goal that we have in the US administration during the forthcoming conference is to make the American people proud and what actions we can show that live up to that. President Donald Trump will talk about foreign aid, how generous the United States is, but he will also lay down a marker that while the United States is generous, we are going to be generous to those that share our values, generous to those who want to work with us and not those that try and stop the United States or say they hate America and are counter-productive to what we are doing. We are very adamant that we have to start making sure that countries in the Middle East are falling in line with international order like every other country. Thank you.
L: Thank you USA. Germany, you may have the floor.
Thank you chair, thank you all. Here is the voice of Germany.
Nowadays, it is readily discernible that various human right abuses have plagued a great number of Middle-Eastern nations, causing millions to flee from their homeland and seek asylum across the Mediterranean Sea.
The Republic of Germany has always put human right protection as one of our nations top priorities. Hence, together with other members of the European Union, we have always taken an active role in providing secure refuge for those desolate outcasts from the war-torn Middle East. Unfortunately, facilitating the resettlement and social reintegration of these refugees requires a tremendous amount of work. As more refugees flood into German borders, our existing social stability and order might be jeopardized. Currently, the demands created by the influx of refugees is reaching the maximum of our capacity for social hospitality. Therefore, under the backdrop of this enormous exodus, the international community needs to come to a unanimous realization that instead of the sole endeavor of Germany, multilateral collaboration is desperately needed. Due to the reasons mentioned above, Germany hereby advocates the international community to share the responsibility to accept refugees together through cooperation and mutual trust.
L: Thank you Germany. France, you may have the floor.
Chers délégués, chers présidents, Ici la voix de la France.
La France insiste que les pays européens restent alliés pour envisager côte à côte le flux migratoire incessant venant de la Syrie, et fait appel à plus de pays à faire particulièrement attention aux réfugiés qui passent par la Méditerranée. Bien tenant compte des exploits réalisés par la bateau de sauvetage Aquarius, la France espère que plus de pays pourront se coopérer avec les ONG en indiquant un chemin aux migrants qui arrivent dans les navires. Dans le passé la France a toujours montré son hospitalité envers les réfugiés syriens, et elle va toujours suivre de près l'évolution des flux de réfugiés.
Now please allow me to explain my speech in English.
Honorable chair and distinguished delegates,
Here's the voice of France.
France insists that European countries remain allies to deal with the incessant migratory flow coming from Syria side by side, and calls on more countries to pay particular attention to refugees passing through the Mediterranean. Taking into account the achievements made by the lifeboat Aquarius, France hopes that more countries will be able to cooperate with NGOs by indicating a way for migrants arriving in ships. In the past, France has always shown its hospitality towards Syrian refugees, and will always closely monitor the evolution of refugee flows.
Thank you.
L: Thank you France. China, you may have the floor.
L: Thank you, China. Since the time is limited, this motion automatically expired. 



Honorable teachers, dear schoolmates, good morning! I’m Li Ying from Class 3 Senior Grade 3. On October 24, the United Nations Charter came into effect. The United Nations which aimed to maintain world peace and to develop friendly relationship among different countries was officially started from then. In 1947, the UN conference officially made October 24 the United Nations’ Day. 71 years later, Model UN activities are very popular in China. Our school as a Model UN curricular base, has trained excellent delegates in Chinese and international Model UN year after year by our optional course. This year, we have selected a group of Junior 2 students with outstanding language competence for the first time.



Today we have two participants of our Model UN course, Cai Haohuan from Class 5 Senior Grade 2 and Han Shuyuan from Class 3 Senior Grade 2 to share what they have experienced.



C: Dear schoolmates and teachers,



H: Good morning!



C: I believe none of us will forget Mr. Qiao Guanhua’s cheerful laughter in the 26th UN conference. It was because of this kind of persistent diplomatic effort that the new China was able to go into the world and get in line with the international environment.



H:We might be more familiar with the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ms. Hua Chunying’s wonderful answers. Her calm and wonderful speaking often leads the trend of social thinking and inspires us to think about the current social events.



C: Some might say these things are too far away from us. However, those who have been part of the Model UN have the same platform as the people we mentioned above. In the same way, we could say words that are powerful and firm before the delegates of other countries, and in the future we might be able to promote the development of our society.



H: The motions and the diversification of seats are what interest me the most,  for instance, to look at the disputes in the South China Sea between China and the US from a neutral perspective, to focus on the drug smuggling in South America as a Mexico delegate, to feel the resentment between President Trump and North Korea on behalf of US, to explore the social impact of AI application from the standing point of South Korea, to find opportunities of medical cooperation on behalf of Botswana, an African country suffering from malaria. It enables me to see things in different fields and from different points of views, and to find out the possibility of cooperation in conflicts and contradictions. From the outstanding delegate of the Foreign Language Department to the outstanding delegate of Fudan, Model Un not only brings me glory of awards, but also helps with my foreign language learning and using, communicating skills, and professional knowledge accumulating and so on. Different from debating, Model UN requires the individual of both expressing and listening, understanding, considering mutual interests and compromising. I think the experience I have in Model UN would surely help me to be a better Chairman in the Student Council.



C: Han Shuyuan reminds me of my experience. In the conference organized by Model UN World Tourism Organization, we probed into sustainable development of tourism. In the conference, I was able to learn many scientific measuring methods to test natural scenic area, to know the repair of cultural relics and historical sites, to discover the problems with the current rating standards of scenic spots and also to train my sense of environment protection. After that every time I came to a new site, I will pay special attention to its layout and sustainability and will learn new things by doing this. We don’t always have to do something big to promote social development. Maybe it only means to change our way of traveling, or to write a letter of suggestion to the ministry of tourism, or to be take part in publicity of traditional cultural tourism. And all these changes may be originated from the inspiration in Model UN.



H: Last but not least, I want to say while you are engaged in an event, do not be too interest-oriented. Your efforts will never be wasted, because participating itself will make you grow. Let us wait patiently.



Qi: Thank you all.



L: What is a real Model UN conference like? The word you hear most would be “motion”, in Chinese “动议”,which is put forward by the delegates when they are going to discuss a specific topic. Voting will be needed to decide whether a motion will be passed or not. The delegates who are in favor of the motion raise their counties’ flags. Today I’d like to invite you to watch part of the Model UN High Commissioner for Refugees conference. The topic is “the resettlement of Syrian refugees”. First of all let me introduce the delegates in the meeting: the delegate of Syria, Fan Yuehang from Class 4 Senior Grade 2, the delegate of USA, Han Shuyuan from Class 3 Senior Grade 2, the delegate of Germany, Cheng Yifei from Class 4 Senior Grade 2, the delegate of Lu Shangquan from Class 8 Senior Grade 3, and the delegate of Cai Haohuan from Class 5 Senior Grade 2. I will host the meeting as chair.

Honorable chair and delegates, good morning



China is very much concerned about Syrian refugees. And we appeal to all the related sides to hold fast to the following three points: first, the global challenges like refugees must be handled in a multilateral framework. We must maintain the authority of the multilateral mechanism with the NN as the center; respect the sovereignty of a country, and make use of the multilateral mechanism such as UN to solve the problem. China appeals all the countries to observe the relevant items in The Global Compact on Refugees.



Second, the fundamental problems needed to be solved other than the superficial ones. On the one hand, all countries should share the responsibilities but in different ways and strengthen the support for UNHCR and the countries that accept refugees; one the other hand, particular efforts should be made to find the fundamental reasons for war and poverty so that the refugee countries might have a long-term peace and prosperity.



Third, an objective standing point will be needed to deal with the issue. The international community and the UNHCR should avoid using refugee protection as the tool of interfering in the internal affairs of a country.



Thank you.



L: Because of the limitation of time and space, today we could only show you part of the conference. The real Model UN will start and end in a proper way. The adjournment also needs the delegate’s motion proposal. So now, any motion for the adjournment?



C: China moves for the adjournment.



L: The delegates who are in favor of the motion raise your country’s flag. Thank you. The conference is closed.