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Learning Materials about Building a Civilized Campus

Core Socialist Values

In November 2012, the Communist Party of China formally proposed at the 18th National Congress that it should "advocate prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, the rule of law, patriotism, professionalism, honesty, and friendliness, should actively cultivate socialist core values ", it respectively summarized and condensed the basic content of socialist core values from the national, social and personal levels .  

"Prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony" are the goal of building a modern socialist country in China. It is also a condensing of the basic concept of socialist core values from the value goal level, and occupies the highest level in the socialist core values. The value of other levels of the concept has a leading role. To be prosperous is to make the country rich and the people strong. It is the necessary state of the economic construction of the socialist modern country. It is the beautiful dream of the Chinese nation and the material foundation for the prosperity of the country and the well-being of the people. Democracy is a beautiful wish of human society. The democracy we seek is people's democracy, the essence and core of which is that the people are masters of their own affairs. It is the life of socialism, it is also the political guarantee to create a happy and happy life for the people. Civilization is an important symbol of social progress and an important feature of a modern socialist country. It is the due state of the cultural construction of the socialist modern country, the summary of the scientific mass socialist culture facing the modernization, the world and the future, and the important support for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Harmony is the basic concept of Chinese traditional culture, which embodies the vivid situation in which learners have teachers, laborers have income, the sick can receive medical treatments, the aged have pensions. It is the value demand of socialist modern country in the field of social construction, and it is the important guarantee of harmonious and stable economic society and sustainable and healthy development.

"Freedom, equality, justice and rule of law" is a vivid expression of a beautiful society and a condensing of the basic concept of socialist core values from the social level. It reflects the basic attributes of socialism with Chinese characteristics and is the core value concept of our Party's long-term practice. Freedom refers to the freedom of will, existence and development of human beings. It is a beautiful yearning for human society and a goal of social value pursued by Marxism. Equality refers to the equality of citizens before the law, its value orientation is to achieve substantive equality. It calls for respect for and protection of human rights and the right of everyone to equal participation and development in accordance with the law . Justice is the social fairness and justice, which is based on the liberation of human beings and the acquisition of human freedom and equal rights. It is the fundamental value concept of the state and society. The rule of law is the basic way of governing the country and the rule of law is the basic requirement of socialist democratic politics. It protects the fundamental interests of citizens through the construction of legal system, and is the system to guarantee the realization of freedom and equality, fairness and justice.

Patriotism, devotion, honesty and friendliness” are the basic moral norms of citizens and the condensing of the basic concept of socialist core values from the level of individual behavior. It covers every field of social moral life, it is the basic moral criterion that citizens must abide by, and is also the basic value standard of evaluating citizens' moral behavior. Patriotism is based on an individual's deep emotion of dependence on his motherland and a code of conduct to regulate the relationship between the individual and the motherland. It is closely linked with socialism and requires people to promote nationality unity, safeguard the reunification of the motherland, and serve the motherland consciously. Devotion is a code of professional conduct for citizens evaluation about values, it  requires citizens to be loyal to their duties, to serve the people and to serve the society, which fully embodies the socialist professional spirit. Honesty means trustworthiness, it is the moral tradition inherited from human society for thousands of years, and also the key content of socialist moral construction. It emphasizes honest laboring, keeping promises and treating people sincerely. Friendliness emphasizes that citizens should respect each other, care for each other, help each other, be amicable and strive to form new socialist relationships.

                                                                               Eight Rites and Four Manners

In order to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, the eight rites and four ceremonies are civilized etiquette education among the minors.

Eight Rites

the Rite of Appearance: clean face, decently-dressed, natural hairstyle, elegant manner

Dining courtesy: pay attention to hygiene, cherish food, frugal dining, elegant eating manner.

Courtesy of speech: civilized language, calmness, patient listening, sincere and friendly.

Courtesy of treating others: respect teachers and older generation, be friendly to friends, tolerance, integrity.

Courtesy of walking: abide by traffic regulations, giving ways, help the old and the weak, giving the seat.

courtesy of watching: abide by watching orders, protect the environment, concentrate on the watching, cheer politely.

courtesy of visiting: take good care of the landscapes, cherish cultural relics, respect folk customs and abide by public morality.   

Ritual ceremony: behave according to the rules, in awe, be solemn and respectful.

Four Ceremonies

seven-year-old: the ceremony of starting school: have the new pupils feel the fun of learning, get to know school life, learn good manners.

Ten-year-old: the ceremony of growing up: have the 3rd and 4th graders in primary school learn about gratitude, sharing, understanding parents’ bringing up, the teaching from the teachers, the help from friends.

Fourteen-year-old: the ceremony of youth, help the high school students learn how to communicate with others, control their emotions, be tolerant to others, have a good beginning in the youth.

Eighteen-year-old: the ceremony of adulthood, help those who are 18 years old know the responsibility of an adult, be a legal citizen, take social responsibility, keep improving themselves, set a goal of being a talent and make contribution to motherland.   

Chinese Dream

On November 29, 2012, Chief Party Secretary Xi Jinping proposed Chinese Dream for the first time during a visit to the "Road to Renaissance" exhibition. "everybody is talking about Chinese Dream," he said. “I believe that realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation since modern times. " He claimed: “the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way by the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China will certainly be achieved, and the goal of building a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious socialist modern country by the time of the founding of New China 100 years will surely be achieved. The dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will surely come true.

The realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is manifested in national prosperity, national rejuvenation, people's happiness and social harmony.

Six Good Standards for the Construction of a Civilized Campus

1. The leading group should be well built. Active construct a learning-type, service-oriented and innovative party organizations, strengthen the construction of the contingent of teachers and party members, give play to the role of fighting fortress and vanguard role. Carry out democratic centralism, unite and cooperate, have strong consciousness for the people, good ideological style, take the initiative to serve teachers and students, establish and implement the system of contact point, have heart talks and have reception day and other measures, conscientiously implement the "Standards for the Administration of compulsory Education Schools". In combination with the actual establishment of a civilized campus, with the concrete implementation plan of establishing civilized campus and the leading group, and give a public announcement to the whole school.

2. Be good at ideological and moral education. Strengthen the practice of socialist core values education, actively promote socialist core values into teaching materials, into the classroom, into the mind. Make full use of the important times to carry out "my Chinese Dream" theme education and practice activities, guide the students to set their minds of having dreams, loving studies, loving working, loving our motherland. Strengthen the construction of school moral education system, set up and carry out moral education curriculum scientifically, deepen subject moral education research, reform teaching content, improve teaching methods, improve teaching means, integrate ideological and moral education into every link of school teaching, integrate students into all aspects of their lives. Implement the code for primary and secondary School students and strengthen the student behavior norm education and civilized etiquette education. Strengthen the mental health education of students, carry out the guiding outline of mental health education in primary and middle Schools (revised in 2012), train students' sunshine mentality and healthy personality.

3. Having good surroundings. Organize and design different styles of campus boards, class boards, publicity window, etc. Make full use of classroom corridors, walls, campus cultural walls and other carriers, edify students sentiment, beautify students' minds, enlighten students' wisdom. Play the role of campus radio stations, school newspapers, and expand the channels and space for educating the students. Strengthen the construction of campus network, and create a network platform for internal and external communication.

4. Having a good teaching team . We should conscientiously implement the requirements of teachers' moral construction, carry out teachers' moral education in a down-to-earth manner, strictly manage teachers' ethics, and improve teachers' ideological and moral quality. Teachers' training should be organized regularly, teachers' professional growth plan should be drawn up, teachers' educational concept and knowledge structure should be updated constantly, and teachers' teaching level should be improved. Attention should be paid to the growth of head teachers and key teachers, to the training of young teachers, to the creation of a good policy environment, working environment and living environment, so a contingent of teachers with reasonable structure and ladder development will be formed..

5. Having good campus culture. In order to encourage students to love school, love study and build campus civilization, we should use school motto, school history, school song, school emblem, school logo and other campus culture symbols to build a good school spirit, teaching style and study style. Embodies moral education, intellectual education, sports, aesthetic education requirements, meticulous design and organization of labor skills, voluntary service, recreational sports and other campus cultural activities. Actively expand the new carrier of campus culture construction, give full play to the role of the network, carry out a variety of forms of campus network cultural activities, which are rich in both content and forms. In the campus prominent position (road, classroom, canteen, dormitory, etc.), set up civilized campus propaganda bar (card) to publicize, create a strong atmosphere of civilized campus.

6.  Having good surroundings on campus. Make good use of teaching facilities planning and managing, campus teaching, literature, art, sports, science, technology and other activities should arranged reasonably, neatly and in a good order. Clean the campus, make the campus green and beautiful by planting trees, flower and grass to, the natural landscape, artificial landscape should be well-proportioned , the use function, aesthetic function and education function should be harmoniously composed, building a beautiful campus. Strengthen safety education, strengthen comprehensive management of campus public safety and order, ensure campus safety and stability. Renovate the campus surrounding environment, maintain good order around the campus. Carry out environmental protection education and conservation education in depth, guide teachers and students to set up the consciousness of protecting environment and saving resources, and develop the good habit of saving resources.