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Burning Youth Bursts forth with Passionthe Opening Ceremony of the 56th  Sports Game

Li: respectable teachers and friends!

Together: Good morning!

Xia We are the PE Ministers, Xiao Guohao from Class 4, senior Grade 1.

Li: Li Hanchen from Class 1, senior Grade 1.


Xia As we all know, the sports atmosphere in NFSL is very thick. Every day, at noon and after school, on the playground  we can always see the students’ active figure.

Li: In this golden autumn season, NFLS students who love sports greet our sports event, the 30th Sports Festival of Nanjing Foreign Language School.

Xia the theme of this festival is: the burning youth bursts forth with passion.

Li: first of all, let’s welcome Principal Zhou give a speech for this festival. please welcome with your applause!


Dear teachers and students, good morning!

It is golden Autumn in October, it is fruitful, in this beautiful season, Nanjing Foreign Language School Sports Festival comes as planned! First of all, I declare on behalf of the school: Nanjing Foreign Language School opening of the 30th Physical Education Festival begins! And I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks the teachers and students who have participated in the preparations of the festival!

When a country is prosperous, its sports will be prosperous, being good at sports, China is strong. Sports is an important symbol of social development and human progress, and an important embodiment of comprehensive national strength and social civilization. Physical education plays an irreplaceable role in improving people's physical quality and health level, promoting people's all-round development and promoting economic and social development.

NFLS has always attached great importance to the cultivation of students' sports quality. In the first year of senior high school this term, an extra weekly physical education class has been added; in addition to the options offered in the past, there have been additional elective courses on track and field. After the class, basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, sailing, fencing and archery have been opened for the students, so have golf and other colorful sports elective courses. In the past school year, through the joint efforts of the teachers and students, our school sports teams have achieved good results: the basketball team won the championship in Nanjing City Key School Cup competition; The cheerleaders’ school team won the provincial first prize in the provincial tournament;the schoo senior high men volleyball team, senior high women volleyball team, senior high table tennis team, junior high table tennis team all won the first prize in Nanjing Sunshine Sports Campus Competition;The school weiqi team won the second prize among the high school teams in the provincial middle school chess competition and gained the excellent results of the first and third place in the individual match.

The theme of the sports festival is "burning youth bursts forth with passion." in addition to the traditional track and field games, the King's Cup, sports knowledge competitions, photo competitions, essay competitions, and so on, a national test of students' physical health has been added this year. This further enriched the sports festival activities.

Holding a sports festival is a tradition that has remained unchanged for many years in NFLS. I hope that every student can show his or her style in this sports festival and reap unforgettable experiences and achievements. I hope more that every student present here will love sports and sports from today on. Adhere to physical exercise every day, share youth in sports, show our NFLS students’ positive, energetic youth image.

In the end, I wish this sports festival a great success! Thank you all!

Xia Thank Principal Zhou for his speech! The cheerleaders’ dance is a must in exciting sports. Our school cheerleaders’ team has won many awards in major competitions every year, and has brought glory to the school. Next, please welcome Hong Yizhou, a cheerleader of the school team to tell us the story about him and cheerleaders’ dance.


Li: thank you, Hong Yizhou, next, please welcome the Dance Club to perform a dance “Good Time” for us.

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Li: thank the Dance Club’s wonderful performance. Sports bring us not only the glory on the field, but also they have close connections with our daily life. Maybe you can't be the most shining star in the stadium, but you can enjoy it. Let's ask Chen Ge from Class 1, senior Grade 1, to tell us about him and sports.

Xia indeed, sports don’t just mean championship, but persistence and efforts as well.

Li: No matter whether we win or not, let us enjoy our youthful passion on the court.

Xia With sweat, we will compile a young frivolous youth’s story.

Li: Let us be together in this autumn

Together: the burning youth bursts forth with passion!

Li: this is the end of today’s morning meeting.

Together: thank you all!