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The Morning Meeting on October 8th, 2018, the Members of the New Students’ Union All Appear

Good morning, dear teachers and friends!

I am Cheng Ruoheng, the chairman of the students’ union of 2017-2018 school year.

I am Wang Ran, the chairman of the students’ union of 2017-2018 school year


The road to the knowledge is through diligence, the sea of studying is limitless with hardships to sail. In the past academic year, outstanding students from NFLS made remarkable achievements with their own efforts and dedication. Today, we are here to hold the Excellent Student Award ceremony of the NFLS Foundation for the academic year 2017-2018. Let’s invite the four students among the top 10 students in Nanjing to receive the awards. They are Chen Liwen, Li Xinran, He Yifei from Class 1, senior Grade 1, and Li Zequan from Class 2, Senior Grade 1. President Zou Zheng is invited to give them the awards.

In addition, five students from former Class 1, senior Grade 3, Xu Haike, Xu Yi, You Yilin, Gao Ruiquan, and Zhu Xinyi, won the Principal Scholarship for their qualification as a recommended student in the informatics and mathematics Olympiad. Let’s invite their head teacher, Ms. Zhang Yujuan, to come to the stage to receive the awards on behalf of them. President Zou is invited to give them an award.

Thank you,President Zou, congratulations to the above awarded students, we hope everybody will follow their example to make achievements and learn something. 

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Of course, "learning" has never been our only thing to do, colorful and rich campus activities also add color to NFLS.

In the 2017-2018 school year, from the various popular science experiments in the science and technology festival to the art festival's colorful talent competition, from the singing and dancing community tour to the collective student Congress, Members of the Nanjing Foreign Language School’s Students’ Union have been using their passion to fulfill the promises made one by one before.


Today, in this shift ceremony of the new and old Students’  Union members, first of all, on behalf of all the 2017-2018 students of Nanjing Foreign Language School, we thank the teachers for their support, thank the students for the trust, and the unity of all the members of the Students’ Union, thank you all!

In the campaign in the new school year, we have seen the candidates who were full of enthusiasm, unique ideas, extraordinary abilities, and we look forward to their opening a new page to continue writing a new chapter in the Students’ Union。

Next,we will invite the 2018-2019 students’ union members to the stage, let us give them trust and support with applause, we look forward to their construction in NFLS!

The opening speeches of the new Students’ Union members in the morning meeting



Xia I am the chairman of the Students’ Union from Class 1, senior Grade 2, Xiao Xiao.

Han: I am the chairman of the Students’ Union from Class 3, senior Grade 2, Han Shuyuan.

Xia The support of the students will become our motivation. In this academic year, we will adhere to and improve the student Congress system. we will practice last year's proposal one by one, and take seriously the new proposal of the students. We will create a unified mailbox for students to listen to the voices of students.

Han: Listening to the voices of the classmates and speak for them. the joining of senior 1st graders will bring extraordinary innovation and vitality to this year’s Students’ Union. We hope to lead our ministers in senior Grade 1 along to the "leading campus" promised during the election campaign.

Together: We wish the Students’ Union will bring all of you warmth and beauty. Thank you.

Chairman’s assistants


I am the chairman assistant, Sun Yuhe from Class 4, senior Grade 1.

I am the chairman assistant, Li Chengyang from Class 8, senior Grade 1.

thank the experience in the election campaign, thank all the friends’ support and encouragement.

Owing to your trust, we can stand here to declare our determination to you.

In the coming year, we will do our utmost to assist the chairmen in ensuring the normal work of the campus. At the same time, after the resign of the chairman in the next semester, we will take up the supposed responsibility. We will incorporate the SPARK spark contained in our policy agenda into collaboration with the chairmen.

In this new school year, help us, supervise us, please.

We wish the Students’ Union will bring everybody warmth and beauty. it’s a mutual encouragement. Thank you all!

the Study Minister:


hello, everyone!

We are the Study Ministers, Liu Bowen from Class 1, senior Grade 1, and Chen Ruowei from Class 3, senior Grade 1. thank you all for the support and trust!

Over the next year, we will: be strict with ourselves and try to do our share of job; receive suggestions, feedback, article contributions and good books from students through the students’ union’s  email box; respond promptly and answer questions, improve the learning conditions, listen to the students’ voices;collect the students’ suggestions and ideas in the Reading Festival, Science and Technology Festival, organize activities that everyone can participate in, provide each student with the possibility of showing themselves. Finally, I believe that we will be able to win the recognition of the students by the unremitting efforts! Thank you all!

Publicizing Minister


Zhang Chi from Class 1, senior Grade 1.

I am the present Publicizing Minister, Tan Jiarui from Class 8, senior Grade 1.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your recognition and support, so that we have the opportunity to serve you and build a strong campus, we will soon start a serious and responsible work. 

We are about to launch our first evaluation of the blackboard. Our standards will not be too strict, and those excellent classes will have the opportunity to show off their class on the NFLS Public wechat.

Finally, we sincerely hope that everyone can cooperate with us in the next year's work, thank you!              

Discipline Inspection Minister:


Boy: I am the Discipline Inspection Minister Wang Shuyi

Girl: I am the Discipline Inspection Minister Wu Yimeng

Boy: In this school year, we will organize campus safety week activities, cooperate with Xiaozhu’s Talk to produce special edition, and promote the establishment of student cadre assessment system. At the same time, we will do our best to implement the policy agenda. Thank you for your support.

Girl: in the end, soon after the Students’ Union recruitment activities, we welcome you to actively apply for discipline inspection department officers. Discipline Inspection Department needs you very much! Thank you all!

Liaison Minister:


Hello, teachers and friends!

We are the new Liaison Ministers: Li Xinran and Sun Yixiang.

We promise to d 1. Improve the observer system in an all-round way, set up an incentive system, and promote the enthusiasm of observers. 2. Set up the best new club evaluation, encourage senior high school students to actively establish clubs. 3. Each club is required to have a senior president or vice-president from senior Grade 1 to ensure the club activities are carried out normally in the second semester.

Thank you for your trust in us, we welcome you to give your valuable advice to our liaison,let us have our youth fly together, chasing dreams, the club will be shiny because of you! Thank you all!

Lift Minister


Good morning, everyone!

I am the present Life Ministers: Xia Yiyag from Class 5, senior Grade 1.

I am the present Life Ministers: Su Junda from Class 2, senior Grade 1.

In the coming year, the Department of Life will work hard to carry out the promise of improving gaijiao rice and putting paper cups next to the water dispenser. We will also negotiate with the school to solve the senior high school’s difficulty in having meals at school.

We will make good use of food management association, public wechat, the students’ union mailbox and other channels,actively communicate with the General Affairs Office and other relevant school management offices, to report your opinions. Please cooperate with our statistical survey. Thank you all

PE Minister


Xiao, Li: hello, everyone, we are the PE Ministers.

Xia I am Xiao Guohao from Class 4, senior Grade 1.

Li: I am Li Hanhuan from Class 1, senior Grade 1.

Xia Thank you for giving us your valuable vote, so we can stand here today to report the outline of our work for the next year.

Li: We will fulfill our campaign promise to set up a shared ball cabinet for our students, so that the trouble of having no ball to play is over.

Xia we will organize the students to hold cross-grade friendship competitions, so that each grade of martial arts master can compete in the sports field;

Li: we will carefully plan and organize sports meetings, Football King Cup and other NFLS traditional sports events.

Xia we will establish school sports exchange group so everyone’s voice in NFLS will be heard,

Xiao, Li: Let’s build a NFLS with more youthful vitality, and make our contribution!

Art Minister


Wang Yuting and Chen Tianyi: hello, everyone, we are the Art Ministers.

Wang Yuting: I am Wang Yuting from Class 6, senior Grade 1.

Chen Tianyi: I am Chen Tianyi from Class 6, senior Grade 1.

Wang Yuting: thank all the friends who have supported us, it was you that made it.

Chen Tianyi: and thank those who voted for our opponents, who are as excellent and worth our studying.

Wang Yuting: in this school year, we will collect the art festival theme and the bonfire activity plan from the whole school through the students’ union mail box.

Chen Tianyi: We will hold poetry creation and recitation contest and NFLS Memorial Sport Sweater Design Competition.

Wang Yuting: We will ensure that good voices and good shadows are open and transparent.

Chen Tianyi: we will make souvenir CD for the art festival.

Wang Yuxin and Chen Tianyi: thank you for your support, we will never forget our original wishes and will continue to fight forward. 

Chairman: we swear in the name of youth:


Chairmen assistants, the Study Ministers: I am determined to be responsible from today on.

the Publicizing Minsters, Discipline Inspection Ministers: we will study hard and set a good example for other students.

the Liaison Minsters and Life Ministers: we will work with great care and honesty, thank the voters for their support and trust.

PE Ministers, Art Ministers: we hope the students will be satisfied and we could bring glory to school through our efforts.  


Han Shuyuan: getting together in NFLS, We always pursue "the Chinese soul, the global mind", carry forward the spirit of dedication, innovation consciousness, cooperation quality, draw our own blueprint on campus!

Xiao Xia For several years of our youth, we have always kept in mind that "when the younger generation has the ideal, the ability, the responsibility, the country will have a promising future, the nation will be full of hopes", setting sail from the students’ union, blowing the horn! Today’s morning meeting ends here, thank you!

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