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"Preventing Trouble Before It Happens" a Lecture on Fire Protection and an Escape Drilling on September 20th

Everybody was told to have a fire drilling this Thursday. It was supposed to be, as usual, a drilling to simulate escape after a fire. Unexpectedly, this time the school specially invited Staff Officer Xia,from Xuanwu District Fire Brigade to train our lodging students on fire safety.

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First, Teacher Guo had a talk. He pointed out that the purpose of the lecture was to promote fire protection knowledge and safety awareness and, more importantly, to learn the skills of escape. In this way, in the future, both on campus and elsewhere, with the necessary knowledge of fire protection, we not only can protect ourselves, but also protect others.


Next came the formal lecture by Staff Officer Xia. Xia carefully prepared the slides with pictures and texts and showed us several real major fire cases, each of which showed us relevant news reports. After watching the video, Xia explained clearly to us the causes of the fire, why the casualties were caused, whether because the evacuation was improper or because people did not know how to save themselves. Looking at these cases, I learned that a little spark could trigger a huge fire that killed dozens or hundreds of people, and I couldn't help thinking that disasters were often caused by negligence. Enhancing security awareness is very important.


Mr.Xia not only introduced us these major fire cases in our country, but also told us a lot about his own experience. Perhaps because it was his own experience, his description was vivid and detailed. For example, thick smoke during the fire would blurred the firefighters’ sight, or how the injured who were trapped could accurately call for help from the firefighters... Hearing these stories, I felt as if I had become an eyewitness of the events, seen how firefighters overcome their difficulties to save the desperate victims who were trapped, and I couldn't help but have a deep respect for the dangerous and great profession that firefighters are doing. I feel that, with their own efforts to save a Live life, the feeling should be very happy and glorious.


Just with a concept, how to perform without actual operation? Staff Officer Xia not only showed us the use of fire extinguishers, but also prepared an escape rope to show us how to escape through the window with a rope. He first demonstrated the way to tie a knot: first, "press left on right, right on left", that is, the rope on the left first pressed a knot on the rope on the right, then the rope on the right; then the rope was wound from under the leg to the waist. Cross the rope on either side to make a buckle, and then tie it in front of the body.

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After the demonstration, Staff Officer Xia invited a boy on stage to experience. But "easier said than done", the boy encountered some difficulties at the beginning, but then, under the help of the Staff Officer Xia, he successfully tied up.


The lecture on fire prevention was only part of this fire drilling. Staff Officer Xia came to our dormitory building to introduce us to the fire fighting passage in the student dormitory, the location of the passage door and the use of emergency lights. He told us to go along the wall in case of a fire and some other tips. The dormitory built a new fire-fighting staircase during the summer vacation. Staff Officer Xia opened a fire button on the staircase, demonstrating how the normally closed fire door was cut off and opened after the button was pressed. Although we knew long ago that those buttons had a fire-fighting effect, it was the first time we had seen them in action. With this experience, if there is anything in emergency situations in the future,  we can be in response to the situations more calmly.


The exercise lasted until nearly eight o'clock. Not only Staff Officer Xia, but also a number of school and dormitory teachers, fire button maintenance staff were with us. The school carefully arranged the exercise in order to ensure the safety of the students. It is very important for the students to know how to protect themselves without their parents nearby. And we do feel that this special exercise has provided us a lot of ordinary fire prevention knowledge that is impossible to learn at the usual times, now we have a deeper understanding of fire fighting and have strengthened our awareness of self-prevention.