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Celebration of the Teachers’ Day


A: dear teachers

B: dear friends

Together: good morning, everyone!

A: I am the PE minister Xu Yu

B: I am the chairman of the Students’ Union Cheng Ruohuan.

A: It’s another year when the singing geese are flying high in the sky,

B: It’s another year when rice blossoms wildly,

A: It’s another year when dew is shiny and the frost is heavy.

B: It’s another year when the peaches and plums are fragrant.

A in this time of harvest, hundreds of NFLS waved goodbye to Alma Mater and entered the university they had longed for.

B: behind the great achievements of every student is the dedication of NFLS dedication.

A: it’s September 10th today, the 34th Teachers’ Day.

B: on this special day, we wish our teachers, we thank them for their dedicated teaching.

A: Next, let’s welcome the students’ representative Xu Yizhen from senior Grade 2 to talk about how she feels on the arrival of the Teachers’ Day. 


Dear teachers, friends, good morning. I am Xu Yizhen from senior Grade two. In this fruitful autumn September, we welcome the 34 th Teachers Day.

General Secretary Xi said in a letter of condolences to teachers across the country: "Education is the foundation of the century-old plan. Teachers are the foundation of education and the source of education. They undertake the important task of making every child grow up healthily and run a good education satisfactory to the people. " The teaching is hard work, but the work of shaping the soul is great; the burning of the candle is transient, but burning itself to illuminate the hearts of others is eternal. Our teacher, who arrive at school half an hour earlier and leave school several hours later than we do, there are even teachers who work in the office until eight or nine o'clock to correct today's homework. In the same classroom, we sit and listen, and the teacher stand and speak. Sometimes, teachers can’t squeeze just a little while to rest after working continuously for several hours, they don’t complain at all; the teachers have parents and children to take care of, but they put all their time and effort into us for decades. Here, on behalf of all the students, I say to the teachers: "dear teacher, you have been too hardworking!"

It’s the teachers who teach us the knowledge, is the teacher, instructs our life road in the maze, is the teachers, who teach us to be cautious, stops at the supreme good. The teacher's greatness lies not only in imputing scientific and cultural knowledge to us, but also in setting a good example for us. Teachers’ Day is an opportunity for us to express our gratitude to our teachers, but I think we should bear this gratitude in our hearts every day and always remember our teachers' advice and help us. When meeting a teacher on campus, say "good teacher" on your own initiative; say "thank you" sincerely after asking questions; hand over a card on your teachers’ birthday; help actively the teachers by carrying the homework and cleaning the blackboard. This is how we express our gratitude to our teachers.

Teachers are the most important role in our growth, walking on NFLS campus, we feel relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of teachers and students, we can not forget the teachers who have taught us.The fruit that fall off think of the tree, and those who drink water think of the source. When we are free, we should go back to primary school and junior high school and send our teachers condolences and blessings. Respect your teacher the way you respect your father even though the teacher teaches you for just one day, we can’t forget the teachers’ kindness!

Finally, I sincerely wish all the teachers good health, smooth work and a happy life!

Thank you all!

A: Thank you, Xu Yizhen. Teacher is the most brilliant profession under the sun. It is the passing on of teachers from generations to generations that the most beautiful scenery forms in the flowing time.

B: Teachers’ guidance is like the spring rain moisturizing things, exquisite and silent.

A: today, we also invite three teachers to our stage, let’s welcome them!


I am the head teacher of Class 1, junior Grade 1, Wu Anshuo,I  graduated from NFLS in 2013, and I am now a math teacher. On Teacher’s Day when I was a student, after the teacher greeted the students in class, we would change this greeting into Happy Teachers Day, sending sincere greetings to the teacher. Today I walked into the school gate,and I heard the schoolmates’ regards to me, a kind of pride and the sense of responsibility arises spontaneously. In NFLS, the growth of students can not be separated from the hard dedication of the teachers. Standing next to me is my former history teacher, the group leader of senior Grade 1, Teacher Gu Qing.


Good morning, everyone! Thank my student, Mr. Wu Anshuo! He was not only my student but also my alumni, because NFLS was my alma mater. In 1992, when I first stepped into NFLS, the building was very dilapidated, the playground was muddy, the teaching equipment was very poor, but as a student, we were very happy. Because we had teachers who use their heart to work, and we had students who were diligent,learned and humble. In 2002, I returned to my alma mater to teach, and the teachers who taught me in the past became my colleagues, I feel very honored because I was able to listen to their teachings again.More than a decade has passed by, and every single day with my students and teachers is full of happiness, I think this is the common feelings of NFLS people. I am very grateful to my then teachers, who are both teachers and friends, who strongly support me to this day. Standing beside me is my Chinese teacher, Xu Hongman, she has been fighting in the teaching line, currently teaching in the International Department.


Dear teachers, students: good morning! I was surprised to learn that I would celebrate Teachers’ Day with my student and the student’s student. I graduated from college in 1990 and worked in NFLS. September 10, 1990 was my first teacher's Day. At the celebration ceremony, the school leader presented souvenirs to the teachers who had taught for 30 years. I thought, 30 years, what a long time for me. But time flies, and in a twinkling of an eye, I've been working in NFLS for 28 years. On my 28th Teachers' Day, as I get such a surprise, please allow me to thank the whole school on behalf of all the teachers and thank the students fro sending the best wishes and greetings to us! At the same time, I wish all the students here can enjoy their happiness and growth in NFLS! I would like to wish all the young teachers, like Teacher Gu Qing, indigo blue is extracted from the indigo plant but is bluer than the plant it comes from, enjoy happy work, a happy life, and build a better NFLS together!

Next, please enjoy senior 1st graders’ sign language performance"the grateful Heart"

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A: Thank you for the sign language show. The fruit that fall think of the tree, and those who drink water think of the source,the students who make achievements in study think of their teachers.

B: learning to feel grateful for others, we can reach farther in the way to knowledge and moral.

A: to thank the teachers, it is not necessarily sending them exquisite gifts, a thin piece of letter paper is enough to show our gratitude.

B: to return the teachers kindness not only means getting excellent academic grades, listening carefully in each class also shows your respect to teachers.

A: let’s do from minor things, return the kind hearts with our sincerity, prepare the best gifts for our teachers.

B: let’s show the sincerest wish to our dearest teachers who devote themselves around us

Together: thank you, teachers!