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Opening ceremony for the First semester of 2018-2019 School Year

The opening ceremony was held on September 2, 2018 at 9 a.m. on the playground, it was presided over by the dean of Students’ Management office, Mr. Yin.

First of all, President Zou carried out a new term speech with the theme of "Cultivating Humanities, Practice and Scientific Exploration". President Zou fervently hoped that NFLS students could improve themselves in terms of language ability, scientific spirit and steadfast style.


Freshmen Xiong Suya and Wei Shi gave a speech, sharing their feelings about the new life in NFLS.


Dear school leaders, teachers and dear friends:


I am Xiong Suya from Class, junior Grade 1. I am Wei Shi from Class 8, junior Grade 1. It is a great honor to stand on the podium of the opening ceremony to speak on behalf of the freshmen!

NFLS is a great school with strict school disciplines, fine school spirit and brilliant school history. It has always been the dream of countless students to study here.

NFLS is also my goal, when I was lucky enough to enter the vibrant campus of NFLS and become a NFLS student, as proud as everyone else, I am full of hope and vision for the new life of NFLS!

In my mind, NFLS has always been a place where excellent students gather. Over the past 55 years, there have been a large number of talented people who have contributed to the motherland and society. Just as President Zou's earnest hope says: "when you go into NFLS, you are proud of her. When you walk out of NFLS, she is proud of you." I believe that this sentence will inspire every student to work tirelessly.

Today, we stand on the starting line of junior Grade 1, start from zero, start a new junior high school life, we also begin a new round of challenges in our lives. The short three days of entrance education, principal Zou's advice, the teachers' concern, the instructors' guidance, and our classmates' help, all are so warm that we can quickly integrate into the NFLS family.

NFLS is a top level in terms of rules and regulations as well as the organization of activities. The evaluation of star students promotes the improvement of our comprehensive quality, and the evaluation of charity credits allows us to go out of the campus and make our own contribution to the society. I admire the teaching methods with characteristics of NFLS. While giving students international education from the outside, NFLS also constantly reminds the students not to forget their motherland, and put forward a school motto with profound significance, "the Chinese soul, the global mind ," and while I read this school motto, it was deeply imprinted in my mind and never would it be forgotten. Do you remember our school song? The tone is so melodious, the lyrics are so affectionate, which expresses fully the love to the school and our motherland incisively and vividly. Every time when I sing this song, my heart is moved by this strong emotion.

Being a NFLS student is an honor and a feeling. "the higher a person's goal is, the faster his talent will develop and the more beneficial it will be for society." We must uphold the global feelings of NFLS and set a high goal. Study for the national rejuvenation, set sail from here, walk toward the world; being a NFLS student is also a kind of responsibility, "the road to the book mountain has diligence as the path, the study ocean is boundless and bitterness is the boat", we must uphold the school spirit of "seeking truth, striving to advance, being learned and humble". we should read more books, read good books, study hard, do not fear thorns, climb the summit of knowledge bravely; being the NFLS student is a kind of responsibility, "do not give up doing good even if it is trivial, do not do bad even if it is minor", we should adhering to the school’s " being morally talented with all-round development" education concept, be enthusiastic about charity, persist in doing exercise, be self-confident, make self-improvement, with flying youth, beating enthusiasm , we will continue to write the brilliant history of NFLS!

The new term has begun, who does not have some tension and curiosity? Believe in yourself, this is the three words I want to say to everyone in the new semester. Confidence is an important fuel for our progress. There is too much potential in us that can be activated only by believing in our abilities, challenging our limits again and again, and sharpening our will. At the new starting point, everyone should show the best of their own, do their best to strive for the best results, to achieve the best and perfect level. So, how do we greet the new semester with the best performance? I think that in learning, in every stage of life, setting a reasonable goal is the key. With the goal, we will be more targeted and diligent. Entering NFLS does not mean success, this is just the beginning, we can not be even a little relaxed in learning, or have even a slight negligence in life. We have become the glorious NFLS students, we must be more strict to ourselves, we should study diligently, strive for the tomorrow which we want!

To cover thousands of miles depends on countless tiny steps; vast rivers and seas come from countless tiny streams and brooklets, big ideals are achieved from the daily study in life bit by bit, we should follow the example of those outstanding teachers and alumni, under the hard cultivation of teachers, climb the peak of wisdom with sweat, open the door of success with the key of knowledge, open the window of the world with diligence, become a modern man with a Chinese soul and global mind! In this freshman’s opening ceremony, in the witness of the teachers, we solemnly promise on behalf of all the freshmen: we will practice NFLS " diligent, practical, specialized, learned" style of study, we will work hard, keep on going beyond ourselves! Love NFLS,no regret to the youth! 

Thank you all!

On behalf of senior Grade three teachers, Teacher Gao Ping warned the students from three aspects: setting goals and putting them into action, being proud of scientific study, and attaching importance to the building of personality and education.


You have just had a pleasant vacation. Today, you are standing on a new starting line and are about to start a new journey. Here, on behalf of the teachers, I give you three suggestions.

I、setting goals and putting the into action

Long journey starts from a small step, learning is a long-distance race, which needs to set goals, control the rhythm to get to the end. Taiwan University has a tracking survey on the impact of goals on life. Twenty-five years of tracking results show that 26% of the groups without goals living at the bottom of society 61% of them have goals, but just vague goals, living in peace and stability. But they don’t have any special achievements, 9% of people with clear goals have become professionals, and 4% of people who write down goals in black and white become elites. NFLS students, should be clear about their goals, from big goals such as life planning, small ones such as daily arrangements. The target is The premise of execution, action is the true meaning of execution, and procrastination is a self-destruction, a stumbling block on the road to success.

II Being proud of scientific study, take pride in diligence

“happiness is gained by fighting. The fighter that Ren Zhengfei, the executive of Huawei, admires most is spider. No matter how strong the wind is or how heavy it rains, the spider remains diligent, never giving up regardless of all difficulties, no matter how many time its  net was broken; Ren appreciates bees most, who work hard and never produce less honey for lack of praise from others. The picture of history, always rolls out in the process of the development; wonderful music, is always written in the continuous struggles. Life's biggest opponent is life itself, diligence needs perseverance, needs constantly self-breakthrough. Diligence also requires scientific methods, but not blindly imitate the man who tights his hair to the beam to prevent himself from sleeping duing his study. A good learning method is the ladder to success. Once you can persist, why do you bother yourself to get up early in the morning? The worst is nothing more than drying for just one day and staying in the shade for ten days.

III, pay attention to the building of personality and form good manners .

You are all from NFLS, you not only study knowledge, but get training in responsibility, courage and obligation and other good qualities. Prince Harry was sent to the front of Afghanistan as a machine gunner after he graduated from the Army Academy. It was not that the Royal Family did not know the danger of the front line, but they thought it was their duty to contribute to their country and take risks. The sense of responsibility and duty is a kind of life attitude and personal character, instead of the refined egotism. The practice of life education often comes from extensive reading and immersion in the environment, from the guidance of relatives, teachers and the cultivation of good habits. In the future, your personality and manners will represent a country and the image of a nation as well.

Dear students,you are in the golden period of growing up, learning knowledge and building your personality, the NFLS campus is not very big, however, it has the gathering of talents, the gate to the world. The sky is high for birds to fly, the sea wide for fish jump.You are flourishing, vigorous, should be "confident in having a life of 200 years, will swim freely three thousand miles", with no fear of facing all difficulties and challenges, be a "Chinese soul, global mind" NFLS student!

Jiang Zhihao, an excellent alumni, proposed to be innovative and open your horizon for full development.


Good morning, dear teachers and friends! My name is Jiang Zhihao. For the six years from 1998 to 2004, I was on this campus, standing in this square to welcome the new school year. Today, to return to my alma mater, to see many teachers who taught me in the past, to see many teenagers in Nanjing's most beautiful school uniform, is a kind of life experience that has never been done before. I major in variable electric and magnetic fields, to put it in simple words, that is about the research of the circuits and antenna used in mobile communication, satellite communication and radar system, to put in more easier words for high school students to understand, it is something that we learn in high school physics class about Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction, Gauss' Theory, etc. It is based on research fields that encompass the physics of electromagnetic waves and their applications.

I have always been grateful that I spent my adolescence in a school like NFLSi. When many other schools were implementing examination-oriented education and focusing on problem tactics, NFLS gave us an open mind and a multi-aspect education. These are very valuable for the freedom of thought and all-round development of teenagers. For more than ten years after graduation, I still benefit from the influence of the atmosphere of NFLS.

When people are in their teens, they are in a transition from a child to a young adult, unrestrained mind is very important to remain a childlike heart. Take myself for example, in doing scientific research, the most important thing is innovation. We now feel that our society lacks innovation, and in many ways there are actually plagiarism and imitation. In fact, the lack of innovation is not fundamentally due to lack of knowledge and skills, but more to the loss of curiosity and the rigidity of thinking patterns, which are closely related to one's living and educational environment. Curiosity comes from a childlike heart, it is a person's most valuable quality, it makes it impossible to prevent ourselves from asking the truth of the world, observe human behavior in different civilizations and think about the functioning of social and economic activities. Many of the masters we see as well as the distinguished professors I met at international conferences, I find that they are still childlike at the age of 60 or 70, are still learning and exploring, and I am deeply impressed by the curiosity and energy that come from their heart. However, childlike hearts are also the most easily lost, so I sincerely hope that you will remain childlike in the increasingly complex social environment and the increasing pressure of learning and living, because, It is also one of the most valuable motivations and most real part of our entire society and nation. The rigidity of the thinking model comes from the stereotype of the educational model. Of course, we have to do the questions for the entrance examination and the college entrance examination. However, over the years, we have found a very terrible phenomenon. Our university students and graduate students are getting higher scores but their abilities are lower. Technological innovation, economic innovation, and even entertainment innovation  can not be solved with the abilities in doing problems, we need to be find problems and solve the problems that are not solved. So, if you can, while you're learning the course well, getting high scores, I think it's more important to cultivate yourself consciously to find problems, to retrieve previous methods, to use existing information, and then to be creative. The ability to solve problems, through a long period of training in this process, can improve a person's observation ability, rational thinking, logical rigour, and creativity adapted to the real environment. No matter what career you pursue later, this ability will benefit you and the society, and more importantly, it will help one gain the way how to view the world in a more rigorous and sceptical angle.

The other thing I feel I've benefited from NFLS is a diverse experience and a multifaceted education, and I'm still diversifying myself, reading and traveling, reading all kinds of books, taking a variety of paths. The sophomore and juniors here will soon enter the university, when you enter the university, you will choose a major. Many college students will devote almost all their energy to their major, which is a pity. I have always felt that no matter what majors, even those doctoral students, we must find extensive access to other professional knowledge. High school students are just the same, although for the college entrance examination, you have to either arts or science, psychologically, don’t confine yourself in art or science, It is too narrow to define yourself as a liberal arts or science student. A high school student or a college student should not just be an art student, or science student, or engineering student, but should be a comprehensive person who knows all aspects. It is a sad thing for a science student to have no humanistic thought, no basic cognition of history, economy and politics, or an art student who has no basic rational logic and scientific literacy. The tragedy is that such narrowness is likely to be a stumbling block to your future journey to your own field, it is also that your knowledge of the world might become one-sided. A science student, only when he has historical responsibility and a sense of humanity will there be a deeper and more lasting incentive to use the technology he has learned to serve society for the benefit of others. In fact, the specific knowledge and technology he has learned is only a way. And an art student, only when he has a strong logical ability and critical thinking ability, can he make a rigorous exploration and analysis of many seemingly chaotic and complex social, economic, and psychological problems. And then produce the system and reference information for future generations, promote the development of the whole subject.

Seeing you here, I think of the rising sun, which is the tomorrow of society and the nation. May you remain childlike, keep learning, reading and walking when you become a mature and sophisticated person many years from now. May your knowledge of this wonderful world not stop too early. Finally, I wish all the teachers and students good health in the new school year, I wish you will experience something new every day . Thank you all!

 Best Class Award

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Class 12, junior Grade 12 was awarded “ Zhou Enlai Class”


Last school year there were 12 clubs that won the five-star community award and accepted the school’s recognition. Animation Club, National Style Club, Ballet Club, Suku Club, Photography Club, Hand-painting Club, Chemical Life Club, National Music Club, Triathlon Club, Medicine and Life Club, Happy Football Club and Music Track Club received medals from school leaders.

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The opening ceremony ended in the singing of the school song.