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2018 Summer of Museums the 16th “Meiyuan Cup” My Favorite Museum Writing Contest Prize Winners

Many NFLS Junior 1 students took part in the contest in July. The school Youth League received 330 writings in total and gave 32 of them to the organizers of the “Meiyuan Cup”. In the end, 16 of our writings won prizes of junior high group. The winners and their writings are as follows”:

The 1st Prize writings and winners:

Back to the Six Dynasties Like A Dream: Nanjing Six Dynasties Museum, by Wang Siyue from Class 6 

The Best Nanjing Museum, by Yue Dianjie from Class 12

The 2nd Prize writings and winners:

I Like You the Most: Nanjing Museum, by Dai Jinlin from Class 5

The Inheritance of Food, by Shi Yuan from Class 3

History and Future: China Imperial Examination Museum, by Shen Yutong from Class 7

The 3rd Prize writings and winners:

Clouds in Different Shapes, by Shen Yitong from Class 1

Looking Back on the Six Dynasties, by Lu Haiyue from Class 5

China Imperial Examination Museum, by Liu Kefan from Class 1

In Case You Forget: My Visit to China Umbrella Museum, by Xu Yangjun from Class 11

The Charm of the Six Dynasties, by Dong Yanming from Class 2

The Excellent Prize writings and winners:

The Dream of Nanjing about the Six Dynasties, by Tao Letong from Class 4

The Spirit of the Six Dynasties, by Jiang Tiancheng from Class 1

The Myth of Clothes in Museum, by Zhang Wenjia from Class 8

Nanjing Museum in My Eyes, by Qian Yihua from Class 4

Knitting from Heart, Carrying Forward with Love, by Zhong Yinuo from Class 12

Song of Zhan Gardern, by Wu Yifeng from Class 9