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Growing up with Student Associations

The sharing meeting “Growing up with Student Associations” was held in the report hall on September 3, 2018. Different student associations have always been a beautiful scene in the campus. They are of all kinds, academy, art, sports, social practice or culture. No matter which kind, if the students take it seriously, they would often learn a lot in it. In the meeting, 9 representatives of excellent associations shared their experience with Junior 1 students.


Besides doing extensive research on the subjects that they are learning in school to obtain deeper knowledge, taking part in student associations also help with our life. Lu Xueqi from Chemistry and Life Club shared how Chemistry had affected our life and how life encouraged us to learn chemistry. Tan Yanning and Liu Bohan from Psychology Association showed what they learned by interacting with the students and helping them understand their own personality.

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The Art Associations decorate the campus. In the activities, the students grow spiritually with the exposure to art. Yang Su from A cappella Association shared his experience as the leader to run the association through “cooperation and learning”. Teng Qinyan from the Painting Club shared what he observed and thought and how new ideas came to her mind in the process of the activities. Wang Zihui from the Music Club explained why teamwork brought about miracle in the events organized by the club.

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he associations of social practices build up platforms for students passionate about public benefit to gather the power of love. Chen Yunqing from the Peace and Blessings Association used to be afraid of animals, and after being part of the activities she started to like being with them and to know the meaning of life and bless others.


An association will not be successful without the passion and participation of each member who take the association as the stage on which they may spend the time of youth making their dreams come true. Qian Yiqin from the Rock Music Club shared her love for rock music.


The students could have more than one identity in the process of activities. One could be the leader, a member and a student at the same time. Xiao Yao from Sudoku Club spoke about what it was like to be someone with multiple identities.




The instructor from the five-star Medicine and Life Club shared about the growth of the students in the activities, how they met one another in the club in their spare time and felt the value of life in the emergency room together. And also Secretary Wang Shaolin of the Youth League Committee introduced the procedure of creating a club as junior high students.

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In the end, Secretary Liu Qianshu presented awards for the four-star and five-star clubs of the year 2017 to 2018 and expressed his praise and congratulations.

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As a platform with many students’ dreams, student associations will stay open to everyone. No matter you have curiosity, doubt, passion or expectation, here you will meet sincere partners with devotion and persistence. In the new semester, we are looking forward to the continuation of “My Stories with the Student Associations”.