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The First Experience in NFLS -- the First Day of Entrance Education for Junior 1st Graders

Today, junior 1st graders of 2018, as freshmen, entered the school with excitement and began a three-day entrance education. At the motivation meeting of the entrance education, President Zou gave a speech on the motivation of entrance education to the freshmen. He first introduced the brilliant achievements of the class 2018 in senior high graduates, who all set a goal for the students, and determined the direction of their efforts. President Zou earnestly hoped that the students would set up a high ideal and have a clear stage goal after entering NFLS, and he especially expected the students to be a confident NFLS student and develop good habits.

Later, Teacher Cai Ziqiang, the head of the grade, introduced the contents and specific requirements of the entrance education. He hoped that the students would learn about the school's training objectives and evaluation methods, study the campus rules and regulations, and familiarize themselves with the campus environment through the three-day study of the school entrance education, build the class collective. Through military training, the students would be able to carry forward the diligent spirit and greet the new life of junior high school with a positive spirit .

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the first day of entrance education, the students introduced themselves


with the music teacher’s guiding, the student learned the school song “ A Global Mind”

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learning Jianggong Boxing under the guidance of the PE teacher


Under the head teacher’s guidance, the students were learning Campus Brochure, familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations.


Although the weather was not very hot today, it was raining, there were still a small number of students not feeling well, the infirmary teachers, class teachers and instructors dealt with the problems timely and did a good job of service.