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the 6th Day of 2018 Senior 1st Graders Military Training 

On the sixth day of military training, the exciting moment finally arrived and the last rehearsals were held on the playground early in the morning. Every arm swing, every pace, every slogan, everybody all strove for perfection. Overlooking the playground, the team was as square as a tofu block, every action was in unison, it was really a hundred people into one! Everyone seemed to forget the heat and fatigue, meticulously drilled over and over.

At 3:00 pm, the performance of NFLS military training report was officially started. President Zou, Secretary Liu, President Lin, Secretary Lu and President Liu of the Nanjing Foreign Language School attended the meeting. The performance began in the wonderful opening rhyme: August Jiangpu, students gathered, NFLS military training, the practice of knowledge. Torrential rain, not reducing the initial heart, sweating on the playground, the force in the elites. Fierce and fierce summer, morning practice night walk, standing upright, taking the clouds. One team one mind, teachers and students as a whole, to forge ahead, to build a dream of senior Grade 1! After President Zou inspected the procession, the sorting style began. The national flag was flying on the playground, the flag of the school was displayed, and the leaders and parents enjoyed a wonderful visual feast: the marchers were carrying the guns. The square array of military body boxing was full of momentum and vitality of youth; the demonstration class performed with ease and familiarity, as if done by one person, it gained applause; and the woman's parade performance even merged the queue, the army song, the formation, With the melodies of "Woman's  Solders’ Ballads", "Returning from Target", "the Heart of Thanksgiving", and so on, they spelled out the words 1963,55 and the word “ gratitude”.They used this special way to express their deep feelings to NFLS, to teachers and to their classmates. And sent the sincere wishing! In the familiar school song, the report performance was over. President Zou made a concluding speech, affirming that The result of hard training also raised great hopes. Each company received outstanding students and company certificates from the hands of the school leaders, no matter awarded or not, each of the students in military training gained a lot: self-confidence, unity, strong. These are incomparably precious spiritual wealth, everyone will treasure the memory of this moment! Following the sun, the students set out on their way home, yet the journey to NFLS just began.

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