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the 4th Day of 2018 Senior 1st Graders Military Training

The fourth day of military training seemed to be a tipping point, and the fatigue and stress accumulated a few days earlier seemed to be looking for a breakthrough: muscle soreness, headache, stomach pain, sunburn, etc. However, the students did not choose to give up, but chose to insist, some students immediately applied medicine then went into the scorching sun to the team, some students covered stomachache with hands nearby to watch boxing, others actively asked for training as soon as their fever was brought down. We couldn’t help thinking of the compound effect, that is, adhere to doing the right thing, a little bit of progress every day, time will bring miracles! In everyone’s bit by bit insistence, the queue changed skillfully like running water, the boxing was vigorous as tiger moves, the national flag class was remarkably imposing..... These were all seen in the eyes of leaders who had come to visit us. President Zou, Secretary Liu, President Lin, Secretary Lu, and Principal Liu from the base, all expressed their affirmation of the efforts made by the students, and encouraged them to overcome difficulties, train themselves, and create miracles. " Ma Yun has a sentence, which can vividly describe "critical point": "Today is very painful, tomorrow is very painful, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful." Unfortunately, a lot of people gave up at the tomorrow night. " So, persistence has become our slogan today, break the threshold of physical fitness, we will become stronger; break through the critical point of the spirit we will become stronger! Breakthrough The ordeal before is a test for us, tomorrow must be the dawn of hope!



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