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the 3rd Day of 2018 Senior 1st Graders’ Military Training

The third day of military training, it was rainy and sunny, blue sky and white clouds witnessed the students another day's efforts. The intensity of today's training was increased, whether it's just walking, the consistent movements of boxing, or the frequent changes in the girls' square array, all made everybody busy: the arm-in-arm training queue, chanting slogans and changing teams, and trying again and again to be perfect. Sweaty red faces constituted the main theme of today's training. However, more interlude made the movements of military training rich and moving: some instructors demonstrated in the hot sun and encouraged the students with a hoarse voice; a class teacher always accompanied his classmates and concerned about them; the school doctors went wholeheartedly into the medical care regardless of their meals;there were warm-hearted boys who sewed the pants for others; some students practiced boxing in the dormitory spontaneously; some students fanned the wind  or send water to the sick students; Some students called home and shed tears for feeling their parents' daily care out of gratitude... Military training was not only a kind of training, but also a kind of inspiration, a kind of touch. It has developed the potential of everyone, inspired the spirit of mutual help and cooperation, it touched the precious friendship and grateful heart, and achieved a period of youth memory.



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