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the 2nd Day of 2018 Senior 1st Graders’ Military Training

The second day of military training began in the drizzle. Yesterday's exhaustion did not destroy the students’ enthusiasm in military training. Grade leader Xu Liangliang went on stage to cheer up and encourage the students to overcome difficulties and temper their will. It received loud applause from under the stage. Group training was conducted today. In addition to the regular queue training, some students were assigned to the boxing square array, girls in line to exercise the square array for special training. With everyone practicing hard in their own square, the rain was getting bigger and bigger, as if to cheer up the students. Having experienced yesterday's heat and today's rain, many students felt ill, but all bit their teeth to persist in training, the base was considerate enough to prepare some ginger soup for the students after to get rid the inner wet. After the lunch break, the students listened to a lecture on national defense education in the lecture hall. The wonderful lecture not only helped the students understand the international situation, but also inspired their patriotism and fighting spirit. In the following singing rally, the students were full of passion and enthusiasm, the singing of the return of shooting sounded throughout the field! Although training was difficult, it was also full of gains and fun, this is today's military training new discovery!

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