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The 2nd Day of Junior Grade 1 Entrance Education: Hard Work in the Hot Weather Paid Off

It was the 2nd day of Junior Grade 1 Entrance Education. The heat of the sun did not stop the students at all. First they had an emergency muster that each class quickly gathered in the sports ground according to the urgent evacuation routes and were counted. When they were doing military boxing, from the sunlight shining on them you could see that their clothes were drenched through with sweat. But they still paid careful attention to every gesture and motions, trying to do their best in every detail.

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In the military singing contest, the students showed so great passion even under the hot sun that their loud voice could be heard in the whole campus. They started to have fun of life in the army.

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In the afternoon, each class elected their class committee and representatives of each subject, arranged the Duty Table as well as the group leaders. Besides, they received some of the textbooks and exercise books. The boys displayed great sense of responsibility by carrying the books back their classrooms and distributed them.

Tomorrow around 15:30 PM, they will have the Entrance Education Report Meeting and Kongfu Performance. Look forward to their wonderful performance.