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Senior Grade 1 Military Training Opening Ceremony

It was the first day of the training. Wearing the camouflaged suits the student seemed to have changed a little bit of their roles. However, this was only the beginning, more changes took place when they were sitting in the report hall of the Juveniles Social Practice Base: the pace of their applause became 123, 123, 1234567 and 12; in the applause, the representative student, the school Secretary Lu, Director Zhang of the Base spoke one by one to mobilize the training with the same theme, that was, trying their best for good manners and performance. At the end of the meeting, they sang the song Union IS Strength together. The lyrics sounded so touching with their voice. After this experience, their first lunch also became especially delicious. When the lunch break was over, they watched the grand military parade. Astonished by the powerful formation, they had been eager to start the training next. In the afternoon, everyone was sweating a lot under the hot sun, but no one said that he wanted to quit. Having been used to the air conditioners and cell phones, suddenly they found the heat of the sun, the formation and slogans were also valuable experience. Tomorrow we are looking forward to more changes.

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