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The 5th Day of Senior Grade 1 Students’ Military Training

The 5th day came along with the students’ loud slogans and measured steps as before. However, it was a day of both hard work and enjoyment, because they were going to rehearse for the parade. Days of effort was going to bear first fruit. Every company and formation was full of confidence, trying to display the best of them. With the Anthem of the People’s Liberation Army going on, each formation and company changed the shape of the troop with measured steps. The exciting military song could be heard everywhere in the base. After the breakthrough of physical strength and spirit, the students seemed to have obtained infinite energy. Their steps sounded like thunder, their eyes sparkled like fire, and their figures were telling the charm of youth. The boys’ and girls’ boxing performance were full of strength. The girls’ formation changed in various ways, and the formation and goose-step of each company were also worthy of praise. All the students are looking forward to the parade tomorrow when they are going to show the greatness of NFLS military training as the school leaders and their parents expect.

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