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Measures for Student Union Election in 2018-2019 School Year

Measures for the campaign for the Student Union of Nanjing Foreign Language School 2018-2019


The students Union of Nanjing Foreign Language School is a mass organization under the leadership of the Party committee of the school. The purpose of the Union is to advocate the students to carry out self-education, self-management, self-service and self-cultivation, to serve the educational work of the school, to strive to achieve the school's training goals.

In order to be fairer and more open to complete the reelection of the students’ union in 2018-2019 school year, the rules are thereby set. This was formulated in accordance with the Charter of the Students Union (draft) of the Nanjing Foreign Language School, Chapter 6, "the Student’ Union General Election," Nanjing Foreign Language School Student Union (hereinafter referred to as "Student Union" or "this union") made specific arrangements and requirements for all the work in 2018-2019 re-election.

I. Candidates qualifications:

Members of the union who are freshmen and sophomores in senior high must meet the following conditions before they can run for the election as candidates:

( I ) The minister candidates must be awarded the title of a four-star student (one of the stars must be the moral star) last term. In addition to that, the candidate of learning minister must acquire the star of learning ability; life minister, foreign affairs minister must receive stars of communication and cooperation; the candidate of discipline & inspection minister must obtain a citizen literacy star; one of the candidates’ of the sports minister partner must have sports and health stars; at least on of the entertainment ministers and publicity ministers must have an aesthetic and performance star.

( II ) The candidate must be a five-star student (among them the moral character star and learning ability star are a must ) or above.

( III ) All candidates must score more than 80 points for each subject (PE, music, art exclude) in the previous semester, receive the collective recommendation of the previous semester's grade group. Candidates who served as Student Union cadres or League Committee members last semester must also be recommended by the Student Management Office or the Youth League Committee teachers.

II. Election department functions

(I) The functions of student union chairman: to be responsible for student union work, to understand the work of various departments, to put forward opinions and requests; to preside over the meetings of the student Congress and its standing committee, and to be responsible for the implementation of the resolutions of the students' Congress; Make student union work plan, report work to superior organization regularly, and be responsible for conveying and implementing the spirit from higher organizations; put forward the suggestion of student union cadre adjustment, appointment and removal.

(II) Responsibilities of the study department: responsible for organizing and compiling the magazine ”Boundless Sea and Sky”, organizing and carrying out various learning activities, understanding the students' learning situation, listening to the students' opinions and requirements about teaching, and reflecting them to the relevant departments.

(III) Responsibilities of publicity department: responsible for the propaganda of all student activities, participate in the school publicity window layout, organize blackboard newspaper evaluation and inspection, use school network, school television station, radio station, school newspaper and other sources to expand publicity and promote the construction of campus civilization.

(IV) The responsibility of discipline & inspection department: responsible for the inspection and supervision of students' compliance with school rules and regulations, organizing and carrying out the work of student autonomous committee, participating in the construction of campus civilization, organizing the activities of safety week, and maintaining the normal order of education and teaching.

(V) Responsibilities of the department of life: responsible for the management of students' finances and love umbrellas, participate in the school health inspection, canteen management committee, NFLS Love Funds and other work, understand the students' living requirements, and timely report to the relevant school departments, actively seek solutions.

(VI) Responsibilities of foreign affairs department: responsible for the management of student clubs, coordinate the activities of the clubs, collate the work materials of the clubs, organize the evaluation and display of the clubs, and take charge of the liaison and communication of the departments, inter-school exchanges, and strive to promote the construction of the school spirit and expand the influence of the school.

(VII) Responsibilities of entertainment & performance department: responsible for related recreational activities at school, organizing festivals and celebrations, organizing arts activities suitable for students' physical and mental characteristics.

(VIII) Responsibilities of the sports department: actively creating conditions, organizing the students to carry out colorful mass sports activities, participating in the inspection and evaluation of the break aerobic exercise.

III. the election process

(I) This student union election adopts the democratic direct election method.

(II)Re-election committee

The reelection committee consists of 6 directors from each grade, 6 students' through self recommendation (4 from junior middle school, 2 senior high school in principle), and 3 present student union members. Students' self recommendation representatives are recommended by the students themselves and are drawn in public on Friday (September 7th) in the first week of school.

(IV) The candidates in the election campaign adopt a combination of self-recommendation and recommendation. From August 26 to August 28, students who intend to run for the election, please send the electronic draft of the candidate's qualification to the reelection committee email box after the preliminary examination by the Commission, it will be submitted to the grade group, the Teaching Management Office, the Students’ Management Office, and other departments to assist in the examination. The candidates shall be guided by the guiding ideology of "serving the public and contributing to the campus", in view of the functions of running for election posts, in combination with the requirements of moral education work in schools and their own advantages,the annual work plan , that is, the policy outline, was drawn out. All candidates must fill out the Student Union Application form in duplicate as required and submit the application form and the policy agenda to the reelection Committee by Friday, September 7, the first week of the semester. At the same time, each pair of candidates may submit a DV (MPEG format, free of HD) or PPT (automatic playback) presentation material within 2 minutes, covering the relevant experience or ability of the two candidates and the relevant post requirements, as well as the presentation and presentation of the results achieved. The contents of the future policy agenda shall not be mentioned. After being examined and approved by the reelection committee, the reelection committee will submit the list of candidates to the students’ Management Office, the League Committee and Reelection Committee for approval from the second week It will be announced and broadcast, the candidates’ introduction materials will be broadcast on campus TV station. The broadcast time is tentatively scheduled at the class meeting on Monday, September 17, the third week.

(IV) All candidates should submit A4-sized promotional materials by 13:00 on Thursday (13 September) the following week for the election committee to collect and distribute to the class for publicity. A pair of candidates can only have one sheet of A4 paper (the weight of which does not exceed 80 g / square meter). Each pair of candidates has a large publicity poster (size: 108 cm high, 78 cm wide, recommended for KT board, four corners), 70 copies of the plate printed on both sides of black and white, and 70 copies of each pair of candidates are printed on a single side of the page, and each pair of candidates is prepared with a large publicity poster (size: 108 cm high, 78 cm wide, recommended for KT board). In order to wear rope to secure), to publicize the policy agenda, to publicize the poster of the candidate of publicity minister must be painted hand, after examined by the reelection committee,it is allowed to post at the designated place at 15:00 on September 16th.

(V) The campaign is scheduled on the third week of the semester (Sept. 17-Sept. 21) and the candidates shall not advertised for themselves before or after, otherwise it will be considered in violation of the rules. In general, candidates publicize from 06:30 to 07:30 at school in the morning. Each pair of candidates has a banner length and a stop of not more than 3 meters, the publicizing time is from September 17-20 from 12: 00-12: 45, the candidates can publicize at the designated time and place to promote. The publicity time in the division is from 12: 15-12: 40 at noon on September 21, in the open space outside the teaching building, no campaign publicity will be conducted in other places, or it will be considered in violation of the rules. The final canvassing speech will be recorded on campus television at 15:50 on Thursday, September 20, the third week, details about the length will be noticed later. The committee will decide whether to organize the candidate to participate in the public debate according to the registration situation. Please be sure to attend the election briefing meeting held at lecture classroom E at 10:00 on the third floor on September 2 for more details.

(VI) The general election of the Student Union will be held by secret ballot. All members of the Student Union will participate in the election to elect a new chairman and ministers. The polling day is tentatively on the third Friday (at 15:50 on 21 September).

(VII) The Student Union shall print and stamp the ballot papers, and the remaining ballot papers shall be regarded as invalid.

(I)The reelection committee will collect and seal all ballot papers immediately after the polling day speech.

(II)The reelection committee will organize non-candidates to call out the votes within 48 hours after the vote, when they will be supervised by the League Committee and the Students' Management Office

V. the result of the vote 

(I) For each position in the Student Union, the candidate with the most votes in the position shall be elected; in order to be more conducive to the performance of the work, each position shall be elected as an assistant to the candidate with the highest number of votes.

(II) If the votes of two or more groups of candidates for the chairmanship are the same, the reelection committee shall, within one week, vote again, giving the candidate time to speak again before the voting. If the votes of the two groups or groups of candidates for ministers are the same, Shall be deemed to be elected at the same time.

VI. The announcement of the result

(I) The re-election committee will announce the result of the reelection within three days after the date of voting and announce the list of candidates to all the members;

(II) If any candidates disagree with the result of the election, he may appeal to the reelection committee within 24 hours after the announcement of the result of the reelection. The reelection committee shall report to the student union and the League Committee in time, and a good recheck and reply will be done within 48 hours.

VII. Measures to deal with violations

(I)The Student Union campaign adheres to the principles of fairness and justice. From the election qualification declaration to the announcement of the voting result, if the candidate has any violations, once confirmed, it will be dealt with seriously.

(II)During the campaign, all candidates shall not give out anything to their teachers, students or staff, otherwise they shall be deemed to have bribed and disqualified from the election.

(III) During an election campaign, no publicity materials may be pasted on campus except at specified locations, and once found, they are disqualified. During the election, no leaflets shall be distributed to teachers and students. Once found, the reelection committee will record it and withhold 50 votes for each flyer. (cumulative)

(IV) During election campaign week, a candidate may wear a proper suit according to the needs of the campaign, and the candidate may not wear a propaganda suit, otherwise, it will be regarded as a violation, the candidate may be disqualified from the election.

(V) In the appointed time, the candidate holds the campaign propaganda activities. It must communicate with the relevant teachers and report to the Reelection Committee for examination and record, and the Students’ Management  Office can carry out the approval. Otherwise, it is considered as a violation and the qualification of the campaign will be canceled..

(VI)  All campaign activities should be conducted on campus. Candidates are not allowed to organize any form of campaign activities outside the school (including the Internet). If violating, the candidate is disqualified.

(VII) Candidates (including caucuses) who violate the rights and interests of other candidates such as vilification, abuse and libel will be disqualified once confirmed.

(VIII) In the first week of the election, the committee will provide the "election informant box" and "online informant mailbox". All the students are welcome to participate in the campaign supervision and report any violations in the election process under their real names. The reelection committee checks the day's information in the afternoon and conducts investigation and verification work on the matter. Once any report is confirmed, the committee will notify the candidate in no time. And in accordance with relevant provisions, specific penalty decision will be made before the vote statistics.

(VIIII) During the campaign publicity week, parents are not allowed to enter the campus to assist in publicity activities. Otherwise, it is regarded as a violation of the rules and will be withheld 50 votes by the Reform Commission per person-time.

 ( X) If there is anything missed, please report it to the reelection committee to discuss and decide on the relevant treatment plan.

VIII. Appendix

The rights of interpretation of these measures belongs to the Student Union of Nanjing Foreign Language School

Student Union of Nanjing Foreign Language School