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Excellent Students’ Summer Camp 2018

NFLS Excellent Students’Summer Camp was organized in Letu Sports Space on Jianning Road on June 29. About 50 students from junior high and senior high spent a happy and meaningful day here participating in various activities.


In the morning, the students were divided into 4 groups, each group competing with another one. The trampoline relay consisted of 3 rounds, and each round had different requirements. The last round was considered the most difficult, because in order to win all the students of the team had to stand on the platform. This not only needed the individual to run fast but also all the members to cooperate well.


With the joint effort of each team, all the students managed to stand on the platform, which we could see from the photos.

3 4 5  

Fighting in the sponge pool was even more interesting.

6 7  

The rule was pretty simple: each one of the two teams sent one student to stand on the single-log bridge with a fighting stick in his hand. The one that were able to push the opponent from the bridge and remain on the bridge at the same time gained one point for his team. The team with more points at last won the game. The winner not necessarily had to be very strong. The game tested the students’ comprehensive qualities and sports skills. Girls with good skills could beat boys, too.


After the competitions, it was free time when the students went for the items that they were interested in, for instance, arrow shooting, dart throwing, as well as the exciting rock climbing.

9 11 12  

In the afternoon they had competitions of two more kinds: slam dunk and crossing the sponge pool.


In the middle of the competition, there was a small accident. A piece of a student’s glasses fell into the sponge pool. Then the students displayed the spirit of helping one another by looking for lost piece of glasses together.


It was definitely not easy to find such a small thing in the pool where you could hardly move in the pile of sponge pieces. So they came up with an idea that everybody worked together to remove the sponge pieces out until the pool was nearly empty and someone said, “I’ve found it!” And everybody cheered for it.

In the end they watched the trampoline performance by the coaches of Letu Sports Space. 


The activities not only helped the students to relax after the busy study time, but also let them do excises and showed great will power of NFLS students. None of the game could go on without the right conduction of the team leaders or the effort of each team member.

17 18  

The students had a good day. What they had experienced and thought in the summer camp will be good for their improvement and development.