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A Teacher for Just One Day, a Lifetime’s Memory! A Classmate for Just One Year, a Lifetime’s Friend!

The speech made by the student representative, class 2018 senior high


Dear teachers, dear classmates, uncles and aunts, Hello. I am Xu Xuanhuang, it is a great honor to speak here today as a student representative of the class 2018.

At this moment every year, after their wonderful high school life,a group of students look forward to the world, like a lot of fighting horse-racing before the floodgates are opened. They can’t wait to run to their own new life. And here-Nanjing Foreign Language School, will become our alma mater and become our life harbor. Today, every student will go to the stage to receive the diploma from the principal, in this short journey of a few steps of attention, our long efforts,a long time of dedication and full harvest are shown!

Youth is the best time in life,this period spent in NFLS will undoubtedly become the most precious memory in our life. Three years passed within a snap of fingers, do you remember three years ago when we entered school, the ambition you and I set? Do you remember in the classroom, in the library, you and I studied tirelessly? Do you remember the teacher's inculcation and those little harvests you and I gained with our hearts filled with joy ... Too many memories are worth remembering. Reason and revelation, knowledge and awe, three years in NFLS, we have learned to analyze and think, to enrich and exercise, to cooperate and compete, to inherit and create, learned how to go beyond, to break through your limit and grow . Many memories will be the most precious collection of our lives .

Looking back on the past, I remember a senior once said that the colorful campus of NFLS is a melting pot, burning out the wonderful life of everyone. All the talented students gathered together to create an ideal campus. We have experienced the sweats of the Sports Festival, the impassioned Foreign Language Festival, the elegance of the Art Festival in which all the shows were performed fantastically, the fun of the bonfire party,the sincere cooperation of the club activities, the cooperation and competition of the students’ union, and today’s departure. Three years in NFLS, we have left the shadow of our youth. In the three years in NFLS, we had prepared the college entrance examination, the competition, done TOEFL,SAT, fighting, struggling; in the three years in NFLS, we constantly improve ourselves in learning knowledge and practice; in the three years in NFLS, whether it is at the school's gymnasium, on the paths, or in the classroom,or at the canteen, or the lab there was has our laughter and tears. This long and short time at NFLS has been turned into an invisible film, will always be treasured in our minds.

Our life in NFLS is about to come to an end, we will bid farewell to the students whom we were with day and night, to the teachers,to the beautiful picturesque campus, and embark on a new journey of life. But we will never give up those little bits we learned in NFLS, never forget the careful guidance from our teachers when we are confused, never forget the sincere greetings of our classmates when we are sad. We will not forget NFLS, because here, we have  our most brilliant youth,because this beautiful youth music was mixed with the teachers' selfless love and students sincere feelings. Three years are so short that we always remember the young appearance of ourselves when we first arrived; but three years are too long, because we can always remember in every difficult situation,the teacher's wisdom, tolerance and classmates’  help with each other, in the face of the teachers, I would like to say: a day as a teacher, never forget! In front of my classmates, I would like to say: once my classmates, my best friend in life!

To those of us who are about to enter college, I would like to say to the parents present today, thank you for your 18 years of silent dedication and unrequited dedication, and you have put up a free sky for us, so we can be happy with our own life, to explore the possibilities of life, these warmest and most selfless love combine into a time capsule, it will continue to give us the strength in the future life to move forward.

Graduation is the end of our high school life, is our starting point to open a better life, from NFLS to the palace of famous universities at home and abroad, I am grateful that we have obtained the best quality education resources, At the same time, we also understand the responsibility and duty that we must bear for the society and for our country. "pay attention to yourself when you are in poverty, care about people when you are in wealth", and let’s join hands together, dear classmates! Thank you all!