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Choosing NFLS Was the Best Thing We Had Ever Done

the speech at the 2018 senior high graduation ceremony by a parent


Dear teachers, leaders, children and parents:

Good afternoon!

I am Chen Qianfan’s father from Class 1, senior Grade 3. it is a great honor to have this chance to share and witness the splendid moment with 2018 NFSL graduates!

Choosing NFLS was the best thing we had ever done. Here, on behalf of my family and all the parents, I’d like to express my sincerest thanks and best wishes to the teachers.

my opinion, what NFLS is proud of most proud is not that  more than 20 are admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University every a year, not the first in getting offers from Ivy League, but advanced educational concept, teachers' respect, appreciation and tolerance to the children.

As a parent of a NFLS student’s, these years, I have been often asked: what is special about NFLS? I often tell them that NFLS is really special. The kids play ball games more, have more activities, and maybe they even play more computer games. At this time, people would stare at me with big eyes and ask: in that way can your kid still go to NFLS? Yes, because this is enough to prove that NFLS is worth the choice. This means that the children are trained as human beings, not as those on assembly lines, like a test-oriented machine. In NFLS, it will not shackle the free growth of children for the sake of going to college. It will not stifle the children’s creation and imagination for the sake of easy management. Thank you, NFLS, for setting up a high flag of quality education!

Next, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the senior high school graduates!

Today is your graduation ceremony. You are about to leave the familiar NFLS campus, leaving your favorite teachers and classmates. This does not mean the end of your relationship with NFLS, but a new beginning. The memory in NFLS is worth treasuring the rest of your life. You may not have your first love here in NFLS, but you certainly had your initial mind here. 30, Beijing East Road, is where your dream was rooted and began sprouting. The time in NFLS, is the harbor from which your youth began to sail.

Today, too, is your adulthood ceremony. From childhood to adulthood, in the mouth of parents, perhaps the best child is someone else's child. But in their hearts, parents always love their own children best. In the future, there will no longer be mother's arms ready for you, and no more father's sending you to and from school regardless of the weather. You have to take care more of yourself, even your distant parents who live thousand of kilometers away.

As a parent, I would like to give you some advice, but frankly, I'm a little less confident. Not to mention that my primary school is not as good as yours, my middle school is not as good as yours, just by talking about age, it could have been an advantage, but in this era of mobile interconnection,  experience is in the rapid depreciation. Never before has there been an era so dependent on innovation and creation as today, and never before has it been so dependent on young people to guide the direction of the future. To you, Generation Z, millennial would say they are able to keep the pace, so you are not only the leaders of the future, but you are leading the future.

If you go afar, be sure to take the teachers’ instructions, and be sure to pack the eight words "Chinese soul, global mind". Mark Twain said, "only two days are the most important in life, one is the day of birth, and the other is the day when you know why you are born." when you don't forget the initial heart, have the whole world in your mind, know clearly our responsibility, your goal is not just to go to Wall Street or Silicon Valley to get a high salary, you will not be just a "sophisticated egoist".

At his son's graduation, a father in America wished his son and his classmates some misfortunes. 'I hope you are treated unfairly so you know the importance of fairness and justice,'he said. “I hope you will be betrayed so that you know the importance of loyalty. I hope you feel lonely sometimes so that you don't take your friends for granted.”

Of course, misfortune is not an inevitable prerequisite for happiness, but setbacks in life are inevitable. I hope you will not be knocked down in times of frustration, but become stronger, more tolerant, wiser and more patient.

I have attended many graduation ceremonies since primary school. But I have never spoken at one. Thank the teachers for giving me this opportunity, and also thank my son, I can not realize this dream without you. Today I have realized the dream I have had for many years, I should give you a reminder: some dreams are destined to not be realized for a while, some problems may not be solved for a time! It's okay. Take your time! You can give them some time! It can even be left to the next generation! To put it in Nanjing dialect, it’s no big deal! Your hearts are bigger, your world is bigger, and your future will be higher.

Finally, once again to NFLS, to the staff, I express you my highest respect and sincerest thanks! Wish NFLS teachers, the students a better tomorrow!