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Report on the Morning Meeting about Senior Grade 3’s Graduation (2018.6.11)


Dear teachers, friends, together: good morning, everyone!

I am Song Haoxin from Class 6, senior Grade 3 and now I have been admitted to Tsinghua University.

I am Li Xingze from Class 2, senior Grade 3, I have been admitted to Tsinghua University.

It's June again. June in NFLS, for each senior 3rd graders, is special and unforgettable.

At the end of the college entrance examination, the pace of graduation is getting closer and closer. Today we stand here, looking at the NFLS, which has been with us for many years to study and live,this place with which we are about to be separated from, in addition with infinite nostalgia, we are deeply grateful to her.

Thanks to my alma mater, the 2018 senior 3rd graders and overseas students, through their own efforts, added glory to NFLS, at this moment, let's wait for the good news about the victory of the college entrance examination warriors.

Your efforts will be the best return to NFLS. One day,we recall in different corners of the world, it must be a beautiful memory full of youth. Let's ask Zhao Shiru, who has been admitted to Peking University, to talk about her feelings.


Dear teachers, dear friends:

Good morning!

I am Zhao Shiru from Class 5 of senior Grade three. Time goes by quickly, we entered into this beautiful campus with a beautiful dream, it seems to be yesterday, and now we have to wave goodbye to NFLS. After this afternoon's graduation ceremony, my name will no longer be in front of the familiar Class 5, senior Grade 3, but rather a disconsolate Class of 2018 graduate. It is a great honor to have such an opportunity to say thank you again on the occasion of my farewell.

First of all, I want to thank the school. It’s the school, who has created a free and open spiritual home for us, provided us with a broad platform and unlimited possibilities. In the past six years, from the heated arguments in the simulation UN classroom to the real experience at the international forums, from the beginnings of the laboratory to the S.T. Yau Science Prize, from the joint efforts at the Arts Festival and the Foreign Language Festival to the glory of personal microfilms, from the persistence of traveling to the mountains to planning charity activities. All these, one by one, have given us a Chinese soul that is forever hot, and a mind that dares to fight with the world.

Whether we plan to study abroad, or go to colleges through recommendation, or attend the college entrance examination, NFLS has given us a strong sense of belonging, as well as silent encouragement and support.At the scenes of all kinds of competitions, between extracurricular activities, whenever I catch a glimpse of the familiar white school uniform, I have a feeling of inexplicable intimacy. It seems that I am not alone in every field where I fight, or in every strange occasion. I still remember last year at this time, holding the "Song Ming" of the alumni, and carefully read, in those meticulous reminders and meticulous memories of the test gradually dispelled the confusion of the dream school, in the sincere advice and sincere encouragement, I slowly found the confidence and strength to move forward. Not long ago, on the eve of the interview at Peking University, during the busy end of the school year, the teachers and alumni who were in senior Grade 3 last year took the whole afternoon off to organize the simulation interviews for us and comment on performance. They were patient enough to correct our tones, to remind us of all the things we should pay attention to even it was deep at night, including the details of the weather and the location of the examination room. It was the sense of collective honor in NFLS that brought together every class of students into an inseparable family.

Secondly, I would like to thank the teachers of NFLS. If the struggle in middle school is a journey, the teachers who lead us forward are the most responsible guides. Even during last year's busiest third year of senior high school, the teachers were willing to gently appease my little undetectable timidity and hesitation, giving me trust and blessing. I still remember the grade leader of senior Grade 3, Teacher Yao Xiaoqin and Teacher Xu Liangliang,who led us all the way through the military training in August under the sun, after the simulation college entrance examination, we enjoyed the most brilliant fireworks in Lishui together; I remember a long comment from the Chinese teacher after the essay, which made my eyes watering. I remember talking to my English teacher about the topic of the interview, and I remember the interesting analogy in physics and chemistry-the teachers’ voices with a smile made the original obscure and dull concepts fresh and active. I can't walk to this day without their companion. It was they who taught me to think freely, to keep myself calm with a clear mind and act with calmness in the hustle and bustle world. They taught me to broaden my horizons, to respect everyone's right to speak and to live, to truly understand the individuals who were different from me. It was they who taught me to make my own choices, so that I could not be judged by the mundane world’s standards, but adhere to my own initial mind. They taught me to hold on to my dreams and have the courage to pursue the starry sea, even if separated by thousands of mountains.

Finally, thank NFLS again for making my dream come true. At the same time, I hope that the younger students will continue to set their own records and create new splendor.

Thank you all!

Thanks Zhao Shiru for the wonderful and vivid speech, the unforgettable moments in three years at senior high school are clearly relived one by one, which are full of gratitude to the school and teachers,full of love and reluctance to leave.

All the tiny little things during the three years, we will never forget. After listening to the sharing from the talented girl of Peking University, let us change the taste and feel the elegant demeanor of a Tsinghua talent. Next, let’s welcome Gao Ruiquan, a new Tsinghua University to give a speech for us.


Good morning, dear teachers and friends.

I am Gao Meiquan from Class 1, senior Grade 3. I am honored to be here today to share with you my six years of study and competition in NFLS and to express my gratitude to my alma mater.
As a student who was admitted into Tsinghua University through the Informatics contest, I would like to thank Mr. Li Shu and the NFLS Information Group for their cultivation over the past six years. Since junior high school, I have participated in the basic course of informatics set up at school. The teachers often arranged for senior high students to give lectures for us.Through the accumulation of those three years, I have mastered some basic knowledge and understood the basic system of competition. And when I went to senior high school, I decided to follow the example of my seniors, set the goal of entering the national training team, so I participated in the intensive training organized by the school.
In the classroom, the strict requirements of Teacher Huang, my head teacher in junior high, made me slowly develop a hard, serious study habits, this laid a good foundation for senior high. In senior high school, Teacher Zhang fully supported us to participate in the competition, and the atmosphere of the school was another important factor to help me achieve results in my studies. In the process of preparing for the competition, several of our classmates often worked out the questions together, discussed the solutions of the problems, shares the good questions that have been done recently, and at ordinary times, we simulated the competition to create a tense atmosphere similar to the formal competition. In this way we caught up with each other, identified  our weaknesses and made progress together. And everyone in the class helped each other. As I often left to compete and train, I delayed some of my classes. After I came back, I could always borrow the class notes and solutions to problems from my classmates. At the same time, the atmosphere of study in the class inspired me to compete in my first year of senior high when I neither miss anything in learning nor in competition..
As a student who has studied in NFLS for 6 years, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the teachers, seniors and classmates who have helped me along the way, as well as to my alma mater, who has provided us with a good platform for learning and competition.

The initial training was under the leadership of the seniors, the students were freely figuring out the questions together at school. During this training, we had better communication with the seniors and learned a lot of new knowledge. At the same time we mastered their training methods. For the following year, under the leadership of Teacher Li Shu, we had simulations every week at night and weekends at school, and sometimes we went out of school to participate in provincial competitions for practice. In addition to the usual organized training, each time before the game, the teacher would help us adjust the game mentality, give us encouragement. I remember that after the first national test in senior Grade 1, Teacher Li's  gave psychological guidance to us respectively according to our scores, so that we could adjust our mentality, as a result, we achieved a satisfactory score in the second trial contest one day later, and we broke the historic record of having five people elected to the training team at the same time in one year. After I made it to Tsinghua through recommendation, I continued to train to a higher goal, the school provided a lot of training and mentality assistance, so that I could finally be on the stage of the national team auditions.

Thank you!

Thanks Gao Ruiquan for the speech. Does the sharing of a group of science talents give us something fruitful?

The road of competition is long and obstructed. Gao Ruiquan thanked the teachers, senior students and the students who got along with each other day and night, and we would like to thank all the students who participated in the competition on behalf of NFLS. It was your hard work and sweat that brought the honor to the school.

If science is a careful arrangement of numbers and logic, then liberal arts are the entanglement of accumulation and thoughts. And the most temperamental form of literature is poetry.Next Ji Li, Chen Yuyi and Zhang Siyao, from senior Grade 3, will read us the original poetry recitation "Rain Again."


Thanks to the three girls for their touching and affectionate poetry recitation. The language of poetry is the most beautiful carrier to express emotion.

The shadows of the past are not vague. Yes, as soon as you close your eyes, the time you spent in NFLS is vividly presented.

We have three other boys in our grade, they spontaneously formed a group in the graduation season together and wrote all the reluctance to leave and blessing to the teachers, students and the school all into the song.

Now let's invite Shi Yifan, He Kejie and Cao Haoran to bring us a little chorus I Wish You Have a Nice Journey!


I can only deeply wish you, my dearest friends, I wish you a good journey. Our high school life, we, the first groups of high school graduates who were born in 2000, will be drawing an perfect end with sincere wishes.

Maybe one will forget the other’s name, but we will always remember the day on Beijing East Road, remember this piece of land, and in its incessant encouragement, we hold a heart, walk to the world.

Today we are proud of being a NFLS student and hope that we hope NFLS will be proud of us, we are grateful and motivated to move forward.

If we are green sprouts, then NFLS is the golden fields in hot summer and cold winter;

If we are a group of geese, then NFLS is the vast blue sky!

Here, on behalf of all the senior graduates of the class of 2018,

We give our best wishes to my alma mater! Thank you all!