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Let Us Be Together before the Graduation --- the Dormintory Graduation Ceremony & Collective 18th Birthday Party

On the evening of June 5, the dormitory was lively and warm. The school held a small graduation ceremony and 18-year-old collective birthday for the senior high graduates.


First, Teacher.Zhang,the director of the dormitory, introduced the three senior high graduates who were about to graduate: Li Kexin, Zhu Xiaoyu, and Zhang Yongqi, who have been admitted to the California Academy of Art, the University of Waterloo, and the University of Emory respectively. On the one hand, Teacher Zhang sincerely congratulated the three students on their admission to the desired university, and welcomed them their beginning of adulthood, hoping that they would continue to advance and serve the society with the motto of "Chinese Soul, Global Mind". On the other hand,  She hoped the students would go back to school and share their study experience for younger alumni.


The words of another supervisor, Teacher. Zhao, also touched the tears of many students: "for the past three years, we have been together day and night. Although we criticized you for the sake of our management, each of you were like our own children and we love you from the heart." Every year a batch of graduates leave, we have complicated feelings, when you come back, we hope you have more good news to share with us. "

Then Director Lu presented graduation souvenirs and memorials carefully prepared by the five teachers in the dormitory. Memorabilia are engraved with the school motto and the names of the graduates, and the souvenir book contains a few photos of the sister-in-study 's stay in the past few years.

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Zhu Xiaoyu, the graduates’ representative, said she was grateful for the guidance of the dorm teachers, she has grown up a lot,and thanked the roommates for their companionship and tolerance. At last, we encouraged the senior high students in two grades to cherish the life of the present, to participate in exercise and to work hard for their dreams.

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Since it is a collective birthday, how would a birthday do without a cake? The school took great pains to prepare the cake and wishing bottles for the event. The dotty candles flashed until the 18 clusters of flames gave off a warm red light. The lights went out and everyone sang the birthday song and watched the three birthday students blow out the candles in the candlelight. The brief dark light came back on, followed by a cake, and the event came to an end. At this time the advantages of having a small party were reflected, each teacher and student had a full plate of cake.

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The cake was shared by everyone,and the wishing bottles were the exclusive benefits of the graduates. They wrote down their wishes on the paper, folded them up, and put them in a bottle. I looked carefully inot the bottle full of wishes, which should have been left by my former elders. Will they come back, open the bottle with their wish written when they were 18, and unfold the yellowish note? What kind of memories will they recall? I don't know. That's their story. And the only thing I'm sure of is that in June, two years from now, I'll be here too, keeping my wishes in that bottle, saying goodbye to my teachers and classmates, going farther away, and coming back.