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Cultural Exchange between the Five Schools from Four Countries ( June 4th)

C: good morning, dear teachers and friends, I am Cao Yuewei.
Z:Geute Morge!
Z: Geute Morge!I am Zhang Ran From Class, senior Grade 1.
C:The exchange program this semester was diversified, with 16 students participating in three overseas exchange programs, including a choir tour in Switzerland in March, the International Middle School leaders Forum in the United States and in May in New Zealand, the cultural exchange by five schools from four countries. The students came to all corners of the world, experienced the customs of different countries and their school life.

Z:Yes, I still remember the unforgettable music trip to Switzerland in March. Here are two of our classmates who will introduce us our two-week exchange experience at Gymnasium Kloster Disentis. 
M: in March this year, four of our classmates had a two-week choral exchange at the senior boarding School of the Abbey in Disendes, Switzerland. Located at the foot of the Alps, this beautiful and ancient school has a history of more than 1400 years, surrounded by beautiful mountains and quiet, beautiful learning atmosphere.
Y: during these two weeks, we really got involved in the local life and had a pleasant "Swiss country Life" with our enthusiastic and cheerful school teachers and students.
M: in this exchange, we have experienced the special courses of junior Grade 2, such as studying love & magic 's relationship in religious classes, trying out front rolls we hadn't had before in physical education, in history classes we were surprised that the teacher had a set of junior high school history books in Chinese version published by People’s Education Press, as one of his collections... A major feature of the school is chorus and music. In music classes, the students not only learned to sing, teachers also took us to practice rhythms with hands and feet, at the end of the music, the teachers had us mimic the sound of the rain. The school had a special practice room for music, which showed the school did attach importance to music.
Y: And the chorus is the highlight of our trip - participating in the school choir.When the school rehearsed,there was only one music teacher as the conductor and a piano;but when the formal occasion came, the lineup was really grand: one conductor , four leading singers,the church organ and the half orchestra were our "standard facilities", it was seen that the event was so grand . We took the train to Kul and Zurich at two weekends for three performances, such as Mass and other church songs, which were full of religious colors. But in my opinion, these songs are not as monotonous as imagined. They could make my mood calm and solemn with beautiful melody; there were some tunes that made people feel higher and higher in spirit; and the last melodious song even made us sad at the last performance because of the coming farewell. Our eyes were wet. With four harmonious voices in concert, even we were not Christians, in an ancient, solemn church, singing a hymn with dignity and awe, we could not but be intoxicated with this sacred song.
M: at the end of each performance, the people in the whole church stood up and applauded, smiling and giving us their sincere thanks for our wonderful performance. At this time, the church did not seem to be such a profound place, we just bring happiness and blessing to those pious people as messengers,and from every listener, these pious people,we got irreplaceable happiness.
Y: during this exchange, we had the opportunity to meet friends from all over the world, especially the exchange students from South Africa, Namibia and Mauritius. We shared the culture and school life of our own countries, participated in chorus and skied together. And a couple of Swiss girls invited us to their homes, we went to the game house, we had afternoon tea, we played the Swiss version of werewolf Killer, and we ate a burger bigger than Burger King. Though we are from different countries, speaking different languages, but with three or two sentences in simple English, it was enough to connect our hearts.
M: music has no national boundaries, nor is friendship. Choral performance is a kind of music sharing across national boundaries, and communicating with foreign friends is a kind of thought collision across national boundaries. We were honored to be the first exchange students in this program, and when we came back, we heard the good news that the two schools became friendly schools. Then there will be more winter camps, summer camp activities, those who love music and sports can pay attention to it.
Z: thank you both for sharing. In March, six students came to Texas to attend the International High School leaders’ Forum, where they held an eight-day seminar.
C: Let’s listen to their experience.
Good morning, everyone, teachers and friends. I am very glad to be here to share with you the leaders' Forum of international high school students.
With the rapid development of science and technology and the gradual formation of the global village, each of us is facing new opportunities and challenges.
To foster leadership and world citizenship among middle school students, in 2007, ABA of IB School in Oman held the first International Student leadership Forum, an international forum for students from all over the world to focus on a social issue and participate in a series of leadership activities. Since then, the Forum has been held annually in a different school, with six students and two teachers from each member school. These member schools include many schools from Oman, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Germany, Belgium,the United States, South Africa, China. Each seminar includes lectures, field trips, forums, courses, poster making, entertainment games, etc.
In 2017, the 10th Leaders’ Forum was held here in NFLS.
The 2018 International High School leaders Forum was held in Westlake Academy, Texas, USA from 20th to 28th in March.The theme of the forum is "Ethics Gone viral", which focused on ethics in social media.The forum wanted us, middle school students, to think positively about social media which had world influence,to share the diverse views of middle school students who were from different countries and regions and from different cultural backgrounds,to start discussions,and to exercise our own thinking, negotiation,language, cooperation,and other abilities. Under the leadership of the teachers, six of our freshmen in senior high spent eight precious days with their 48 peers and their families from seven countries.
The International Middle School Leaders’ Forum trains the participating students' sense of leadership and ability to become a world citizen in the international environment and learn to respect a multicultural environment. Through each activity, the students had a better understanding of a key social problem and think about leadership. And the students in the activities were stimulated the enthusiasm of cultural exchanges,the understanding of the customs of different countries, to cultivate social skills and language training, to improve self-confidence,so that the students would realize their own ability and responsibility.
The thing that impressed us most about this activity was teacher Ty's activities. Instead of a long lecture, he took us to an interesting game, and we were taken to different rooms in two groups. We became citizens in two different countries and were given different “personality”, we didn't know each other. In the series of "international exchanges" that followed, we hesitated because we had time limits, so we had funny accidents from time to time. Not only did we not understand each other's strange customs, but also had some fear. At the end of the event, Mr. Ty said to us, "it's like international communication. You will all have to face a lot of people you've never met, and their cultural background and personality may be at odds for you, so the most important thing is to understand and tolerate each other. " As a result, we are all aware of the importance of communication, patience, and understanding of others, which, I think, is a valuable experience that is hard to learn in any classroom.
C: just last month, six students from Senior Grade 1 went to Christchurch, New Zealand, for a two-week cultural exchange by five schools from four countries. I believe it must be an unforgettable journey.
Z: let's welcome them to share their experiences with us.
R: Hello, everyone. I'm Ren Haoyuan from Class 5,senior Grade 1.
S: I'm Song Yanrong.
R: just last month, I went to Christchurch, New Zealand, with six senior high school students, one of whom was Song Yanrong, to participate in the 2018 cultural exchange by the five schools from the four countries.
S: it was sponsored by Dongbang University in Japan and held cultural exchange activities every two years. The five participating schools are Shirley Boyers High School and Marian College in Christchurch, New Zealand, Salesian College in Melbourne, Australia,Toho High School in Nagoya, Japan,and our Nanjing Foreign Language School.
R:the event was co-hosted by Shirley Boyers High School and Marian College, both in New Zealand. We had a wonderful and unforgettable two weeks in the distant Southern Hemisphere. The theme of this activity was: sustainable development.Around this theme, the students from various countries combined the traditional culture of each country, showing the style of each country.From the serious and happy presentation inside, to the outdoor rowing race,tree planting and the campfire, every student who took part in the activity not only had a profound new understanding of other countries’ culture, of the importance of sustainable development to the development of our planet as well,in the collision of cultures of other countries, we gained unparalleled friendship.
S: this exchange has made people feel a lot,especially for the exchange students from China, the most direct and profound impact should be New Zealand's well-protected ecology and environment. Clear springs, green grass and sheep on both sides of the road, and a blue sky, all hit our eyeballs. We have learned that each country has taken a variety of measures to protect ecological sustainability. We are even more aware of how important sustainability is, not only to nations, but also to every human being who lives on the planet. And not just out of the country’s domestic policy, but the tiny little things that each of us has done bit by bit in our daily life for the ecological environment.
R: We hope to pass on to you all the knowledge we have learned and the local customs we have experienced in this event. From the beginning of the event, due to students' enthusiastic request, and based on the strong support of the schools and organizers, the activities of the five schools will be shortened from the original biennial to once a year. Next year, the 12th five-school event will be hosted by Toho High School in Nagoya, Japan.
S: we learned and experienced New Zealand's native Maori culture during the activities of the five schools. Next, we bring you a Maori dance: Oraka E.
C: thanks for their sharing and wonderful Maori dance. Our school provides many opportunities for students to communicate, through these different themes and types of activities, we can always make new friends, have a memorable memory.
Z: no matter in what corner of the world, we can feel the warmth from different cultures. While we are experiencing the customs of different countries,we should pass on Chinese culture and be a NFLS student with "a Chinese soul, a global mind"!
C: this is the end of today’s morning meeting.
Z and C: thank you all!