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We Are in Youth, We Are in Action!

The first Student Congress of Nanjing Foreign Language School

On the afternoon of May 28, the first student Congress of Nanjing Foreign Language School was held in the E3 classroom. The theme of this conference is "We Are in Youth", which aimed to guide students to take part in the construction of campus management, put forward their own opinions on campus construction, and express their confusion about the current situation of campus.

Conference documentary:

Participants were members of the Student Union, heads of grades and student representatives of each class. The meeting consisted of 78 people and 74 were present.


The meeting was first introduced by the President of the Student Union, the campus construction proposal was reported. The meeting's working group had received 26 proposals to improve the student Congress system and strengthen the construction of democratic campus, from which the top ten proposals have been selected. The winners of the "Ten Best proposals" are:

Zhongyi ( Class2, junior Grade 1 ) , Huan Xintong ( Class 5, junior Grade 1 ) , Shao Zihhan ( Class 11, junior Grade 1 )

Zhang Xupeng (Class 10, junior Grade 2), Jin Chuanyang (Class 1, senior Grade 1) , Chen Yuhe (Class 2, senior Grade 1)

Yi Anxin (Class 3, Senior Grade 1) , Ding Ruiyuan (Class 6, Senior Grade 1), Zhou Ruoyao (Class 7, Senior Grade 2 ), environmental protection practice club’s proposal

The meeting voted in unison to appoint Comrade Yin Herong as general secretary of Nanjing Foreign Language School Student Congress. The Congress then recommended the list of standing Committee of the first Student Congress, which was approved by the whole votes.


Subsequently, the departments of the Student Union reported on the proposed solutions for each proposal:

(1) the president of the Student Union gives a report on how to improve the Congress system and strengthen the construction of democratic campus. A full vote was passed.

(2) the sports department of the student union gives the solution report on optimizing the present situation of the facilities and equipment on the campus and improving the qualities of the software and hardware conditions. There was one vote against, four abstentions, and more than half voted in favour of it.

( 3 ) The Ministry of Life of the Student Union gave a solution report on the construction of campus logistics, canteen security and the promotion of school service effectiveness. 1 abstention, 13 abstentions, half of the praises , and it was adopted .

(4) the Department of discipline Inspection, the Department of Life and the Department of Foreign Relations of the Student Union have given a report on how to cultivate safety awareness and the construction of school ethos, and to advocate the campus spiritual civilization. There was one vote against, seven abstentions, and more than half voted in favour of it.

(5) Student Union Study Department, Publicity Department, gave the report about various open and transparent school affairs information, about broadening the channels for student information solutions. There were 6 votes against, 7 abstentions, and more than half in favour.

Finally, the delegates reviewed the summary of the work of the student union in 2017-2018 school year, and filled out the survey and feedback form on the proposal. The first student Congress of Nanjing Foreign Language School ended with warm applause.


The new era gives birth to new ideas and new ideas lead to a new journey. We hope more students can pay attention to campus life, put forward their own views on campus construction. Let us work together to forge ahead, to show the Chinese soul and the global mind; to work together to build a more democratic and beautiful campus!