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Junior Secondary School Club (28 May)


Xue Haotian: respectable teachers,

Chen Nu dear friends,

Together: good morning.

Chen Nu I'm Chen Nuo from Class 5, junior Grade 2. Xue Haotian: I am Xue Hao Tian from Class 6, junior Grade 2. Unwittingly, more than half of the school year has passed. In this enthusiastic, evasive early summer season, the activities held by junior Grade 1 & 2 clubs are going on in full swing.

Chen Nu Club activities began from last semester, which have been responded enthusiastically by the students. The first and second grade in junior high submitted applications of total of 90 clubs for permission,there were 452 participants. The clubs are various and diversified kinds,each has its own characteristics,involving the public welfare, the art, the traditional culture, the sports and so on.

Xue Haotian: A teenager is wearing bright color clothes and riding a fast horse.The teenagers on the sports field are carrying their dreams and writing their own fighting youth with their blood and sweat.

Next let’s invite the football club official Hua Ye from junior Grade 1 to share with us his achievements in the club activities.


Hello, everyone, I am the head of the football club Hua Ye. At this moment, standing here to speak, I feel really nervous,but extremely excited as well. As a "rookie" in the family of NFLS Clubs, I would like to thank the school for setting up such a good platform for us to give full play to our interests and hobbies and to grow up in exercise. I also want to thank the teachers for giving us help with setting up the club. improving the publicity of the daily activities, for giving us advice and all the time; most of all, I want to thank my teammates - yes, every member of the club, without you, there would be no club at all! Today, I'm not speaking alone. I'm stand here on behalf of all our team-mates! Thank you!

I still remember when I just stepped into the NFLS campus, I saw my senior classmates canvassing for votes today and recruiting for the club tomorrow. They were very busy. I was tempted: when can they take us? After a while, "good luck" suddenly fell from the sky-the teacher said that the freshmen could set up their own club! I did not hesitate to propose a football club, thinking: this is good, in the future there is a place to play. The students who came to enroll  surrounded me, I was quite a bit proud, so easy! The club was set up among the crooked names I wrote in my book! Back home, I ordered two colors of vests and obstacles to practice from Taobao, I appointed my dad as an outside instructor, and then I began to imagine every activity at the club, where the players were running and shouting, and our skills were perfecting. The Chinese team finally rushed out of Asia and entered into the world.

But, "the ideal is very beautiful, while the reality is cruel". The club had difficulty in its first activity-the club members did not have the same free time. After many times of coordination, we finally reached the same opinion and set every Saturday afternoon. After that, nobody was  late for the first gathering, but after we played for some time, we found a new problem-one team always scored goals, and the other team always complained and gradually lost confidence. It turned out that because the players had great differences in skill, the stronger teams were more confident in playing, and they scored the goals like  no one could stop, the weaker teams were beaten to pieces, they lost so frequent that they lost confidence, too. As a result, we adjusted the content of each activity in time, adding basic passing and shooting training to solve the problem. After constant communication and practice, everyone has improved their skills and cooperation has become more and more proficient.

Now, the activities of our football club are getting more and more smooth. Almost every Saturday afternoon, we gather on the court on time and devote ourselves to the training and the matches. The members who used to be poor players are now making progress. You can even get a good assistance at a critical moment or score in front of the door. Club days are expected by everyone, we have basically made it once a week, even the snow can not stop everyone's passion.

Last winter, Nanjing had the worst snow in a hundred years’ record, final exams were once suspended, but the snow did not stop us playing. All of us pulled together and removed one snow after another. Because the ground was slippery, we played very carefully,the weather was fine and it didn't make any worse. Everyone was happy to play.

But then snow began to fall again, and it was getting bigger and bigger, with cold raindrops,the temperature dropped very quickly. The cold snowflakes came, the gust of cold wind blew, all had nothing to do with us. Pants and clothes were wet, there were drops of water on the face, but everyone had a smile on their face and a warm heart-nothing could stop our enthusiasm for football. We enjoyed this passion,and the sincere friendship between each other as well.

We enjoy happiness here, strengthen our body, learn to cooperate, release ourselves and reap friendship. As a founder, my organizational ability, coordination ability, interpersonal skills, expression skills have been trained and improved. I sincerely wish that our football club is getting better and better, and hope that more students can join in so that football can bring us happiness!

Join us!

Don't forget, I am Hua Ye, do you want to play football? Join us! Thank you!

Xue Haotian: thank you for your speech, Hua Ye. Club activities in junior high school promote students' active and individualized development comprehensively. At the same time, they can also help students develop their specialties, cultivate their personality, improve their comprehensive quality and enrich their after-school life. But behind the colorful club activities, there are many difficulties and hardships. Every club, even every club activity, is the crystallization of students' wisdom and the collision of their thinking sparks.

Chen Nu music is the second language of mankind. Beautiful melody, full harmony, are its charm bestowed by instruments. Find the world around from the angle of music, create harmonious movement with unity and cooperation, we can follow the footsteps of music, search for the pure land of the soul. Next let’s welcome some of the members from music club to share their experiences.


Together: hello, dear friends and teachers. I am Zhu Zhiyan, president of Yueji Club, and I am Wang Zihui, a member of Yueji Club.

Zhu Zhiyan: Yueji Club is an instrumental ensemble club with 9 members. So far, eight events have been held. The club activities are mainly composed of repertoire, which aim to make members feel the blending of traditional and western culture, classical culture and modern culture, cultivate sentiment and experience the world in music through contacting and playing different styles of music and musical instruments. Because of the particularity of our club, it is difficult to carry large instruments and coordinate their time. Some musical instruments are not suitable for ensemble, some students encounter problems in carrying musical instruments, and so on. In the decision of rehearsal time, we had even more different opinions, so after registration there was no formal rehearsal for a long time. After a number of meetings and coordination, the members adjusted their instruments and reached an agreement on the rehearsal time. Finally, we successfully conducted several efficient rehearsals with the active cooperation of the members. During this period, although we spent a lot of time and effort, but we saw the members in rehearsals had learned to relax; we really felt the charm of music, we realized the original intention of organizing this music club, I feel heartily gratified. I think this is the significance and the biggest harvest from the school organization. From organizing to rehearsing, we rediscovered our musical abilities and saw our persistence of love in music,as the head of the club, I explored and improved my organization ability and management capabilities more through this approach.

Wang Zihui: after nearly ten years of violin training, I played many tunes before I went to junior high school, but I never played with other instruments. With Yueji, I had my first contact with ensemble, I realized for the first time the charm that was impossible to play alone. I played the second violin at the club rehearsal “the Turn of the Season”. Playing the music alone sounded not very melodic, but the ensemble has an unexpected effect. The interaction of the main and secondary melodies and the perfect coordination of different parts brought me an unprecedented experience. It's like old black and white photos turn into color photos, every note was no longer a separate existence, instantly it radiated a different kind of vitality. Every musical instrument took their advantages to the extreme. In a tense learning environment, the music club and music brought me joy.

Ensemble improved our ability to appreciate music, it also helped me understand more about how to be a nice person. Everyone has different feelings for music, at each of our music activities, we have a deeper understanding of music,our spirit of cooperation also is trained.

Zhu Zhiyan: solo can be a flash our of darkness, but only the chapter of the concert can turn the night into day. As a group, each member bears his part of the responsibility and obligation, and everyone does his job well and fulfill his duties so that the final ensemble of musical instruments will become harmonious and beautiful.

Wang Zihui: the collective can not be separated from the individuals, at the same time, the individual can not do without the collective.

Zhu Zhiyan: so is the concerto and so is life.

Wang Zihui: in Yueji, we try to find the world around us from a musical point of view, create the chapter of the concert, and pursue the track of music together.

Zhu Zhiyan: please enjoy the ensemble of musical instruments brought by the Yueji club.

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Xue Haotian: thank you for your wonderful speeches and performance. Club activities not only cultivate the interests of students, but also make everyone aware of the importance of teamwork, showing the students' artistic aesthetic ability and organizational ability.

Chen Nu at the same time, club activities also promote extracurricular communication and develop friendship among students.they also cultivate the students’ abilities in organizing,planning and managing independently, all these lay a solid foundation for the establishment of senior high school clubs.

Xue Haotian: life can mean reading a beautiful poem, a lyrical prose, or listening to a melodious piece of music.

Chen Nu youth, has good expectations, a brief frenzy, and true sincerity. Time will become the glow of the years.

Xue Haotian: in the end, I wish you all the best in the road ahead, and make joint effort to make the club activities a major feature of our school.

Chen Nuo: Thank you for listening. I wish all the children and friends of our school a happy children's Day!