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The Cooperation Agreement between NFLS and Nanjing Aviation Martyrs of the Anti-Japanese War Memorial

Located in the north of the Purple Mountain, Nanjing Aviation Martyrs of the Anti-Japanese War Memorial is the most important base of patriotism and internationalism of Nanjing. In order to fully carry out the function of the patriotism education base and enhance the students’ patriotism education and help them establish the right goals, belief and value, Director Lu Yan of the Student Affairs’ Office officially signed the cooperation agreement with Nanjing Aviation Martyrs of the Anti-Japanese War Memorial on behalf of NFLS on May 24th, 2018.


Curator Wu of the memorial said that the children growing up in the time of peace needed more education about the revolutionary history. The memorial will provide conditions for the school’s patriotism education, including the historical document and information and all kinds of events with rich content.


The school will take the memorial as the education base to organize the students to visit it on a regular basis, to held memorial events, to hear the stories of the martyrs and to let the volunteered students work as tour guides.

The cooperation aims to further promote the joint effort for the young people’s moral education and patriotism and revolutionary history education, so that a practice site for them to develop their love for the country and the people and to form the core values of socialism will be provided and that Nanjing Aviation Martyrs of Anti-Japanese War Memorial will become an important class for the young to lean revolutionary traditions and grow in morality.