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NFLS Uniform Bid Inviting Meeting 2018 Held Successfully

The annual NFLS Uniform Bid Inviting Meeting was held in the Multi-function Hall on the 7th floor on the afternoon of May 16th.

Representatives of teachers, students and parents of each grade were present, as well as teacher Zhang Jisong from NFLS Discipline Inspection Commission. The meeting was hosted by teacher Yu Jun from the Student Affairs Office. First of all, Ms. Yu briefly introduced general information about the school uniform. The companies that participated in the bidding were Jiangsu Aike Industry Company Limited, Jiangsu Paixun Clothing Corporation Limited and Jiangsu Sumec Eton Kidd Brand Management Company Limited, which all have JST Product Quality Grant Certification and have cooperated with the school for many years. Then the 3 companies gave presentations about their factories, materials of the clothes and design of the details, as well as the prices of their clothes. 

After listening to what had been said in the meeting, the representatives carefully wrote down what they felt about the uniforms that they had tried on and suggestions for improvement on the votes. The school uniform center will summarize all the advice and suggestions and gave the feedback to the companies, making sure that they make improvement so that our service could be in place and that our students may enjoy wearing the uniform.

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