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The Security Education to the Students

Good morning, dear teachers and friends. I am Jiang Qile, the head of the Ministry of living.


Under the background of gradual perfect laws and regulations,and the gradual perfect legal education, the present society is becoming more and more harmonious and stable, crimes, violations, terrorism seem to be far away from us. However, in some corners of the society, there are also hidden crisis, violence, terrorist threats and evil temptations everywhere. On April 27, a man armed with a dagger and had a murder outside the gate of No. 3 Middle School in Mizhi County, nine students were killed and 19 others injured. The dead have passed away, and we should learn more from the pain. As middle school students, we need to master safety precautions. Next, I would like to invite the security director of the Meiyuan New Village Police Station, Officer Chen, to tell us more about it.


Good morning to all the teachers and students of Nanjing Foreign Language School. I am the security director of Meiyuan New Village Police Station, my name is Chen Jian. Today, I came to the school to talk about how school students carry out safety prevention work, if there is anything unsuitable, I look forward to your forgiveness!

With the transformation of the society, the rapid development of the economy and the penetration of all kinds of hostile forces, the most intuitive feeling is that there are various criminal cases, frequent occurrences of public security cases, and there are even a lot of violent cases against Campus and school students and the extreme cases of retaliation of society or individuals. As high school students of a new era,in addition to working hard, obeying disciplines, you must keep a clear mind,you must learn some basic knowledge and ability about safety precautions.

When it comes to safety precautions, you may have been educated or trained in this area before. Safety precautions include a wide range of safety, including traffic safety, fire safety, food safety, fire and electricity safety, and other aspects of safety. And what I'm going to talk about today is the two most easily ignored and neglected security precautions, riot terrorism and individual interaction. When it comes to violent terror and individual extreme behavior, do we feel a bit of a fantasy or a bit of a misgivings? But it is not. Violent terror: literally speaking, violent terrorist attacks are carried out at an unspecified time against an unspecified group. The cruelty of the means, the abomination of the influence, the extensive harm, you must have heard of it. Don't blindly think that this kind of thing is far away from us, let alone blindly think it is just a warning. In recent years, violent terror incidents and individual extreme acts have begun to spread in our country. The Party and the state have stepped up the crackdown and prevention of violent terrorist incidents, so that we now have a good, stable and harmonious social environment, but we should always have in our minds to guard against violent terrorist and individual extreme behavior. As a school, we should enforce the legal system and safety education to the teachers and students, and strengthen the awareness of law and self-protection of teachers and students. We should be strict about entry registration management system, firmly control the entry of outsiders into the campus. Improve the monitoring equipment in and around the campus, if we find problems in the first time, then timely report to the police. As students, we should establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, do not believe in some network or media demagoguery, do not watch violent audio and video out of your curiosity. In the event of violent terrorist or individual extreme events, please immediately escape the scene and report to the police. Don't be so curious as to come back and watch it again, you might be killed.

Next let me tell you something about our students' personal communication (making friends) safety. As I said earlier, with the deepening of reform and opening up and the rapid development of economy, we are now faced with various kinds of temptation in society. As middle school students, we are at the age of being curious about all kinds of new things and want to try. That's why some criminals in society are starting to think about our students. For example, they lure our students to unhealthy places of entertainment, use our poor judgment about good or bad, our curiosity about anything, and entice us to commit various crimes. Here's a true story: in 2014, our district handled a case of organized prostitution, one of the main offenders was a high school student. When we caught her, we didn't believe she would be a suspect at all. The schoolgirl originally had excellent grades, excellent family conditions, and she would have a bright future. However, after a quarrel with her family because of the poor exam result, she ran to the bar alone for a drink. As a result, she became the target of some bad people with evil intentions. After a few glasses of wine, unsuspecting, she lost consciousness and had the wine which was put some drugs by the bad guys. Then she was taken into the hotel and raped. She thought it was over, but the suspect harassed her again and again, even threatened her if she didn’t continue the relationship with him, he would tell that she took drugs and was raped. With more contacts, the girl became completely addicted to drugs and had to sell her body in exchange to raise money for the cost of drugs. Later she played an active role in organizing prostitution gangs and was finally arrested by the police and punished by the law. As middle school students, we are at the best time of age and have a heart full of curiosity about new things. These are our features at such an age.But we should strengthen our own consciousness of legal system, enhance our consciousness of self-protection, strengthen our ability to distinguish between good and bad, and say no to illegal and criminal behavior.

Finally, I wish all the students to study hard, to thrive and become a useful talent for our country. My speech is over, thank you!  

Indeed, as Sergeant Chen said, security is not a small thing. It should be a precaution,the alarm bell keeps ringing,we should refuse those bad temptations and carry it out every day. Learning the safety precautions, I believe that in future life, we can better protect ourselves, cherish life, enjoy a good life. Thank you all!