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Our School Debate Team Obtained Good Result, among the  Top Four in the 7th Nanjing May 4th Debating Competition

Comments on the views of the four sides, on the principle of the eight sides, on the argument of the adjacent wall, witty words flying out like snowflakes.

After four rounds of fierce competition, NFLS debate team went all the way through, achieved good results. Under the care of Secretary Liu Qianshu, Director Lu Yan, Deputy Director Yin Herong; under the guidance of Professor Hu Yingching, Teacher Xia Baonian, Teacher Liu Wei, Teacher Gao Ping; With the support of the alumni from the Debate Team in senior Grade 3, the help of the alumni from the Debate Team in senior Grade 1, the parents and students of the senior Grade 2 group, the head teachers of each class, the students, the NFLS Debating Team, composed of Hou Yundi, Li Jiaqi, Luo Chenxin, Piao Yadi, Wang Yixiao, Qiu Jiachen, Lu Jingwen, and Mu Zijie, worked hard, forged ahead, worked hard against the clock, prepared carefully for each game.


On April 7, at the preliminary debate contest, NFLS Debating Team, as the pro team, had a formal debate on whether animal shows should be banned”. The rational analysis of the four debaters, using a large number of living examples, achieved victory.


In the preliminary game on April 15, the NFLS Debating Team, as the pro part, debated whether "the truth is getting closer or farther away from us in the media era" from a pro perspective. The four debaters clang to the subject of debate, gave opinions from the self-media’s increasingly diversity, from the media to professional media supervision role, from “we” in the media era, all three angles, our team won the final victory.


On April 22, in quarter-final debate that "the popularization and promotion of traditional Chinese culture is focused on the expression of innovation or the excavation of connotation," our debate team stood on the side of "emphasizing the expression of innovation," in order to adapt it to the modern time, to arouse the enthusiasm of everyone, it was also the necessary premise to explore connotation and other aspects, our team had the debate with our opponents, and finally advanced to the semi-finals.


On May 6th, in the semifinal of the city, the NFLS Debate Team stood on the right side to explain the necessity of the teacher's punishment to the students from the three aspects of love, reason and law. Both sides had fiercely debate, but our team was defeated by 2:3, since everyone had done their best, there were no regrets.


Thank the school leaders, teachers, students for their support and help, congratulations to NFLS on the winning of the 7th "May 4" debate contest in the quarter-final..