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A Fighting Youth Is the Most Beautiful

Nanjing Foreign Language School Commemorated the 99th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement & the Final of May 4th Debate Competition

Distributed by Yin Herong, the  release time: 2018-05-05, browsing times:245

No fight, no youth. May 4th, 2018 is the 99th Anniversary of "May 4th Movement", our school held "A Fighting Youth Is the Most Beautiful" event and the May the 4th debate final, sharing youth, building a beautiful life!


The League Branch of Class 4, senior Grade two won the award of the May 4th Red Flag League Branch in Nanjing. Xu Yuanze, the League secretary, shared their working experience. The branch innovated the "county system" study method, each "county", under the "Sheriff" leadership, compete with each other in studying. They put "growing together with role models" as the focus of the branch to create a dynamic and energetic atmosphere.


Xu Yi Zhen, the leader of senior Grade1, and Xi Zhimiao, a member of the school's Communist Youth League, reported the growth of eight outstanding senior high school youths. Among them were Xu Yizhen, who wrote skillfully; Yi Anxin,who went to the United States to participate in leadership forum activities with outstanding performance; Feng Chuhan, who gave full play to his artistic skills and constantly improved himself; Xi Zhimiao, who set up a rock and roll club with an all-round development, and so on. These outstanding young people will take studying hard as the driving force of their youth voyage, have learning more abilities be the energy of youth, they are all our examples.


When the youth sharing ended, the school party committee member, Mr.  Zhu Zheng, our vice president, announced those awarded. The list of winners on the big screen excited us all!


The awarding part was coming! President Zou Zheng and vice Principal, Zhu Zheng awarded the League branches’ representatives in senior Grade 1 & 2. The spirit of the awarded League branches and the league members inspired all the students presented.


Principal Zou Zheng’s speech. "do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, strive hard" was the theme of President Zou's speech. First, he congratulated the League branches and individuals who have been awarded, and congratulated the students and teachers of senior 2nd graders on their good results in achieving the 4A, the first place in the province in the junior college entrance examination. At the same time, he congratulated senior 1st graders, facing the pressure of nine subjects but they still worked hard, and achieved the best themselves. President Zou told us through a small story in his own at work, that the ambition which people set around the age of 18 would often affect us for a lifetime, so now we should purify our soul, sharpen our will, and strengthen our faith in hard struggle. "a fighting youth is the most beautiful,because it is our pursuit of dreams, the youth melody that we work hard to achieve our goal; the youth of struggle needs to accumulate, because the high lofty buildings rise from a flat land, and any high ambition can not be separated from the down-to-earth effort and practice. " The principal's inculcating instruction reminds us that, as students from NFLS, we need to draw nutrition from the spirit of "patriotism, progress, democracy, and science", strive to improve ourselves, and combine our individual dreams with the development of our country. Having the feelings of home and country, we should reserve solid scientific knowledge, basic knowledge and rich cultural background as well, so as to be calmer in the face of life choices. President Zou was looking forward to the realization of the Chinese people’s great rejuvenation of the Chinese Dream, to the dedication of our youth.


After listening to President Zou’s sincere preaches, we had the oath ceremony. New members of the League, under the leadership of Secretary Yin Hourong of the Youth League and the flag, took an oath. All members stood up to review the oath that they took when they joined in the League. Lines from the bottom of our heart, "I swear." were echoed from the various seats in the auditorium, the shiny emblem that the members were wearing reflected against the oath, lit up the enthusiasm of the youth.


Thinking inserted youth with wings , the final of the debate pushed this event to  highlight. Eight outstanding defenders from senior Grade 1 & 2 , revolved around the topic “whether the teachers have right to punish students" and had the debate , and the sparks of thinking continued to collide . The dialectical thinking was agile , and the arguments were loud and powerful , passionate and full of youth .


Professor Hu of Nanjing University School of Journalism and Communication made excellent comments on behalf of the judges, his comments were humorous, professional, won applause. In the end, the debate team from senior Grade 1, the pro party, was a bit better and won the debate. The four members were Han Shuyuan from Class 4, senior Grade 1, Piao Yadi, from Class 6, senior Grade 2, who won the title of the best debater. So far, the school 2018 May fourth debate competition successfully ended, senior Grade 1 & 2 hit tie, they had a handshake.


The next step was to carry out the activities by each branch. Senior sophomore students returned to the branches to implement "Youth blowing waves, role models in my mind" theme publicity activities, Senior Grade one students stayed in the lecture hall to hold "Wow, my youth" cheerleaders’ aerobics contest. The students enjoyed the sweat and enthusiasm of youth on the stage.


Finally, the event was successfully concluded with the singing of the League song. Youth is colorful, and struggle is her thickest background; youth is only once, only passionate struggle will leave no regrets memories. General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "only a struggling life can be called a happy life." Let us all be ambitious, be down-to-earth, practice the flying youth dream in the realization of Chinese Dream for the interests of the people in the unremitting struggle to write a beautiful life!