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Everything Begins Again after the Mid-term Exam


Hello, everyone, I am Tao Lingyi from Class 3, senior Grade 2.
Hello, everyone!, I am Pan Lexuan from Class 7, senior Grade 2. today, we are going to host the morning meeting.
In the past week, all the students have gone through their first major exam of this term. Wrote in lack and white, the bright red marks, these familiar things once again affected our heart, after an exam, some families are happy but others are feeling sorry.
How to sort these emotions correctly is another form of test and a sign of maturity as well.Next, let’s invite Zhu Jingyi to bring us the interpretation and suggestion from the angle of psychology.
Good morning, teachers and friends!
The past week has been a long week, it passed just within a blink of eye. We say that it's long, because we went through the baptism of the three-day midterm exam. From full confidence, gradually fading, exhausting will, to after the result announcement,the mood fell to the bottom, and then to make up your mind, change your mind, determine to start a new life. This is probably my mental journey. But it is fleeting, perhaps because we have forgotten the gains and losses of the moment and we are ready to continue to improve ourselves in the coming May Day holiday.
But it seems that every emotional shift takes plenty of time. Is there a way to regain confidence and regain full willpower and positive energy in a short period of time? There are some methods. We all know that emotion determines behavior, so we smile when we are happy and escape when we are afraid, but do you believe that behavior sometimes determines emotion?
William James, the founder of the American Functionalist School of Psychology, thought, for example, that "when you see a bear running away, it's not because you're afraid of it; on the contrary, it's because you run away that you're afraid of that bear." According to the view that behavior determines emotion, one can get a corresponding emotional feeling through the expression of a certain emotion. James's theory is undoubtedly the most favored one among his many theories. In a public speech, he described the potential of this theory as "flaming in a bottle," and enthusiastically said:" ...the most autonomous and effective way to feel to sit happily, and look around happily, as if you are already pleasantly moving and talking...Fighting bad emotions can make people only focus more on bad emotions and make them more firmly etched in people's hearts." Psychologists later tested the theory of emotion by measuring heart rate, body temperature and scanning the brain to peep into the activity of the brain where emotions occur.
Applying this theory to our lives, we find that walking with great strides, jumping and walking makes us happy and raising our heads high makes us confident. You can use it in your life to increase your positive energy. So, as you can see, I'm standing up on the podium instead of stooping, which makes me confident, and it's not just a positive psychological hint, it's a scientific theory itself. So, you know, behavior has the effect of determining emotions, so when you smile at yourself and act as if something happy happens, you can get the same effect as a real laugh does. Please feel free to laugh, raise your feet, raise your head, talk happily, dance, laugh, sing, do whatever you like, so that positive energy can be activated and bring all the good situations, bring people and things into your life. In other words, if you want to be happy, you have to feel good before you have the energy to attract good things.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a junior high school student in Grade 1, I want to tell him, I am very happy to receive your bookmark in the bookmark exchange. "even in a desperate situation, let your heart turn to the bright side." The sentence on this bookmark gave me great comfort and strength in my preparation for the college entrance examination, the most tense period of time, this is also a way to transfer positive energy, really, thank you.

Thank you, that’s the end of my speech.

Thank Zhu Jingyi for her wonderful speech. All of you must now be getting a report card which determines the latest circumstances of life, so are the data on this piece of paper consistent with your expectations? Have you summed up the reasons for the exam results, adjusted your mindset, and made plans for the next phase of your study life? Let's invite Wu Qianhui to talk about what she did after the mid-term exam.

dear teachers, dear friends:
Today, my topic is --- Everything Begins again after the Mid-term Exam.
Midterm exam disappeared quietly in the students’ nervous, busy figures, but it  left a different feeling in the heart of each student, some students feels complacent, because of the harvest and a high sense of achievement; some students regret, because of the loss and the trap they were in; some students do not care about this, some students have begun to prepare for the new examination, like a butcher sharpened the knife. How to treat test scores correctly, what kind of psychology is more conducive to healthy development? I'd like to share my opinion.
First of all, let me share a small story with everyone. There is a pupa on the grass which was found by a child and brought home. A few days later, a small crack appeared on the pupa, the butterfly struggled for a long time, it seemed to be stuck, unable to get out. The innocent child could not bear to see the butterfly in the pupa struggling painfully. So he picked up the scissors and cut the pupa shell to help the butterfly take off the pupa. However, because the butterfly did not go through the painful struggle that it must going through before the pupa broke,so after the shell bloated, its body was fat and clumsy,its wings withered, it could not fly at all, and soon it died. Of course, the joy of this butterfly died as well forever. Examination is the same, we will encounter problems, frustration, difficulties, but frustration is also the seed of success.
Second, we must correctly deal with external pressure. Some students will face many external pressures after the exam, which mainly come from parents, teachers, classmates, relatives and friends, etc., especially from some parents who have high expectations from us. If you do not live up to their expectations, you can first analyze whether you have worked hard, whether you have tried, and if you have tried your best but still haven't met their parents' expectations, you don't have to blame yourself too much. Once we have tried our best, our hearts are calm.
Third, we should attach importance to analysis. Weiner,a famous American psychologist, has studied the influence of afterwards attribution analysis on individuals. The results show that when an individual ascribes success to internal factors such as ability and effort, he feels proud, satisfied, confident and motivated. External factors such as easy tasks and good luck have less satisfaction and less effort next time. Therefore, after the examination, we can not only focus on grade ranking, but find our own internal reasons as well, analyse our learning attitude in some subjects, decide if we need need to improve the learning methods, in order to have better result next time.
Right after the attribution analysis, we should take the right medicine, "to mend the pasture for the sheep, it is not too late." Only by taking action can you keep up with your own ideas. Bing Xin said: successful flowers, people only admire how bright she is now! But her bud was soaked in the tears of struggle and the blood rain of sacrifice. 

The mid-term exam has passed, but it's not over. We still have a lot to do, have a lot to sum up and reflect on. I hope that each student takes this examination as a new starting point to work hard, to strive for the final exam to achieve better results.

As a senior high school veteran who has been fighting for five years in the examination room, he must have a deeper understanding of the mid-term exam. Let's invite Chen Yirun from Class 7, senior Grade 2 to share her experience with us.
Dear classmates, teachers, good morning . I am a member of the psychology club, Chen Yirun from Class 7, senior Grade 2. The mid - term examination has basically drawn the curtain , and the result leaves some families happy while some families sad . Whether the result is good or bad , it is necessary to adjust the mentality to greet the next exam . So how to adjust the post-examination psychology ?
First, calm down and analyze the test paper. What was the reason for the failure of the exam? Is your knowledge not clear, or not doing enough exercises? Correcting a failure can be a winning trick for the next exam. Of course, you should not be impetuous when you get the ideal results in this exam, you also need to analyze why this test has been successful, and then apply it to the next exam to form a virtuous circle.
The second,appropriately treat the pressure and evaluation of the outside world. After the exam, there will always be parents' meeting, the teacher will always report on the ranking of the grade, praise the outstanding students.This is the time when some students who didn’t do well in the exam produce some low moods. Combined with parents’ questioning or criticism, this depression is magnified to the extent that it affects future study and life. At this time we should carry on a self-reflection: did we go all out to review? Did we really fulfill the daily plan? If you have a clear conscience and you were only negligent temporarily, you may not have to care about external comments and pressure. if it is really the bad state of your own study, then you should ring the alarm bell, make double efforts.
Finally, the correct attitude toward the exam experience sharing. After the exam, there will be some "high achiever" to share learning experience. And for some learning experience sharing, you can choose the appropriate parts. Because, after all, everyone's learning methods are different, it is not reasonable to stereotype the learning methods of others. Therefore, the best way to deal with the sharing of exam experience is to take advantage of others’ and make up for your own shortcomings.

For the psychological adjustment after the exam, my share is the above. Thank you.

An exam is an opportunity to locate yourself. It aims to find out the shortcomings of your study, and to know clearly the gap between your and others,and to understand what you can do next.We often say that we don't judge a hero by his one failure or success,but the results of this test can really reflect what you ' re doing during this half term . We should build our experience or learn from this test and adjust the mindset .
For the students with ideal results, I wish you all do the best in the next exam again!
For the students whose grades are not up to their expectations, I hope you will strive hard and make a comeback!

Thank you all.