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Growing up Hand in hand

Nanjing Foreign Language School and Nanjing School for the Blind Jointly Set up an Off-campus Education Base

In order to better realize the goal of moral education, carry out practical education, to ensure the organization and implementation of student voluntary service, guided by the principle of "sincere cooperation, mutual benefit”, on the afternoon of April 24, 2018, Nanjing Foreign Language School and Nanjing School for the Blind signed the "voluntary service base building agreement" and set up "Nanjing Foreign language School off-campus education base." in Nanjing City School for the Blind. It is agreed that both parties may organize students to go to the other school to carry out related voluntary service and quality development activities, make joint efforts to promote the overall growth of students and the development of the base.


Zhu Zheng, vice president of Nanjing Foreign Language School, Yin Herong, the secretary of the League Committee, Tang Yunqing, president of Nanjing School for the Blind, and Xiao Yu, secretary of the school League Committee, attended the signing ceremony.


At the meeting, both sides had further exchange and the communication about the volunteer service project and the content. 

Zhu Zheng, vice principal of Nanjing Foreign Language School, said that teachers and students of NFLS would be organized to give full play to their special strengths and advantages to provide voluntary services such as audio reading of famous works, foreign language study guidance and to guarantee of activities to go out for the blind. At the same time, to provide some platforms for the blind to have activities, so to promote their quality development.


President Tang Yunqing of Nanjing School for the Blind put forward the request that teachers and students in NFLS should help them improve their foreign language teaching level, help them enter electronic manuscripts of English teaching materials, and organize students to guide their English study on weekends. He also indicated that he would do a good job in the training of voluntary service students, assisting in the evaluation and assessment of voluntary service, and actively organizing the blind students to carry out professional services for NFLS teachers and students.


Both sides hope that this cooperation can strengthen the ties on the existing basis, determine a deeper and more regular way of communication and cooperation, and achieve a win-win situation.