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Class 3, Nice Meeting You


I saw you smile in the spotlight. You experienced the afternoon sunshine during rehearsal and the warmth walking on the road after at night. While doing dubbing, you were not familiar with the lines at first but managed to finish it with perfect effect that won a lot of praise. You rewrote the script again and again and finally achieved great results at the last rehearsal. The laughter and tears will become valuable memories like flowering blooming in your dreams.


I saw you running in the field. You like watching the arc of the football across the sky, because you have persistent conviction, you have people cheering for you and a team fighting together with you.


You like the sweats on the table tennis table, because you love holding the bat and looking at the ball flying back and forth. From your eyes, I see passion that never stopped.


I see you reading in the classroom. Outside the window, the sun lights shines through gingko leaves. The lights sway as the wind blow. I hear essays of famous writers, ancient Chine articles and poems. Your voices are loud, and your words go on with wisdom. Before each mid-term exam, you exchange study materials and review important knowledge of the 4 subjects. At noon I see students of Class 3 studying quietly in the library or discussing problems left from the classes in the morning.


I see you love one another. One with a broken leg still get warm lunch, one busy with something will be helped with cleaning, one in sickness get phone calls from classmates who offer to help him with study and share funny things in class. Delicate presents cannot replace your blessings in we chat group. Those who tend to forget things will be reminded again and again in the group so that they might remember before sleeping.


When the sun shines from the sky, the little pot of epipremnum aureum curls its leaves. Looking up into the sky, we see the long-lost blue. Maybe 10 years later when we recall the time in Class 3, we would all say, “It is nice meeting you, Class 3”.


Spring goes and autumn comes. It is such an hour to be with you these years.