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Our Dearest and Warmest Home- the Show of Class 8, Senior Grade 1

" Having classes in Class 8, I am very happy and relaxed." "Class 8 is really warm." "Class 8 is very active thinking!" These words can often be heard from the teachers; "Love Class 8", "as a member of Class 8, I am very happy," "my greatest gain is entering the group of Class 8," and so on. These words frequently appear in the weekly compositions of class 8. All this is really puzzling: what is the charm of Class 8, senior Grade 1? so much so that the teachers praise a lot, and what makes the students feel so happy?

I think this must be because of the good learning atmosphere of Class 8! In class, the students speak their minds actively, after class and many students taking their books and gather around the teacher to ask questions. Often, when the next class bell rings, there are still three or four students on the altar, dragging the teacher, not letting the teacher leave. During the May 4th debating contest, the debaters on the court were fighting hard, and the audience in the eighth classes were still taking notes, and put forward many valuable questions in the audience's questioning session, showing the "bench depth" of the eighth  classes.


It must be because at the sports meet we united as one and fought valiantly. Obviously, Class 8 was the last in ranking, but there were still a large number of students flooding to the front row, waving class flag, only  to cheer the class participants in the long distance running!


It must be because, in autumn hiking, the whole class was united around the blue flag. Sharing snacks, chatting, gossiping, rushing to the amusement park ticket office with excitement, no one left behind from the beginning to the end!!!

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It must be because of the full participation of the art festival. No matter on the stage or behind the scenes, everyone had their own task, nobody had nothing to do. We did not ask for return, we did everything only for the class honor, we made efforts silently.


It must be because, although there are three English, German and French languages in the class and everyone is busy at the foreign language festival, the eighth class were still helping each other and encouraging each other. The German and French classes helped the English class move props and adjust the lights; while the German and French classes were performing in the small theater, the English class arrived as promised, filled the whole small theater and clapped their hands loudly!!!

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It must be because, in the King's Cup, the teenagers who were wearing all the Namibian blue jerseys, tried their best to enter the final and won the runner-up! The eighth class wasn’t  expected to win by everyone. The unification of Class 8 was obvious and unusual!


It must be because of the good sales profits of "Baban Grocer" when the charity was sold, and the attractive little game carefully prepared by the "American team" in the foreign language corner!

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Perhaps, or because of the life committee prepares a group birthday for everyone once a month. Those whose birthdays are in the same month will receive wishes from the whole class as well as cakes and gifts;


Perhaps, it’s because of the Thanksgiving cards prepared for each teachers and the cleaning ladies in the Loving Month, everyone around us feels warmth from Class 8;


Perhaps it is because the special time spent at a self-study class for a classmate who is about to exchange abroad and say good-bye;

Perhaps, because there is Han Dongdong, who often has a regular conversation with the classmates, talk about life, talk about dreams, who accompanies us in all activities, who records our growth bit by bit;

There is also the small whiteboard in the classroom that is used to record the homework; the small goldfish that we caught when we had school trip and it is now swimming in the tank; the flowers and plants that bathe in the sun in the hallway; the cupboard that always provides stationery for the students in need; the umbrella in the tea room; the napkin on the podium; the Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary hidden behind the screen for everybody’s use......


In Class 8, senior Grade 1, happiness comes first, fame and fortune come second, positive energy is everywhere. In Class 8, senior Grade 1, collectivism comes first, individualism second, and everyone is willing to contribute to "Class 8 Kindergarten." In Class 8, senior Grade 1,friendship comes first, and competition second. We help each other and make progress together. In Class 8, senior Grade 1, the teachers enjoy the teaching; in Class 8, senior Grade 1, the students enjoy group life. This is our dearest, warmest home!