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“Mini UN”: Class 12 Junior Grade 1


In the summer of 2017 we met in Class 12, Junior Grade 1, a special group of people, a “Mini United Nations”,to learn German, Japanese and French. From then we started to create miracles of our own.

We have a group of lovely and responsible class committee members who set up a bridge between teachers and students. Led by our headmaster and them, we have a good class environment.


In self-study time, we keep quiet, and in class we will be active. All the teachers like us because we are lively and positive. They chose us to have open classes and take videos for the National Teaching Development Event.


But we are not of a group of geeks. We take part in all kinds of activities. For instance, we fight in the school sports meet, try our best to perform in the Art Festival, give love in the Month of Love and prepare for the Foreign Language Festival. We grow in the activities and make our own contribution to this “Mini UN”. We are also the class with most clubs of Junior Grade 1, which helps the students to enjoy our hobbies.

We are positive. In the sports meet, we walk with steady steps in square formation; while preparing for the races, we smile; we fight for every competition with sweats on our faces; those who sit on the stand try their best to wave the class flag and cheer for the athletes.


We are lively. While preparing for each activity, we actively take time to rehearse and smile in spite of the tiredness. On the stage, we display the best side of us. Whenever there is a party in class, we would bring things from home to decorate our “mini UN”, our warm little family.

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We love. In the month of love, we work hard to sell stuff so that the people in need would get more help and love.


We are smart. In the Foreign Language Festival, we make full use of the languages we learn to show the charm of languages in every performance, either singing, play or dancing. On the stage, we do our best and receive the joy of success.


Every time we walk into the classroom, we feel happy, like the wind of spring blowing across our heart. Look, the creative blackboard, tidy drinking water room, clean classroom all serve well to give us a good studying environment.


We help people not only at school. It is our routine to go to the Nursing Home. We perform for the old people and play games with them. Seeing their sincere and smiling faces, we experience the happiness of giving a helping hand. 


It is our honor to be called “Excellent Class”. We know that the honor belongs to all the students, teachers and parents who have worked for Class 12 every day. We would continue to work hard and stay true to the mission of making a better Class 12.