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April 15 the National Security Education Lecture

When the 3rd National Security Education Day came, NFLS invited Doctor Liu Qiang, President of the Strategy and Security Research Institute of the International Relations of National University of Defense Technology to give us a lecture on How to Look at China-US Relations and North Korean Nuclear Issue for all the party members and Senior Grade 1 students at 15:50 on April 16, 2018.

Taking a series of specific cases for example, Dr. Liu explained the importance and emergency of maintaining national safety from several aspects, national strategy, geopolitics and multi-lateral relations. The lecture helped us to know more about the general view of national security, aroused the teachers and students to think deeply and take initiative to maintain the safety of our country. President Xi pointed out that without safety it was meaningless to talk about stability, development of economy, or safety and interest of an individual citizen.



NFLS has always paid great attention to the education of national security. We use the exhibition board; organize the students to watch videos, read National Security Education for High School Students, so that they would be improved in the recognition of national security and the ability of dealing with emergencies.

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