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Zou Fanfan, a 1998 NFLS graduate and a writer from France, Returned to the Alma Mater for a Speech

On the afternoon of April 12, the mini theater on the first floor of the Administration Building of our school was filled with laughter. Zou Fanfan, a Grade 98 graduate of our school, returned to her Alma mater with her new book Biography of Celebrity to Children, and exchanged with the representatives of the students.

Junior Grade 2 students and their writer alumni talked freely, Zou Fanfan hoped that the students would share books as a companion, sharing the fragrance of the book. Finally, Ma Xuesheng, Deputy Director of the Department of Teaching and Student representatives accepted the gift book, and the exchange activity was a complete success.

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Zhou Leqi from Class 12, junior Grade 2:

The nine lamps on the podium in the far distance of the mini theater reflected the soft yellow lights from afar, hazy over the rows of seats, the top of the purple velvet seats gleaming with a fine golden luster, extending in rows like waves. The music in my ears is wonderful and soothing.

The gap between the peaks was soon filled by the students, the crowd's voice came to their ears. Everyone gathered from different parts of the school to the first floor of the Comprehensive Building. The Grade 98 NFLS graduate, who traveled to France, writer Zou Fanfan, was to give a speech here.

The host mounted the podium, it became quiet under the stage, and the music stopped. The alumni went to the podium and the speech began. A wonderful start that we didn't expect began.

The topic of the speech was "being a wonderful teenager in the big world". As a person who loved and was good at telling stories , she brought three stories , " Great World " , " Wonderful " and " Juvenile " were the key words .

Whether it was a meeting crossing the distance of 16 years of departure, a generation of tireless exploration, or exploring the secrets behind becoming a master. These stories are wonderful and unforgettable. Affectionate is the kind of eyes slightly wet, but the heart full of tears.

The alumni narrated the story, as if it was no longer a speech, but also seemed to be the essence of the speech. Her expression was calm, her tone was calm, and she was so sincere but she was not moved. The soft yellowish light on her face added a soft light to her eyes that were clear.  

The rows of seats under the stage were more peaceful. There was no sound except the occasional squeak of seats, and everyone listened intently and did not want to break the common stillness and beauty. At the end of each story there was a unanimous round of applause that did not disturb the silence. Applause was always timely, there were many applause before and after.

In this way, the sun in the sky slowly set westward, clouds gradually gathered, on the playground there were figures running here and there, in the music classroom there were more and more people, but then they disappeared one by one. In the mini theater, in the soft yellow light, there was no noise of all this, time was static, the only flowing was warm light and the words from the alumni.

In her speech, she referred to "teenagers", to the fact that the masters of all times and all over the world were teenagers, who all had childlike enthusiasm and persistence, and childlike love and yearning for the world.

And her words are lively, vivid and childlike. Those words, along with the sound of her speech, transcended the existence of the media. They were very clear, transparent, like glass, like nothing more, that let us see the heart of the author, the hearts of the masters and our own hearts.

The speech was not giving us a temporary passion, but a kind of belief and power that penetrated into bone marrow and flew through blood even though the experience has been forgotten. 

We settled in the seats, in the soft light and the voice of the alumni, in the quiet air and beauty, until a warm applause. The speech was over. Then it was the time for  the questions.

The classroom fell into a calm like the calm before a storm, a classmate asked a more open question, the whole room burst into a laughter, Fanfan answered very naturally that made us admire. Another student's question ("you don't look very fat") was half interrupted by a long laugh, only to know that he had a remarkable understanding of Fanfans work.

Soon after, everyone left with a smile. The mini theater gradually became quiet, leaving only Fanfan, the teacher and the students who wanted to buy the books. It was great interaction between our alumni and the teacher, talking about the old classmates as she signed her name. The empty little theater was another silence, but the warmth of the conversation filled the room.

Out of the soft yellow lights, the sky is gloomy gray, red buildings, green trees seemed to lose their color. In a pale light, only the running school uniforms on the playground were particularly bright white, they flashed the brilliance of youth, they were teenagers.