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The Opening of NFLS the 31st Reading Festival


Cai: respectful teachers

Peng: dear friends

together: good morning

Cai: I am Cai Haohuan, the Minister of the Studying Division

Peng: I am Peng Fei,the Minister of the Studying Division

Cai: The taste of external things, when it’s there for a long time, it can be annoying, while the taste of reading, the longer the deeper. In the five thousand years of Chinese culture, reading has always been an indispensable part.

Peng: It’s the early spring, the time of reading. Holding a book, sitting in the bright spring sun, feeling the vitality of spring, tasting the different five tastes of our life.

Cai: today, NFLS Reading Festival opens again. 

Peng: Let’s welcome Teacher Ma Xuesheng to give us the opening speech.


Reading good books, understanding principals, so as the great spirit will be raised

--- the speech on the morning meeting of the Reading Festival

Dear teachers and students: good morning!

It is the opening of our school’s 31st Reading Festival today, I’d like to make good use of today’s opportunity to talk about the common but sacred topic about reading with you.

There is an ancient a couplet: "for hundreds of years people have nothing but goodness, the first good thing remains reading." It means that a family which means to flourish and continue to develop, doing good deed is a must. In fact, a nation, a country can not develop without justice and kindness. This is what President Xi Jinping has always stressed, not forgetting our original ideals and ambitions. Personally, reading is a happy thing, to be able to calm down to read is not only a sign of good physical health, good mental health and good living environment, but is also the necessary way to a better life.

In our learning process at school, reading is the most basic and the most useful way of learning. In the age of examination-oriented education, doing test papers makes students work hard. Some students even forget to carefully read the textbooks that we should read. In fact, this means to abandon the true nature of learning and take a detour. Therefore, I appeal to students to keep good reading habits and broaden their horizons and insights in the course of extensive reading.

For a long time, the media has been advocating experiential education and inquiry education, which has many advantages, but we must also be aware that if we can calm down and read books, It may be more efficient to acquire knowledge if you can immerse yourself in books for deep rational thinking. For example, if we can recite the multiplication formula, we really do not need to use our fingers or even toes to do intuitive operations. Reading allows us to accumulate a lot of knowledge on the basis of our predecessors' experience, and can free us from a lot of detours. Of course, I am not opposed to the unity of knowledge and practice, when we are doing the  reading, at the same time, we should actively participate in social practice and improve their own hands-on ability.

Now is an era of information explosion, there are all kinds of publications on the market, we should clearly realize that not every book is worth reading, so we advocate reading good books. So what is a good book? I think there are two basic criteria, one is a logical scientific works based on facts, the other is to praising the good works of truth, goodness and beauty that can give us positive energy. In my middle school years, I first advocated that students read various textbooks, because this was the authoritative book compiled and published by the wisdom of all kinds of experts, and I also advocated reading the various classics accumulated in the evolution of human civilization over the centuries.  As for popular books and books on the best-seller lists, we should not read for the sake of fashion, let alone those very extreme and absurd books.

Finally, I want to tell you that we should try to cultivate our spiritual world in the process of reading. Mencius said, "I know the words, I am good at nourishing my great spirit." Su Dongpo said that "the poetry in one’s belly can be shown in his appearance," and Premier Zhou Enlai, when he was young, once said, "I study for the rise of China." The famous words of these great men tell us to read purposefully and to forge ourselves into a man of integrity, kindness, temperament, and usefulness to society in the course of reading. Don't be content with a few clever tricks, you need have a high intelligence and a broad mind. May all of you enjoy the wonderful time when you can concentrate on reading and cherish our times and the good reading conditions provided by the family for us. Think about the hard time that the Southwest United University underwent, should the people, who are in such a beautiful new era be more diligent and more hardworking?   

Cai: thanks Teacher Ma for the wonderful speech.

Peng: the sea of books is vast, but every book can open our heart. Please welcome Sun Yuyun from Class 2, Senior Grade 1,to share her reading experience with us.


Today, I am invited to stand here, I was asked to talk about a reading experience. Let me start with a book I recently read. This book is Mr. Cai Chongda's "skin Bag". This is a good book worth reading quietly. Many writers are writing stories with pens to convey some profound thinking that they think they carry, while Cai Chongda is tearing up his own memories without hiding the goodness and evil, he hurt himself, wrote these words,. I don't think most writers have the courage to hide the good and the evil, stinging themselves and writing these words.

Cai Chongda's purpose was completely achieved. In other words, his long-planned conspiracy came true. He not only wrote a best-selling book, the Skin Bag, but also helped the readers "see" themselves, "see" more people.How cruel and tragic this was.
But we were overjoyed, for it was our long-lost soul that had been hit by the bullet.

To "see" yourself means to use a scalpel to cut through the skin that is attached to the meat, to see the blood, to see the bone, to cut the skin, until you dig out the soul, which is pounding but gasping, and to see it tremble. See it rave enthusiastically, entangle with each other, but you can't do anything about it.

And "seeing" more people is more like tossing the shameful soul heavily on the bamboo sheath and listening to its broken sound,its trembling cry, so they can not stop from going through these tunnels of time built by sounds, look for those who wave goodbye on the platform, those who turn and board the train of life, and those who have not yet been able to change the train.

These people, like burdens, pressure on our hearts, and make us carry on.

In other words, Cai Chongda is a "terrorist" who has loaded the trigger, holding us hostage and constantly asking the questions we have to answer.

However, the bullet in the chamber is Skin Bag.

Reading the Skin Bag, I dare not make any pauses. Because if I pause, I have to "see" and look straight at the bullet that is about to roar from the barrel. I meet great grandmother, a 99-year-old woman who is as stubborn as a donkey; I meet the mother, a rural woman who is so paranoid to breathe that she just wants to have one breath; I meet the father, a sailor who has never been able to win his fate; and I meet Zhang Mei and Ah Xiao. Wen Zhan and Hou Pu, who are caught in the illusion of imagination and suppressed in the dust;

So our moods go ups and downs, as the characters stroll forward, in an instance, we leave quickly, without caution, the sadness emerges, we hide our faces in the hands and cry.

This reminds me of fifteen-year experience in reading, there’s nothing in common, but there’s always something in common.

In the books, we see ocean and city, gods and land.

We see the little town near the beach.

We see the broad world.

Meeting, the impact of reality and the past, the confrontation  of skin and soul. In the end, the head bleeding, the body and mind both burning, the end is yourself.

I turned a blind eye to this, but they had already carved it into the bones.

On the cover of the Skin Bag, it says, "these stories carved into our bones are the questions we always have to answer."

Through reading, the questions we have to answer gradually become clear.

Suddenly, with a bang, the book we read was becoming a bullet that quickly penetrated through our skin.

We are increasingly hurt with pain, hot with pain.

Peng: thanks Sun Yuyun for her wonderful speech.

Cai: Reading, what we read is a state of mind, a calmness, a peaceful realm. Please welcom Ji Yuxuan from Class 4, senior Grade 1, to share with us his feelings.


Teachers, friends:

Hi, everyone,, I am Ji Yuxuan from Class 4, senior Grade 1. today, I’d like to talk with you about reading and meditation.

I remember when I first started reading Jane Eyre, I read three or four pages most every day, so nearly two weeks later, Jane Eyre had not left the orphanage for Thornfield Estate. Then one night, on an impulse, I put aside the trifles at hand and stayed up late to finish the novel. After reflecting the life of Jane Eyre, I felt some regrets. Charlotte described Jane Eyre's psychological process as delicate, and it seemed that she could never catch it again in the later plots. Was she not good enough? Of course not, I think it is more because I didn’t read it slowly enough, what I was asking for was no longer to feel the feelings of Jane Eyre, but finish reading the words, know what had happened.

It is true that one can’t read without a calm mind. For a book devoted to doing business, if the reader does not meditate on the truth, but thinks about how much money a certain business can make if it succeeds, and how to spend it, even thinks about how to be rich from now on, then he can't read the book well. People admire Bill Gates, but they don't want to set up their own business like Bill Gates, but they just want to have as much money as Bill Gates. People admire Chen Yanluo, but they don’t want to make research the way Chen did, but just want to be as learned as him. If you have this kind of impetuous attitude of not thinking about the process, how is it possible to understand the golden house, the essence in the book? Only when you calm down can you leave a pure land for the world of book. When you really walk into the world that belongs only to you and the author, you can really read the book. 

I read an article about an old woman whose husband was a college professor and her daughter was a columnist. A few years ago, both his wife and daughter left her with a large room of books. The old woman said, "when my two relatives were alive, I didn't read any books. I always complained that my husband and daughter went into the books when they came home. No one talked much. I kept on saying," what's good about this book? now they're all gone. I read all the books in this room, first to pass the time, but later I found that reading was really interesting, so I read on, but without these books, I really don't know how to go on.When the author said goodbye to the old woman, he looked at the old woman's window from downstairs. There were some pots of flowers under the rusty iron railing, full of vitality. Imagine on such an afternoon, a woman behind the windowsill, sitting in a rocking chair, reading a book quietly. At that moment, she was no longer a lonely old woman who had lost loved ones. I understand what the old woman said: those who can calm down to read usually have a fairly good life.

It reminds me of a friend of mine who picked out a book in a coffee shop, read it quietly, and stood out in the crowd who watched the cell phone computer. I could not help staring at her for a long time, the usual hurried girl, now added herself some quiet elegance. She was beautiful, had an indescribable temperament, like a landscape. At that time I was thinking: reading can really change a person.

Reading, not only enrich our knowledge, but more cultivate our mind. Only when we read more books, have a high vision, can we understand more things, can we have a quiet heart, to face the wider world, so our lives become no longer impetuous. To be a person with connotation, to be a cultured person, to be a person with good temperament, all these are inseparable from reading.

Whether reading requires meditation, or reading can make us become quiet, no one is clear. But I believe that for a restless heart, books may be a place for it. The mind that indulges in books may help to get out of the tumult and gain a moment of peace.  

Cai: thanks Ji Yuxuan for her speech.

Peng: diligence is the path to the top of the mountain of books, the ocean of learning is boundless with hardships as the transport. In the future study life, I hope you won’t fear reading,but take the initiative to embrace reading .

Cai: Perhaps, in the book, it is a sentence, a description that moves your heart, water your thoughts.

Peng: let’s read together, let’s taste the forefathers’ works together.

Cai: let’s read together, let’s explore the forefathers’ thoughts together!

This is the end of our presentation, thank you all!