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NFLS 32nd Annual Foreign Language Festival Final Presentation Ended


NFLS 32nd Foreign Language Festival Final Presentation: When West Meets East, was held in the report hall at 1:30, April 2. In Chinese, English, German, Japanese and French, eastern and western cultures met and produced the most glorious sparkles. All NFLS students and teacher gathered together to enjoy this grand feast of culture.

The history of east and west


Friendship of Pingpong by Class 4, Junior 1 took us to experience the friendship between Chinese and American players during the Cold War.


Zhenghe’s Expedition reminded us of our 1st time to explore western civilization in the 15th century.


Class 8 Senior Grade 2’s performance about the young Chinese people who loved their country and dreamed of Freedom in the French Revolution


Jian Zhen’s Voyage to Japan by the Japanese Class of Senior 1 let us understand the hardship and persistence of Jianzhen, the monk in Tang Dynasty when he was spreading Buddhism.


Class 9 Junior 1 gave an excellent performance of Doctor Bethune who offered selfless help for the soldiers in the front line.


Class 5 Senior 1 showed the brightness of human nature by The Flowers of War

Literature of east and west 


German Class, Junior 1 performing The Wizard of OZ, our dream in childhood


The Continuation of the well-known Japanese movie Kiki’s Delivery Service by the Japanese class, Junior 2, which talks about Kiki’s new experience in China


The German Students of Senior 1 performing the beautiful and sad love story between Emperor Franz and Princess Sissi


The Treatment by Class 3, Junior 2 showed the communication of western and eastern culture


The song Soul back to the Cosmos by the international students from France and the students of French Class, Senior 1 and 2 let us take it easy with life

The creativity of east of west


The shadow puppetry Misunderstanding on the Two Sides of the Ocean impressed us a lot.


Class 3, Senior 1 playing the heroes from east and west in Night at the Museum


Class 2 Junior 2’s Fantasy story of Tangseng and his disciples running into Medusa


The Amazing Journey by Class 8 Senior 1


Class 7 Senior 2 put war and Santa Claus on the same stage and created a story of love and humanity Merry Christmas


The Paramount Hall by Senior 3 students took us to the communication center of eastern and western cultures in the Republican period


At the end, Principal Zou made a speech, encouraging the communication and development of eastern and western cultures and hoping that the confrontation and combination of the two cultures would promote the prosperity and development of cultures all over the world.