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The Preliminary of the May 4th Debate Competition for Senior Grade 1 Group Finished

By Pu Shuning of NFLS Youth League Committee

The preliminary of the annual May 4th Debate Competition was held on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Building E from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM on March 19, 2018. The sparkles of wisdom busted out while the 8 teams from 8 classes of Senior Grade 1 were competing with one another

The competition was comprised of 5 parts: the first speaker’s argument making, the second and third speaker’s arguing and supplement, free debating and the fourth speaker’s summary. After a brief introduction of everyone, the contest began officially.


The proposition side Class 6 and the opposition side Class 1 argued over the recent hot topic Artificial Intelligence: whether the generation and development of AI do more good than harm or more harm than good. A speaker on the opposition side was very quick to seize the problems with the proposition side and argued against in time, which impressed the judges and audience a lot, for which the speaker was named Excellent Debater.

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To live or to have dignity? The proposition side Class 8 had a fierce battle of tongue with the opposition side Class 4. The contestants performed very well, especially in free debating, the 4th part, they playing to the score and creating many moments of confrontation interleaved, which was spoken highly by the judge. In the summary part, each side fought back by putting forward the problems with their opponents to the point.


Which one comes first, embracing hope or taking up responsibility? Class 5 and Class 3 fought back and forth over this. The speaker on the opposition side was praised by the judges and audience for his sharp language and broad range of knowledge and the proposition side won for their outstanding teamwork.

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Class 1 and Class 7 centered on the topic “News”, which was full of contradictions and controversies. First of all the first speakers on each side gave their definition of morality and value of news. The accurate and clear argumentation by the first speaker on the proposition side had a good beginning for his team, which got him the name “Excellent Debater”. The second speaker on the proposition side and the 4th speaker of the opposition side showed a broad range of knowledge, good at citing the classics and drawing attention from the audience, which made the debate very exciting.

After fierce competing, the winners of the preliminary round were Class 2, Class 4, Class 5 and Class 1.

The Excellent Debaters were as follows:

Wang Xinyi from Class 1, Senior Grade 1

Wu Shenyuan from Class 2, Senior Grade 1

Wang Yiqian from Class 3, Senior Grade 1 

Han Shuyuan from Class 4, Senior Grade 1

Zhang Tianyi from Class 5, Senior Grade 1

Hui Chenyuan from Class 6, Senior Grade 1

Pu Shuning from Class 7, Senior Grade 1

Zhang Hengchuang from Class 8, Senior Grade 1

They are going to form new teams and compete with Senior Grade 2 in the final.

The 32 constants all displayed outstanding language and thinking ability. Each of them showed swift thinking, rigid and clear expression and the sense of humor. The process of debate involves thinking and analyzing. It is not only thinking, but also exploring, communicating and absorbing. All Senior 1 students experienced the competition and learned a lot, especially the skills of language use when they were listening to debaters’ speaking and the judges’ comments. It is not important to win the competition, for everyone knows something to support his view point. However, it is hoped that the confrontation of thinking will attract more and more thinkers to take part in the debate team, to explore the interesting topics that deserves our attention. At least you should have a try and experience the happiness of brainstorm.