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The Young Pioneers Showing Respect to the Aviation Martyrs of the Anti-Japanese War on the Tomb-sweeping Day

When the Tomb Sweeping Day comes, all the Young Pioneers of Junior Grade 1 started from the campus and headed for Nanjing Public Tomb of the Aviation Martyrs in solemn silence.


The scenery along the way was very beautiful. The leaves seemed especially green in the bright sunshine, and all kinds of flowers of the spring were blooming like competing with one another. The Chinese flowering crabapples, cherry blossoms and Chinese redbuds showed great vitality. From the school to Taiyang Palace and to Jiangwang Temple, which was 7 kilometers, the beauty of spring was with these teenagers full of vigor all the time.


After experiencing the heat of the sun the students arrived at their destination and became very quiet. The respect for the martyrs rose up in our heart when the stone tablet with “Aviation Army Save the Country”written on it appeared before the steps to the monument.

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The 12 classes took turns to walk on the steps to stand around the high and magnificent monument. In the minute of silence, I was lost in thought about the books that I read and the movies I watched about the Anti-Japanese War. It was like I saw the images of our brave aviation soldiers who fought so hard when the Japanese Army were attacking, risking their lives to shoot the enemies with smart strategies.

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After that the teacher’s explanation about the heroes helped us to see the power of China. We are a people with great dignity and confidence. These martyrs had changed the history when the country was abused by many people so that we would have this valuable peace.

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Now that China has become stronger and stronger, as students with a Chinese soul and world mind, we should not forget about either the miserable history, or the people who died for the country. We should serve our country with love and make our own contribution for its development.

Here we bowed before these heroes with great respect and said, “We would never forget you. Instead we will make China a stronger country for the expectation of you all.”