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Report on the Achievement of Senior Grade 2 on Learning about Agriculture ( 3.26 )

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L: Li Ying  X: Xie Yufeng
L: dear teachers
X: dear friends
Together: good morning, everyone!
L: I’m Li Ying from Class 3, senior Grade 2.
X: I’m Xie Yufeng from Class 2, senior Grade 2. The theme of today’s morning meeting is the report on the achievement of senior Grade 2 on learning about agriculture.
L: last week, after the simulation college entrance exam , all teachers and students in senior Grades 2 temporarily left the classrooms and the books and went to the Special Education School in Lishui , for a three - day study on social practice .
X: The activities of learning and farming were brilliant.In the base, sophomore students learned to cultivate the farm land, sowed seeds, made  straw shoes and dumplings in groups, and experienced the fun they did not have in their usual daily life.
L: Two days of dormitory life was also exciting.On the last night of learning about agriculture, the students organized a wonderful party.The fireworks show after the party made all the teachers and students feel the unspeakable beauty and happiness.
X: I believe everyone had a deep memory of this experience. Next, let's invite Ling Zhu from Class 4, senior Grade 2 and Peng Bayer from Class 8,senior Grade 2, to talk about their experience in learning about  farming.
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Peng: " The spring comes to the end of the infinite spring . The feeling of becoming an adult then comes . " In March of the early spring , we laid down the vast piles of books and left the noisy city full of vehicles, we went to the Special Education School in Lishui and began a three-day study on agricultural activities .

Ling: Studying to cultivate crops the farm land, understanding the hardship of doing farm work; in the canteen, we made dumplings, tasted the fruits of labor; wove straw shoes, felt the simple country life; learning the sign language, which stimulated the love in our hearts.Rich and colorful rural activities, gave us a unique experience; thousands of years’ sedimentation of farming culture, made us think deeply.
Peng: Plowing father on the farm land, kids followed with a lotus hoe. The farmers taught us plow the land, make straw shoes. The head  teacher of our grade, Mrs. Song surprised us by his wonderful skills: he associated the professional theoretical knowledge and good practical experience together,the light of wisdom shone. He took four threads of straws in his hand, peeling them, then mixed two into one, at the ending, he added two straws, he made the whole thing with one go, in his hand, the whipped grass has become a meter long rope in a blink of eye. We have to say, practice is better than reading ten volumes, in the fragrance of the local flavor of soil, we returned to innocence.
Ling: the agriculture base is a special school full of love, where many students and staff are special people.The deaf students whom we hadn’t met before greeted us enthusiastically. In their clear eyes, there was nothing different from others.Some of the staff in the canteen and dormitory were once students of the school. Although their innate conditions are not as sound as ours, they overcome themselves through tenacious will and finally find their place in society.In various job, they  play a different role.We are in awe of their strength and self-respect; their name is no longer "disability", but “the special crew” who need more love and concern.
Peng: three days are short, we ran, jumped happily.
Ling: three days are long, we felt, departed and wished.
Peng: Perhaps in the near future, we will fly high, pursue the dream on the other side of the ocean, looking for the ideal pure land.
Ling: But we will always remember the three days of learning about agriculture together, remember the fragrance of the soil after the rain, remember everyone who has made us feel.
Peng: The fireworks were beautiful that night.
Ling: the fragrance and youth will always remain.
L: Thank you both for your speech.Some of the students in Lishui Special Education School we went to are deaf and mute.In order to let us know and walk into their lives, the teachers in the base wanted the senior sophomore learn a sign language song.
X: Next, let us welcome the representatives of senior 2nd graders to sing us the sign language song “I love you China”.
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L: I wonder if everyone here under the stage have learned a few sign language? From the experience shared and the sign language songs displayed, we can feel the senior sophomores  had a good harvest in the learning farming activity.

X: Yes, this short two or three day visit was the last group activity for the senior sophomores, and it will also become a happy memory in our study career and even in our whole life.
L: A new phase of learning has begun, and more difficult challenges lie ahead.
X: There are also calls for the future and dreams.
L: I wish you all will feel it in your study and life in the early spring of March,
X: Practice  yields true knowledge.
X: this is end of today’s morning.
Together: thank you all!