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Create a Beautiful Campus Start with Me

Zhang: dear teachers and friends, good morning! I am Zhang Haoyang from Class 3, senior Grade 1.

Zheng: I am Zheng Linghui from Class 4, senior Grade 2.

Zhang: Zheng Linghui, today is March 12th, the Tree Planting Day, will you volunteer to plant a tree?

Zheng: ah? I'm afraid it's not possible today. But I know that Tree Planting Day was set up to plant trees and protect the environment through practical actions.

Zhang: Yes, afforestation has many advantages, such as windbreak and sand fixation, soil and water conservation, air purification, noise reduction and dust removal, providing many biological habitats for wild animals. It is the main force to absorb carbon dioxide and beautify the home we live on.

Zheng: More and more people realize the importance of planting trees and protecting the environment. In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it was proposed to build our country into a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialism modern power. Among them, building a beautiful China is the goal of our ecological civilization construction.

Zhang: To build a beautiful China, we should realize that green water and green mountain are both gold and silver mountain, and we will build our country into a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society. Let's invite Xia Jingfan, Class 1 of senior Grade 1, to talk about his views on building a beautiful China.

hello, everyone, I am Xia Jinfan from Class 1, senior Grade 1.

Today, the core word of my topic is --- beautiful

As we all know, while China is committed to building a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern country, it also puts forward the strategic goal of building a beautiful China.

In recent years, great progress has been made in the construction of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society in our country. It is of vital importance to the well-being of the people to comprehensively promote the conservation of resources and environmental protection, to enhance the ability of sustainable development. The construction of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society is conducive to the improvement of the human settlement environment and to a more harmonious relationship between man and nature. Under the guidance of this construction idea, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, The Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta represent the important regional environment improvement, the effect is obvious.

Nanjing, as the national regional center city, under the request and initiative of the rapid development of economy and the construction of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society, continuously improves the ecological environment and actively creates a beautiful and harmonious urban landscape.

Let's take a look at the government's data on environmental protection. In 2017, Nanjing's air quality rate can reach 71 percent, and the intensity of environmental protection can be seen.

Then take a look at water management, most of the rivers’ quality in Nanjing have reached Grade V or above, among which part of Xuanwu Lake has reached Grade IV. Among them, the government focuses on protecting the three remaining veins of the Ningzhen mountain range wedging into the city. It is prohibited to any destruction to the afforesting the mountain body, at the same time, environmental remediation is being strengthened.The city also focuses on protecting the Qinhuai River, the Jinchuan River, the city moats, the Xuanwu Lake, Mochou Lake, Qianhu Lake, Pipa Lake and other water bodies. The government has continued to clean up rivers and strengthen waterfront greening and cultural sketch construction at the same time.

Let's look at another example. The northern section of the Inner Qinhuai River near the NFLS junior Grade 3 school district flows from Wulongtan, along the Wutai Mountain, along the Gan River, along the south side of the Pearl River Road until flows to the south of Longpan Central Road and the north of Dongshuiguan. The above area mentioned has been seriously polluted and the water quality of the external Qinhuai River has been significantly affected. The channel from the east side of Wulongtan to the North Road of Hongwu has lost its natural water supply for many years, and there is no form or function of the natural channel. The domestic sewage along the both banks as the source of water is the cause of its serious pollution.

In order to control this section of the river, the government rebuilt the east gate of Hongwu North Road, connected the western upstream sewage and the north side of the Xianghe sewage to municipal sewerage pipes, and the east side of the Ming River blocks the sewers and carries out a thorough silt cleaning. Now, the north section of the inner Qinhuai River is clear and green.The water quality has reached the national Grade IV standard, same as Xuanwu Lake, this has significantly improved the surrounding environment.

So, on the whole, the government has done enough to improve the environment.

As a school with Chinese soul and a global mind, NFLS actively responds to the call of the state and relevant departments to devote itself to the conservation of resources and environmental protection, and to actively build a beautiful campus.

Most of the school hallway lights have been changed to voice control. When there are no guests, the decorative lights by the school pool and the decorative path lights are generally off, which greatly reduces electricity. The toilets have also been renovated. The faucet is designed to press and shut down regularly or inductively, reducing water loss. In addition, the campus has been carrying out a civilized table action, we advocate the eating-up your tray, and eliminating any waste on the table.Recently, The school takes the Tree-planting Day as an opportunity to carry out the activity of adopting plants and classifying garbage. It can be seen that in order to build a green campus, the school has done a lot of work.

Although we middle school students do not have enough knowledge and ability to directly manage the environment, we have an important obligation to make our own contribution to creating a beautiful social environment. After all, it is every citizen's obligation and responsibility to improve the environment. As middle school students, the future of our motherland is no exception. The campus is an important place for us to study and live. The importance of the campus environment cannot be ignored. I hope that every student can actively participate in various environmental protection activities to build a more beautiful, more low-carbon green home with our persistent efforts! This concludes my speech, thank you all!

Zheng: thank Xia for the wonderful speech. In fact, in our life, everyone can participate in the construction of ecological civilization. When buying vegetables, we can choose baskets, we can shop with cloth bags, and reduce the use of disposable products. In this way, you can save the 2 million cubic meters of forest that have been reduced by the production of disposable chopsticks every year; we choose a green, low-carbon way to travel; save water and electricity, turn off the lights when leaving the room, and unplug the power supply when your household appliances are not in use. With such a small act, if everyone insists, the country can save 18 billion degrees of electricity a year; the community can set waste recycling, turn the recycled into good reuse, have the recycled resources reduce the pressure on the environment; etc. Actually, protecting the environment is a choice and habit that you and I can easily make.

Zhang: The students of the Environmental Protection Club of our school actively promote and advocate the action of protecting the environment. Let's invite its member, Xiao Xiao to share his thoughts with us.

Good morning, teachers and friends.

I ' m the Discipline Inspection Minister ,Xiao Xiao from Class 1, senior Grade 1 . Let ' s talk about the problem of recycling and classifying the garbage.

This is not a cliche, but it is no longer a new topic, either. As the environment deteriorates and people's awareness of environmental protection increases, the slogan of garbage sorting reverberated several years ago. As early as last year, Nanjing has been included in one of the 46 cities that have implemented mandatory classification of domestic wastes in the first place in the country. By 2020, its goal will be to achieve a recycled an reused rate of more than 35%.

However, looking around, the awareness of garbage sorting is still very difficult to achieve. For example, many regions have not established the idea of recycling, tere are only the classifying buckets which are mixed together in the end, it is a sad fact. The enthusiasm of the people was severely dampened.

Two years from now will be 2020,the little goal of 35% seems still out of reach. As a member of NFLS, a member of Nanjing City, and a member of society, we should shoulder our responsibilities and do our best to make a difference.

 Changes will start on campus!

 What is the classification? It is the last step in environmental protection. It is the last step to save the waste which we seems to have nothing to do with, to do the last rescue to reduce pollution. What is recycling? It's one of the things we can do to keep them from corrupting and reclaim their value. Now there are so many recycling companies that the days when we could just recycle but couldn’t put the recycled to use are fading away gradually.

The real source is not to let waste fall: to produce less, or to make sure that it is less polluting and more valuable when it has to be produced. That is what we should think about before we start the first step.

How to classify?

As a matter of fact, it's very simple. We just stick to the principle of neatness and beauty.

First of all, dust, napkins, food bags, all belong to other garbage. Directly place them in the corresponding trash bins in your grade or classroom.

For food, first of all, don't throw the food packaging directly into the canteen swill bucket. If you can't eat it, dry food and wet one should be separated. Because the leftover which contains musty materials will reduce the fertility. Similarly, do not bring food into the classroom, if there are rehearsals or activities, please consciously eat up the food on the tray, do not have the odour release inside.

We should consciously sort out the waste paper books and send them to the grade recycling office. The responsible students will send them to the school treatment boxes.

And the drinking milk bags, cut them open into I-shaped, wash them a bit, collect them and transport method is the same as waste paper.

Pastic bottles, rinse them slightly, throw it at grade collection bin.

What about the pen refills? It's a harmful, harmful garbage can be put into grade’s hazardous materials trash can.

We can consult our teachers and classmates about those items that we don't know what to do with, but in general, things like bags of poor quality are difficult to recycle. So we don't know what to do with them. It should be produced less.

In the near future, we will first equip each class with trash bins for harmful garbage and other rubbish. After two weeks, the relevant environmental protection companies will replace them with special buckets. We will also set up recycling centers in each grade, each floor will be equipped with treatment boxes for centralized treatment of Terera bags, paper,plastic bottles.

Dear friends, on campus,each of your garbage sorting will be properly disposed of and recycled. For all the necessary hardware facilities, schools and related companies will do their best to provide. Shouldn't we shoulder the responsibility? What's more, protecting the environment is a natural thing in itself.

Environmental protection and remaining thrifty keep pace with the times. Even if everyone lives in perfect facilities, whether we can properly dispose of waste or use resources reasonably still depends on ourselves. Only when we really implement the concept of environmental protection, can we, a whole generation can really build an environmentally friendly city, the garbage besieges the city, and the fact that it can only be burned to get rid of the garbage could become history. Therefore, NFLS students should devote themselves to the green revolution. Let our life get a certain degree of innovation.

This is the end of my speech shared with you, thank you all! I hope we will all work hard to build an environmental friendly campus.

Zhang: Thanks to Xiao Xiao for his speech. School life is also a continuation of community life. It is also necessary to promote garbage collection and recycling. Class life is also a continuation of our family life. We should also cherish the facilities and keep them clean and tidy. The building of beautiful NFLS and the most beautiful class need our practical action. The school makes full use of every corner of the campus, including the wall, planting plants, trying to create a green campus; our classes are also working hard to build a team ecological corner this semester. Green plants and flowers are planted to beautify our classroom, so that we have a more beautiful learning and living environment.

Zheng: However, the construction of "the most beautiful class" and "beautiful NFLS" is not a few people's matter, but relates to each of us schoolmate's vital interest survival environment matter, is the matter which needs everyone to pay the actual action. Sort out the garbage, keep your desk clean and tidy, keep your personal belongings well, not to “make contribution” to the classroom garbage can; do not waste the food and eat up the food on your food tray; treat and take care of the green plants in the classroom well... 

Zhang: friends, the foundation of building a beautiful China is to make every community and every campus in China more beautiful, every school can be made more beautiful. May you and I change a little bit together, so that our campus will become more beautiful under the efforts of every NFLS student, the campus will be more green with vigorous vitality!

Zheng: Over the next period of time, our Environmental Protection Practice Club will launch a knowledge campaign on garbage classification to push the work on trash classification, recycling and the disposal of hazardous trashes, etc. The club will continue to explore how to add green and red flowers to our campus to contribute to our alma mater, to leave a beautiful, colorful campus for the younger students!

Zhang: The construction of ecological civilization is profitable in both the modern time and the future. We must firmly establish the concept of socialist ecological civilization, promote the formation of a new pattern of harmonious development between humans and nature, and make our efforts to protect the ecological environment.

Zheng: Finally, sincerely thank all the teachers and students for listening! Today’s morning meeting ends here, thank you!