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Fire Drill for NFLS Senior Grade One 

According to the requirements of the Municipal Education Bureau, our school organized Senior Grade 1 students to participate in a fire drill—how to survive and put out fire-- on the afternoon of March 16, 2018. Before that the leaders took the event very seriously and did a lot of work, including making the plan on the basis of the public facilities and the structure of the building, carefully arranging everything for preparation and to reminding the students of the things that need to be noticed, such as getting familiar with the evacuation routes and bringing the little towels to prevent dusts and smoke. When the fire alarm sounded, the teachers and students evacuated in order, bending down with their hands on their mouths and noses and heading for the playground. As soon as they all got to the designated area, the headmaster called the roll and reported to the leader of the grade. The whole process only took 3 minutes and 8 seconds. After that the students of each class learned how to use the fire extinguishers, which they found quite practical and unforgettable.

In the end Director Lu Yan of the Student Affairs Office made a speech, in which she spoke highly of the fire drill. The event aims to help us to stay calm in emergency and know what to do to protect ourselves. Hopefully everyone would remember that safety always comes first.

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