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To Illuminate Dreams and Pass on Warmth: NFLS the 16th Month of Love

By Ma Ruohan, Xu Yizhen, Yu Yan and Zhou Yifan

Photo by Yu Yan and Xu Yizhen


It was March when the cold wind was blowing from outside of the school walls, flying across the open land with its invisible wings.

We walked here and there in the flea market where the students bought some good second-handed stuff and met old friends. First let us take a look at the stands of Senior Grade 1.


Class 1: Sanlian Lifeweek Magazines


Class 2: lottery with the music on


Class 3: snacks (food not permitted in the market)


Class 4: Coke, which is not permitted either, aha!


Class 5, 6 and 7: coaching books


Class 8: scanning code to add teachers as wechat friends


They had so many ways to sell stuff. The students who cried like vendors greeted one another, smiling and raising up their eyebrows, saying, “Come and buy our things.”


Stands with unique features and stands of the student clubs


Lottery tickets for coupons and dart throwing


Stands of the student clubs


We interviewed a few students.

“The activity included both students and teachers. We continued to have passion as the years before and also new elements.”

“You could see different kinds of goods in the market, magazines, coaching books, stationary and so on. Besides, we used various ways to sell our stuff, for instance, big eye-catching posters, lottery and dart throwing.”

“When I walked on the green field with vendor’s cries going on and the advertisement by the students on the stage, I bought something and gave my love.”

“We must keep love in us forever.”

“As always the students take turns to advertise things on their stands. When the music of ‘a grateful heart’started, the students cried out slogans. The most loudly ones always attract a group of buyers. We even heard many times ‘picture with the king of dance’ or ‘picture with our top student’which was so funny。”

“In the market this year we see more creative sales ideas. There is not only dancing with music, but also lottery, basketball throwing and dart throwing. We enjoyed it very much.”

“We had fun and learned how to sell things and cry like vendors. Most importantly, we gave love and made our own countribution.”

In front of the stands of the Junior High students, I met our former teachers and said hello. Right before leaving, I ran into Mr. Cao Qihai and bought a white bear from him. Maybe many years later, I will still remember the wind from outside the school, the smiling bear for 5 yuan and the people we knew or did not know.

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However, from the beginning to the end, I stood inside the school, so even there was a big world outside, I did not care. Suddenly the words “old friends” came into my mind, for they were witnesses of my growth. In the selling and buying, we stopped and smiled, so easy to be happy, because we knew each other and we wanted to know those we want to give this love. Yes, every time we passed one another, there was love that was infinite and deep.