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Learners’ Community: Middle School Student Associations Project Was Investigated

On the morning of January 4th, 2018, the Investigation Group of Jiangsu Elementary and Secondary School Students Quality Improvement Project came to our school in the snow. The 3 experts, Director Yu Rong of the Information Resource Department of Jiangsu Teaching and Science Institute, Deputy Chief of Xinghua of Moral Education Section of Suzhou Education Bureau and Vice-president Sun Lijuan of Caixiang Experimental Middle School of Suzhou, conducted the investigation on NFLS Learners’ Community: Middle School Student Associations Project, accompanied by Deputy Scretary Xia Ying of Education Work Committee, Chief Xhao Guilin of Moral Education Section and Researcher Li Hongliang of Teaching and Science Institute of Nanjing Education Bureau.


President Zou Zheng, Secretary Liu Qianshu and Director Lu yan and Deputy Director Yin Herong of Student Affairs Office and teacher Wang Shaolin received the investigation group. In the meeting room, first of all Principal Zou welcomed the group, then Secretary Liu made an detailed report on the 3 main tasks of the project, the results of quality improvement, our reflections and plan for the next step.

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Up to now NFLS Junior High has 90 clubs that include 452 people. Each club is managed by a class, in which a student manager who will be in charge of the management, instructed by the school Young Pioneer Group. NFLS Senior High founded 93 clubs this semester, and 91 of them have been successfully registered, including 2413 students in total. All the club leaders need to be trained in finance first and start to run the club under the supervision of the Student Association Alliance, and have to organize at least one public activity in the school every month.

The Student Association Alliance will focus on helping the 4 kinds of clubs that advocate Chinese Culture, train students to act on social needs, develop students’ global competence or inspire scientific creativity. The alliance will guarantee their invitation of teachers, finance and opportunities in different platforms and so on, so as to guide the students to grow in the crucial qualities, love for the country, global competence, personalities and social actions as a modern citizen, qualities in information and self-learning abilities.
While listening to the report, the experts also read the materials about the student associations of our school, and had interviews with relevant teachers and students on the influence of the project, that is, how it improves the students’ qualities. After that they spoke highly of NFLS Student Association Alliance in supervising and managing finance, and our evaluation system.
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At noon, the group came to our Art Saloon the 2nd activity, along with the school leaders. They seemed to be quite interested in the theme performance of “Ancient and Modern Art” from the Paper Folding Club, Comic Club, French and British Culture Research Club, and Chinese Music Club, by which they directly felt the charm and results of some of our student associations.

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In the days to come, we are going to further carry out our work as student associations, to create a platform of a higher level, so that more efforts and resources would be put on the instruction of the student associations, and that the students would experience growth and happiness.